The Wildman

November 20, 2013
By Fayth538 BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
Fayth538 BRONZE, McDonough, Georgia
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Being who you are isn't the easiest thing but the only thing harder is finding who you are after you've forgotten who it is.

A long time ago, there was a traveling circus that had acquired a new sideshow that they quickly dubbed “The Wildman.” It was a man dressed in torn and dirtied clothing. He never once spoke a coherent word or made any other expression besides a grimace. He would always growl and reach for people as they passed or drew near and his trainer would throw live rats in the cage for the guests to see the Wildman rip them apart and eat them messily. He quickly gained national attention as the most entertaining and exotic act of any circus.

The circus also had the typical acts expected of a circus. It was filled with strange and unbelievable acts. A bearded lady, a mermaid, and other mystical and weird things. Also at the circus were several clowns. The oldest and saddest of them all was Hobo the Clown, but most people just called him Hobo. Well here’s the thing Hobo was alone in the world and his actual name was Jean Dekcan. All he'd ever wanted was to be noticed by everyone. He’d always wanted to become a main act and entertain everyone and be loved by everyone. Hobo was jealous of the Wildman and he developed a plan to befriend the Wildman and use him fame to benefit himself.
Hobo knew no one but the trainer was allowed near the Wildman but he figured it wouldn’t harm anything to go see him. As he approached the Wildman’s tent he could hear the growls and grunts from inside. Just as he opened the door the Wildman's trainer came running over telling him to go away and never try this again. He told him it was dangerous and he shouldn’t try to be friends with anyon

e who couldn’t even speak. Hobo didn't take orders well so the next morning when the trainer was in his early morning shower and routine, Hobo snuck into the Wildman's tent. He saw the Wildman sitting in a corner then quickly get up as Hobo walked in, quietly shutting the door behind him.

Hobo figured he could talk some sense into the man so he started talking, but all the Wildman did was growl and reach for Hobo desperately through his cage’s bars. Hobo thought the Wildman might be hungry so he grabbed a squirmy live rat from another cage in the corner and held it out to the Wildman. He was too scared to kill the rat himself and through it to the crazed looking man. However, instead of grabbing the rat the Wildman grabbed Hobo's arm, pulling him against the bars and biting into the sad clowns forearm. Hobo finally managed to get away bleeding badly. He hugged his arm to his chest staring in shock. He backed away from the cage, terrified and quickly left the tent. Hobo ran to his tent and went to sleep after bandaging his arm. He felt drained from his terrifying ordeal with the unpredictable Wildman. He felt sad he couldn’t make the Wildman understand.

Unfortunately for Hobo, he never woke up. His body did. Hobo, or what looked like Hobo, awoke and limped out of his tent. He reached for the nearest person and bit the unsuspecting visitor. The person was rushed away by the Wildman’s trainer. He knew someone was bit but he could never find who. Most people just thought it was an act for a new show until they came back the next day and the next and more and more circus performers and other visitors were biting others.
At the same time the attacks were becoming more frequent a family of four was visiting the circus. They were surprised that the attacks were actually happening. The family of was one of the last visiting family's and they started trying to think of ways to escape without getting bitten. They devised a plan to run around and pretend to bite people after covering themselves with the parts of a dead zombie someone had killed. Their plan worked and they caught as much of the circus and undead on fire as they could before barely escaping with their lives. They thought all of the zombies were killed and that no one else could be harmed. After a medical exam from paramedics and police that had been called to the scene, they were allowed to go home and rest. Little did they know, an exhausted and bloodied policeman went home with a painful, gruesome bite on his ankle.

The author's comments:
My dad has always told me stories to try to scare me. No matter where we are we can come up with some kind of story to fit what we are doing. We always try to best each other. Anyways, I have a HUGE phobia of clowns and he told me this one day coming home from a fair. I've added quite a bit to it but he had me freaked out the entire way back to the car.

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