Take to the Woods

March 7, 2014
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The young women ran hurriedly through the thicket, weaving her way through the dense trees and bushes. She was tired and her joints ached but she had to carry on to one special bush. She leaned on a tree to catch her breath and collect her thoughts. Puzzled, she looked around. She usually navigated perfectly through these woods, so why now, when it mattered most, could she not find what she was looking for?

She heard the Hunters gaining around her and willed herself to to go on. In frustration she let out a yell, but it got her no further in her journey. She heard a twig snap from behind her and, in a frightened state, turned to see who, or what, it was.

She turned in surprise to see it was the very bush she was looking for. She wasted no time removing the pile of leaves and vines. She delicately picked up the infant that lay in the mess of leaves. She held her nervously. The infant waved her arms around excitedly, clearly eager to see this women.

The woman happily kissed the child and cradled her in her arms. Sadly, she had to keep moving. The woman began to sprint again, this time with the child tucked gingerly in her arms.

She ran until she reached a tree, slightly different from the rest. She walked up to it and shyly knocked on the bark, impatiently whispering a few words. Upon uttering her last words, the bark opened up and the women stepped inside onto a lighted platform. The bark closed back up and the platform descended down into an old, lit-up room.

She set the infant down in an antique crib and sat down in exhaustion. She saw a lamp switch on the other side of the room. Curiously, she looked up to see who it was.

She wasn’t nervous. The only people who knew of this place were close allies.

The woman’s face lit up when she saw who it was and quickly stood to embrace him. She pointed to the small cradle that held the infant proudly and they walked together to the crib.

“Finally, we are reunited,” said the man as he kissed the infant on the forehead.

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