The Violet Touch

June 12, 2014
By femdean45 BRONZE, Salem, Missouri
femdean45 BRONZE, Salem, Missouri
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The past is the past for a reason. Focusing on it will only ruin your present and future.

Sebastian was a special little boy. A boy of only 12, he helped his mother all day long with the tailoring. One day, Sebastian was sent to buy new needles for his mother. Among the needles he bought, there was a purple, glowing one. "It glows!" He exclaimed quietly to himself. When he returned to his home, he hid the special needle in his sleeve, handing the others to his mother.

"Now outside with you!" His mother laughed. "Go play, my boy."

Smiling, Sebastian sprinted outside their quaint house. He pulled the needle from his arm to gaze at it. He poked his finger with it and winced when the poke caused blood to well up. Wiping the blood away on his pants (as any little boy does), he tested the sharpness of the pin again using caution this time. But when he he brought his hand up again, he realized his index finger was purple! And it was spreading! Now his thumb was purple! His middle was violet! His ring finger! His pinky! Now his whole hand!

"Mother!" He screeched, running inside as he clutched his hand to his chest. But then it was obvious that anything he touched also became purple. His mother screamed as she gripped his shoulders, but when his shoulders became purple, the purple touch spread to her. Soon they were both of violet hue and then all their belongings.

The purple spread throughout all the lands turning everything violet. Everything and everyone was purple. Even newborns were purple. And that's why magic is dangerous. It can suddenly change everything anyone loves and ruin such beauty.....the beauty of the world.


"Grandma." The little girl yawned, brushing her violet hair away from her violet eyes. "Is it true that that's what happened? That's how our world looks?"

"Yes, my purple darling." The old woman softly smiled, tucking the blanket around her granddaughter. "The world was once filled with colors like reds and blues and yellows. I was just a little girl when the world lost its colors but one. Around your age actually." She stood slowly, feeling her body creak with age and overuse.

"Do you think the colors can come back?" The little girl whispered as she began drifting off to sleep.

Her grandma chuckled. "We'll just have to see. We'll just have to see." Closing the door softly behind, the elderly lady went to a hidden door in a bookshelf. Crawling carefully into the little cupboard and closing the door behind her, she grabbed a small trunk off the closest shelf. Opening a light shone onto her face......a green light.....

The author's comments:
My friend, Bridget, gave me the idea about a boy with a magic needle.

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