A miracle

January 14, 2009
By Anonymous

“Happy birthday baby girl!”
Thanks mom, thanks dad.
“ I cant believe today you turn 16 ears old, are you ready for your party?”
“Umm well I’m almost ready I have to go to the hair salon and get my hair done.” I said very excited. Well today, I turn 16 years old. I could not believe that I was ever going to make it, because of my past.

Well my name is Melissa Cristina Adams. I was dropped in the orphanage when I was three years old. I was first adopted when I was thirteen years old. My first foster family didn’t care about me and I was always out in the streets and hung out with bad people. I did do bad thing such as drugs and I went to juvenile hall. I was sent back to the orphanage, adopted again by the family that saved my life. I call them the Adams family. At first I was a little nervous because I knew routine. I was going to go to school and get teased get in trouble and the family would get tired of me and send me back to the orphanage.

Everything that I thought would happen didn’t. they send me to rehab and got me help I never thought that they were going to be able to change me but they did. Know I am sixteen years old good friends, life, family, and boyfriend. Today on march 24 I was born and I was very sad because for the first time I started to thing about my birth mom it was kind of weird because I’ve never thought about her. I wanted to ask my mom if they ever gave her the name of my birth mom and if she can help me find her but I was afraid of hurting her feelings. So I was going to wait a little while to ask her.

Today I just had to think about my party that all my friends and family were going to attend. I am Mexican so I was going to have a traditional dress well I guess we can call it a princess dress. It was going to white with gold and beige and pearls. I was very excited to show off my dress.


I was so exhausted the good thing was that I did not have to clean up. Today I was going to go with my uncle that is actually my family not from my foster family. He is the only one that I know from my family and he said that he can help me find my mom. I asked him to tell me more about her the first thing he said was that the drugs took her life. That seriously killed me because I remember when I was out just like her.

My uncle said that she lived down town L.A. and that he can take me if I wanted to of course I wanted too. I just want to ask her one thing and that is why did she leave me? Did I do something wrong? Uncle Don had told me that she had been looking for me as well but never found me.

Fours days had passed and we had finally found her my mom was in a rehab center recovering from drugs. At first I said to myself well I’m glad that she out herself in the there and that she can get better. When my uncle started driving to the rehab center, I was a little nervous because I was going to meet my mom for the first time in 16 years. When we entered threw the sliding door I knew she was close. My moms name was Maria Cristina Garcia she was beautiful she had my green eyes black hair slim figure fair skin color little darker . I went running to her and she did too and we hugged for about three long min. I could also see my uncles’ tears because he hasn’t seen her in a long time as well. It was lunchtime for her so we were allowed to take her out only for two hours. We didn’t go to a fancy restaurant but more like a fast food place my uncle dropped us off because he had some things to do so it was just me and my mom. She was asking me questions such as how was school and my friends and if there was guy in my life. I thought that I was the one who should be asking questions. I finally had the guts to ask her about my question.

She had told me that she was in a gang and that she couldn’t get have a baby and the life that she was living and that even if she did keep me that she wouldn’t have enough money for the clothes, diapers, and milk. She didn’t want me to starve or anything or have illnesses so she had to put me in an orphanage. I felt that she did have a point but didn’t I have a dad. Didn’t she have her family that could take care of me, well guess no.

When the time for me to leave came I was sad and upset because she didn’t even ask me if I wanted to live with her when she was out of rehab, I figure that my mom is kind of a coward but then also caring. I learned that you cant always have what you want and maybe my mom didn’t have enough experience and she doesn’t know yet what a daughter wants or anything so that’s why I decide to let her go and do whatever she wants but I would still keep in contact with her. I made that choice because I know that she doesn’t know what she is doing and that I am more mature then her. But hopefully by reading my story more girls realize that you have to make choices for yourself and not others you have to find a way to make yourself happier.

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