Memories Dream

November 12, 2013
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Now to start this out we will set the scene. We are in a little apartment in Seattle, and the lights are dim but not dark. There is a man and a woman, they seem like they are married, but you're not sure. They're hiding something from the camera, but you can see the shadow on the wall, it's kind of looks like a box. Well enough guessing, you where right about the marriage part, and what you don't know is we actually aren’t there… It's real life, but you feel like you're in a dream… that's because these people are you! I'm sure your racking your brain to try and remember this night, but you'll never remember… because it was too sad that you just had the doctors take it away. The woman was your wife, she died ten years ago, you also had that memory removed. The man is you… you might remember yourself when you turn around, but the doctors said it might be gone forever. Well I guess if you're not going to remember then I'll just tell you. You were broke when you married her…. she was also broke. You told each other you would be able to make some money with your new job as a memory keeper, you thought that maybe having an important job would make your life worthwhile… then, December 19th unknown year, there was an accident. You dropped a tray of memory's and made about a dozen people forget about a dozen current memory's. well one of those memory's was the woman that you're looking at right now. You made her forget your proposal, the thing that happens when you dropped those was some of the memory's vanish never to be remembered again, some make a person feel empty, and some trigger other memory's to become vivid and more recognizable. Well the memory that you made more vivid to your wife was the memory of your daughter who died two days after she was born. Your wife couldn't handle it anymore, having to always remember that day. So when you got home from work, you found her in the kitchen with a gun… she had to end her life and she told you that if you didn't let her than she was going to make you do it. well she shot herself and was rushed to the hospital. After she pulled that trigger, you went to the house of memory's and erased her from your memory. You didn't know she made it and they removed the memory of her daughter… so when she finally found you five years later you hadn't remembered her, you just thought she died… so now I will tell you what is happening present time… she didn't die, actually she is still alive and healthy… you know her, but don't remember… you are starting to get close to her, and she is talking to you right now… I'm your wife…

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