Diabolical Inc.

January 24, 2014
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“There is one thing left to do,” murmured Dr. Seeb to himself as he poured and stirred different colored liquids among the many test tubes and beakers. There were some that gave off a bad smell, others were brightly colored. Occasionally a liquid would give a loud pop when Dr. Seeb would touch a glass beaker or tube. He wouldn't be the regular scientist you would think of. His kind was rare and usually was well known during the 1950’s. Dr. Seeb got his education from the secret organization whose goal is to accomplish all evil and to embrace those that have evil ideas. This organization was called ESG which stood for Evil Scientists Global. Those criminals who wanted to start in the medical field went to the ESG to become evil Scientist or to work for one. It is even rumored that Dr. Frankenstein joined the elite organization of evil scientists.
Being fully educated from the organization, Dr. Seeb was ready to take any job that an evil master mind could offer. That job for Dr. seeb was at Diabolical Inc. or for secrecy purposes it was known to the public as DC Inc. Dr. seeb a man at about thirty had jet black hair, pale skin, a hooked nose and an intimidating scar that ran down his left cheek. He was a sickly looking man with an angled face and a slight limp from one of his past experiments in the ESG. Dr. Seeb with his new job, sitting in a desolated building bought for him by Mr. Rico, sat in silence creating a disease almost impossible to cure. This disease that Dr. Seeb was creating would have horrendous symptoms ranging from vomiting to severe skin lesions that were deadly.
In the corner of the cold damp bricked building was Helgor. He had shaggy hair, a fat pudgy nose with one big wart. Helgor was a hunchback raised by the ESG to always follow their master’s command and were very loyal servants to evil scientists. Even though Helgor was trained to follow commands like a zombie he had a personality of his own. Helgor always murmured complaints when he was told something, but he would always follow the orders he was given. Sometimes when Helgor was curious and bored he would whine
“Why do we have to do this.” or “What are we making this for,” this is just what Helgor did out of annoyance and boredom. Dr. Seeb put down his beakers and turned around in annoyance and said
“Because Mr. Rico has trusted me to make something that would follow his plans for wealth and fame and I’m making just what he needs.”
“What would that be” Helgor asked?
In great anger Dr. Seeb yelled “That thing! Would be a cure to the most deadly disease I have made and I’m not afraid to show you just how deadly it can be!” Just then the door opened and Mr. Rico stepped in with his colorful Hawaiian shirt and his tan khaki’s. Mr. Rico was Latino and had black curly hair, a pudgy nose and a very prominent five o’clock shadow.
“How far are you to finishing?” Mr. Rico asked Dr. Seeb, bending over and studying the beakers and test tubes curiously.
“I am almost ready the Nanobots should be deployed by tonight when I have the cure ready,” replied Dr. Seeb gruffly
“When should we start selling the cure when the Nanobots are deployed?” asked Mr. Rico interrogatingly.
“About one month later from when we deploy the Nanobots to spread the disease.” Said Dr. Seeb
Mr. Rico waved his hand in ignorance and said “I’m leaving it all to you doctor” with that said he stood from his leaning position and walked out of the bricked building. It was 3 PM when Mr. Rico paid a visit and now it was midnight and Dr. Seeb was finished with his cure to his “Hard-to-find-a-cure Disease” as Helgor called it.
Dr. Seeb raised the test tube he was holding in the air with a look of victory and yelled “Helgor! Bring out the Duplicator!” Helgor then walked over to the far wall muttering complaints and pulled out what looked like a giant microscope. But where the scope should be was a giant needle and where the tray would be was a dozen empty test tubes. Dr. Seeb placed the electric blue liquid filled test tube under the big needle of the machine. He then pushed a button on the side of the duplicator after a couple minutes of silence the empty test tubes were filled with electric blue liquid. Helgor then took the tray of test tube and placed it on to the glowing cylinder and pushed the button that read Diabolical Inc. factory and the tray instantly disappeared.
“Cure teleported, doctor,” Helgor reported in a raspy voice. Helgor rushed back to the duplicator muttering more complaints and pushed in another tray, about ten times, there had been one million test tubes teleported. Dr. Seeb limped to his computer where a big red button was labeled nanobots, Dr. Seeb slammed it with his hand, hearing the satisfying voice of the computer saying “disease deployed.” Dr. Seeb turned to Helgor with a sneer, “Helgor… in one month me and Mr. Rico will be the healthiest and wealthiest men on the planet…mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha………”

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