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March 7, 2014
By shortney GOLD, Vernon, Connecticut
shortney GOLD, Vernon, Connecticut
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"Happiness is choice. yeah, things in life make it difficult, but at the end of the day you control your own happiness."

Once upon a time in the majestic city of Balsam, there lived a brilliant English professor who was named Dapple Grim. He had olive skin, a beard that hit the floor with every waking step he took, hair the color of clouds, and blood red eyes. Gawky glasses twice the size of his slim face covered his sickly eyes. Dapple Grim was exquisite and wicked all at the same time. He was the kind of bizarre human that didn’t attract attention but at the same time people couldn’t look away.
Dapple Grim once had a son named Odus , Odus had fair skin, elegant eyes as green as the grass on a hot summer’s day, a ravishing smile with teeth as white as snow, fascinating hair the color of the pinkest cotton candy. His body was muscular and his legs were shapely. Odus was a gifted boy because when Odus has pen to paper his graceless hands could string together a beautiful poem with every touch. Dapple Grim envied his son he envied his son so much that he would do anything to get the creativity that graced his son. Dapple Grim devised a plan to get his son’s delicate and precious gift. On the night of Christmas Eve Odus had been hopelessly aiming around Balsam Village in the search of a new typ
ewriter. Dapple Grim followed his son on his journey from afar when Odus appeared ghostly close Dapple Grim stabbed his son’s heart and said,

“You must be better
Once I stick this dagger upon your heart
Your words will never fall apart.”

Dapple Grim stabbed Odus in the heart twenty two times and when he finally saw his son’s feeble heart he held onto it with pride and joy Odus’s heart was beating ten times as fast as the speed of light. Dapple Grim looked down and he noticed his dainty fingers were dripping the innocent blood of his son’s heart.

Dapple Grim went to wake his son up from his mere deconstruction. But time after time Odus wouldn’t wake. Dapple Grim realized he had killed his only and first born son. Dapple Grim then closed his blood stricken eyes and walked through the authentic streets of Balsam village with the blood from his son’s heart dripping in between his dirty fingers. He decided that day that he was going to make the three most promised students of Balsam University the best in all of the land. All he would have to do was a quick stab upon each and every shattered heart.
Dapple Grim arrived to Balsam University the Monday after he murdered his son. His rigid thunderous black boots scratched the triangular squares scattered throughout the uneven ground below. Before Dapple Grim went to work he decided to peak into the advanced placement English classroom for promised young writers in room one hundred and seven. Sitting in the last desk in the war- like back of the classroom was his first victim Max. His golden blond hair could brighten a room on even the darkest of days, he had tan skin, and bright blue eyes the color of a Bahamian ocean. His classmates admired him for his skillful poetry, active mind, dexterous intelligence, handsome smile and lastly his lovely words. Max reminded Dapple grim of his son Odus so day in and day out his hatred for Max grew into a volcano ready to erupt until the very day that it did erupt. Dapple Grim was the substitute teacher for Max’s English class. After Dapple Grim read Max’s broken poetry he knew he wanted to make Max a better poet so he said,
“You must be better
Once I stick this dagger upon your heart
Your words will never fall apart.”

Dapple Grim then had the pale blood of Max dripping in between his dirty fingers. Upon saying this Max went from being a mushy poet to the William Shakespere of his generation.

Dapple Grim walked into Balsam University on Tuesday the next foggy and weary morning with the same thunderous trudges and the same crooked grin. He peaked into the advanced placement art classroom which was room one hundred and two. Painting and twirling and laughing was his second victim. She was eccentric with luscious long hair as dark as the nights sky, lips as pink as the burning sunrise, dramatic purple eyes, a face as delicate and fair as a porcelain dolls. She was named Elsa and she was as strong as the hulk. The art classroom could always be seen with the colors of the rainbow plastered onto each and every wall it resembled the inside of a confetti cake. The vinyl playing was Bob Marley on repeat and the pieces of art that Elsa was seen creating were almost to die for. Suspiciously Dapple Grim was the Substitute at Balsam University once again. After peering at Elsa’s artwork he knew he wasn’t near as good as it could be and he wanted her to be the best in all the land so he said,
“You must be better
Once I stick this dagger upon your heart
Your art will never fall apart.”

Dapple Grim then had the pure blood of Elsa dripping in between his dirty fingers. Elsa went from being a buttery artist to the Vincent Van Gough of her generation.

Dapple Grim’s Final day of being a substitute teacher fell on Wednesday. This day was different than the previous two. The sun was shining a magnificent shade of pink and orange and a blue bird was chirping. Dapple Grim walked through the shallow black and white narrow hallways to a find a young lad performing brilliant music. His face was the shape of a perfect circle, his eyes were as black as the inside of a soul, and his classmates admired him for his innocence, his pure mind, body and soul. He was respected all throughout the City of Balsam after all he was almost the best musician in Balsam. He was named Tucker Dapple Grim had been watching Tucker perform for about an hour. Dapple Grim admired and hated Tucker’s huge talent all at once and he knew he wanted Tucker to be better he wanted Tucker to be the best in all of the land.

When Tucker returned from intermission he was taking a sip of lukewarm water out of the water fountain that looked over one million years old. He was preparing for his next set of songs. Dapple Grim was so intrigued by Tucker he decided to have a conversation with him and said
“You must be better
Once I stick this dagger upon your heart
Your music will never fall apart.”
Upon saying the chant nothing happened tucker said,

“I like who I am

I do what I can

God has a plan.”
Tucker then walked up the medal and crass steps one by one he turned back to blind Dapple Grim but to bad Dapple Grim had blood coming out from every single part of his body. A crowd started to form and suddenly people were carrying Dapple Grim out to the fishy smelling trash can where Dapple Grim was to stay for eternity. Tucker then looked out into the mass of people to see Max and Elsa holding hands. He then strung his guitar and his fingers started to create a magical piece it brought the life of thousands back to life.

The author's comments:
I wrote this fairy tale based on seeing the "keep calm and carry on" quote plastered on my English teachers wall. I thought there is always going to be someone wanting you to be better so why not bring it into a fairytale.

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