The Moon's Word

February 27, 2014
The old and woman turned and smiled at me, sending a shiver up my spine. She said one sentence, clear as day.

“Listen to the Moon’s word and nothing happens to you, Haley”

I frowned and narrowed my chocolate brown eyes at her, how did she know my name? I never said it. I walked by her, trying to push those words far from my mind, not wanting to know what that meant. Sure, I could hear the moon whispering to me and I had a name for it, I knew the name for it, somehow.

Amuniel. That is what I was I never heard the name before yet it stuck in my brain, something I had seen in my dream. I have similar dreams every time, every night.

In all my dreams there was this woman, a pale woman with silvery hair and vibrant violet eyes and she spoke to me. Her name was Isil, she was the moon. The moon in human form!

I froze and thought this through. That makes sense now, what the old woman meant. With a short glance back I notice the old woman was gone, she meant for me to listen to what Isil said. Easy enough… sort of…
Haley… you’re asleep…hurry and wake up

That was her voice. That was Isil’s voice. I closed my eyes, if it means that I was asleep I should wake up, especially if she told me to. Willing myself to wake up, I Jerk up with a gasp. Brown eyes wide as I look around and notice shadowy figures all around my bed, I close my eyes again and imagine them.

I imagine them vividly disappearing, burning up in the secret flames of the silver moon and I hear something like a loud screech, but it is inhumane and I open my eyes, they’re gone. Save for their smoldering remains, giving off a low sizzling sound.

Wondering what in the world just happened my eyes shifted around the room, I got up, keeping my blanket enveloped around me as I walked over to my window, peering up at the full moon.
“What do you want from me..?” I murmured
For you to come home
My mouth dropped open in a small “O” of surprise, I hadn’t expected an answer. It answered me right in my head, yet I knew that was Isil speaking to me.
Yes. You belong up here with me, with your mother. With your people, my sweet Haley”
I furrowed my eyebrows. Home? But that is where I was, I’m Haley Conway my mother is Anne and my father is Jake. I’m a normal girl…who is currently having a conversation with the moon… yea not so normal I guess.
“I am home.”
A sigh that seemed drawn out reached my ears, but it wasn’t Isil. I whirl around, and there’s a man looming over me.
I frown and he throws something at me, pain blossoms in my side and I gasp, falling to my knees. But I keep my eyes open and glaring up at him, I want to shut my eyes but I don’t back down. And something gives me strength, as if proving what I mean. I see a white light filling my room, the secret flames of the moon filling my room but he doesn’t burn like those other shadowy things did… he just howls and disappears, I close my eyes and that’s all I know…
When I wake, I blink and bring a hand to cover my eyes. The light is almost painful. After a while my eyes adjust to the light and a woman with silvery hair and violent eyes and I knew this was Isil. I sit myself up and smile at her.
“Where am I?” My voice is softer as I talk to her.
Arandur. The moon, your home and mine.
“Why do-“
“She does that a lot. Talk into your mind. I think she enjoys it”
My head snaps up as I look at the new person. Eyebrow raised
The person who spoke, a boy roughly around my own age with brown hair and brown eyes smiled over at me. I hadn’t noticed him till he spoke. And now that I did, I felt my face flush slightly and I glance down hoping he didn’t notice.
“I’m Bryon, nice to meet you.”
Looking back up I notice the smirk playing at the edge of his lips and I sigh, of course he saw my face heat up.
“Haley, nice to meet you.”
A small cough reminds me of the presence of Isil still in the room and I sit upright, wincing inwardly at the small pain that shoots up from my side. And the memory of that man stabbing my side returns. Her violet eyes turn to me as she finally speaks not in her head but verbally.
“Haley, Bryon is one of the Outcasts-“
While she is talking my eyes are on his and I notice the way his eyes harden as she says the word outcasts.
“And he is not someone I would let get into your head. By outcast I mean he has no special power unlike most residents, he also has no family. He’s trouble, Haley. Trust me” her violet eyes turn to him again as a grin makes its way across his face.
Bryon hops off the railing he was sitting against and grins, seating himself at the edge of my bed. And my face flushes again, occupying myself with fiddling with my bracelet, it was a silver butterfly and I always wore it.
“Nice bracelet”
His voice shakes me out of my reverie. Sometimes I did that, zone out thinking about random things. This time about my bracelet.
“Oh…thanks...” I shoot him a small smile and look back at Isil.
“Will you tell me what’s going on now? Please?”

Isil nods and goes back to speaking through her mind though both I and Bryon could hear her.

You are of royal blood, Haley. I am Isil, this is the moon otherwise known as Arandur and I am the moon, the essence of the moon in human form. You are my daughter, the abilities I have, and you have as well. You have no limit, imagination is the limit. And Imagination is endless.
I nod, surprisingly taking this better than I thought I would, and apparently same as Bryon.

“You’re taking this better than I thought, not fainting like I thought most earth girls did?”

I smirk, that glint coming to my eyes as I looked over at him
“I’m not most earth girls, now am I?”
“No you’re not…” he murmurs.
Suddenly horns blow through the air and their heads snap up, Isil looks at me with a new urgency in her eyes.
“Stay here Haley...”

I nod, fingers crossed behind my back.

She rushes out and I look at Bryon Immediately “will you tell me what’s going on?”

He grins but shakes his head “no. not allowed.”

He didn’t seem like the type to follow rules so I rolled my eyes at this.

I stood up, swaying lightly. Waiting until my vision returns to normal and I feel his hands at my hips, steadying me. Despite me telling myself I wouldn’t blush I can feel my face growing hot once again.

“And where do you think you’re going…?”

I smirk back at him, not smacking his hands away like I should’ve.

“To the danger” It’s a simple reply but his grin widens.

Then I smack his hands away and dodge as he makes a grab for me to keep me there.

“You want me to stay, you got to follow me, tough guy”

I give him a friendly punch on the shoulder, then I dash off toward the sounds of the battle. Keeping out of sight so I thought for now.
The battle is intense, I crouch down and watch with interest. Not noticing the same shadowy man as before sneaking up behind me until he had grabbed my arm, for a shadow he didn’t seem to pass through me. He held it in a tight, painful iron grip. I hissed, biting my tongue.
You will come with us.

At that moment, his grip loosens and then falls and I turn around, Bryon is now locked in combat with the shadowy person. I am so caught up with watching him fight, the way he fights. The way he moves that I don’t notice the second shadowy person creeping up behind him until it is right behind him and I let out a shout of alarm to warn him.

Bryon whirled around but too late, the shadowy person brought down his blade

To be continued…

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