Ennie's kidnapping (possibly more to come later)

September 10, 2013
Ennie woke up that day, going for a little nightly walk. normally she wasn't one for night time strolls. but she had her dagger on her, continuing to walk. blue eyes looking around as she walked. a twig snapped not far behind her and she froze. footsteps grew closer, she turned. there was no one there yet she felt as though she was being watched. drawing her dagger she continued on her way, hearing the crack of a twig once more, and footsteps coming closer and closer. turning again, there was still no one there. yet there were deep footsteps leading to where she was, looking around. getting a lot more freaked out, she felt an arm grab her. screaming she struggled. there was no one there, but there was definitely someone holding her. kicking at nothing in particular she heard a curse, sounded like a mans voice. the grip tightened around her waist. she called out for help, as she felt something collide with her head, going limp as all went black.

a painful slap woke her up, groaning she opened her eyes to stare at the face of no one yet again. ugh! this was not fair, she could not see her captors. they had the upper hand here. "who are you? where are you? and why can't I see you?" she wanted to ask but all that came out was muffled questions. she tried to move, only to find her arms and legs were bound and a gag was over her mouth. blue eyes looking around to get a feel of her surroundings. she was in a cave from what she could tell. tied down to a rock maybe?

a deep booming laugh sounded in the cave and a man appeared. "welcome Ennie" the man smirked, drawing a dagger. and with shock, she realized it as her own dagger. a hand removed the gag from her mouth. she would ask more questions but she was surprisingly tired. "we know the power you have. now give it to us." the man spoke with such surety.

Ennie smirked, shaking her head. "first answer my questions. who are you? and why couldn't I see you before?" she asked, struggling against the ropes that held her down.

"we are a race, of powerful sorcerers, gone evil. we are invisible until we chose to show ourselves" he explained "and no use struggling with those ropes child, they tighten every time you struggle"

and soon enough as she struggled the ropes grew tighter and she yelped loudly, glaring. "you really are evil. what do you need me for?"

a sound soon drew the Man's and Ennie's attention. and The man's eyes flashed "looks like one of your friends are here to save you. he raised her dagger. "but too late" he slapped her again and cut a long mark along her arm with her own dagger.

Ennie winced, and then let out a long scream as the dagger she used as her own cut down her arm. taking deep breaths to steady herself. the pain was unbearable. worst she'd ever handled. why was no one here? no one coming to her rescue. not even her love, her Tirnel. not even a friend, without even noticing it, a tear escaped her eye.

the man smirked and untied her, pulling her up by the injured arm causing her to scream again at the pain. The man laughed darkly and dragged her along by the arm. she would have struggled or at least tried to fight but she was weak, she felt tired. her red hair was now down around her pale features, blue eyes tired. as the man threw her into a dungeon she yelped as she landed on her injured arm.

scrambling up and running to the door, eyes glaring at the man "my friends will come, they will save me.. I know they will, and my love will too" although she spoke with confidence something in her voice shook a bit. would they? they haven't already come to save her. then she remembered, her fire! could she use it, couldn't she? focusing her energy she closed her eyes, raising both her arms to try to summon the fire, feeling pain burst from her injured arm she whimpered and sank down to the ground. she couldn't use her fire because of the long and deep cut on her arm.

The man laughed "get comfy sweetheart, you'll be here for a long time" She glared at him, sighing she looked at her injured arm. it was bleeding bad, sighing she ripped a strip from her dress to bind the wound. leaning back, her eyes closed and she fell into a troubled sleep.

when she woke, she was in another room this time. just great, it was still a dungeon though. then the Man entered the room, he opened the door and Ennie took her chance, making a run to the door, only to have her injured arm grabbed, wincing she sighed. so close to the door yet still captive.

looking back with narrowed blue eyes she watched the man. "let me see you use your magic, your fire" he said, tightening his grip on her arm and tossing her back on the ground.

yelping loudly, Ennie glared at him "or what?" apparently that was the wrong thing to ask. the man grabbed her by the throat, lifting her up into the air. Ennie squirmed, coughing for air and he tossed her against the wall. she yelped and crumpled to the floor.

when she woke again, she had no idea of how much time had passed. has it been days? weeks? hours? she stood shakily, using a hand to support herself. for a long time she would not be going for walks. looking around, she was still in the same room. the Man was leaning against the wall, looking at her with a smirk. suddenly her stomach rumbled and she quietly asked "do you have any food...?"

He rose an eyebrow and handed her some bread and water. sighing she devoured the bread the drank the water thirstily. "what do you want me for?" she asked the man softly, still scared that he would hurt her again.

he stood slowly and she flinched against the wall. "use your fire" he commanded. raising an eyebrow she held out one hand and felt it heat up, some anger finding release through her outstretched palm. the fear staying in her though. a fire sprout from her palm, heading straight to the man, a bit of revenge on her part. as soon as the Man shouted out in pain she smirked, then automatically faked innocence.

"you little brat! you did that on purpose didn't you!?" he stood up, approaching her. she sighed, backing up into the wall. "n-no...well m-maybe." she stood, getting back her courage "you were the one who kidnapped me! that was soft compared to what my friends and family is going to do to you when they get their hands on you!" the Man rose an eyebrow, grabbing her by the throat. lifting her up off the ground. Ennie coughed, clawing at his hand for air. her arm hurt from the cut, her back hurt from getting tossed so much against the wall. and now her head was pounding and she couldn't get enough air in.

he released her after a few minutes of her clawing and coughing and trying to not pass out before she fell to the floor, coughing and holding her throat. her face was covered in dirt and her red hair lay around her shoulders a mess, blue eyes wide with fear. "c-can I have some food and water please?" she asked, voice shaking a little.

The man studied her for a few minutes before nodding his head. disappearing for a few minutes then coming back with chicken. and a glass of water, setting it down in front of her. she sighed and took the Chicken, devouring it almost instantly. and drinking the water thirstily. when she finished, the man approached her again. and she looked up at him. taking a deep breath and standing tall, matching his glare. the only difference was the slight fear in her eyes.

he smirked and slapped her, Ennie winced but held her glare. a sound reaching their ears once more. she turned her head, seeing a familiar figure, a bunch of figures actually here to save her. her brother, Cameron and her lovely Tirnel. smiling a bit she looked at the man, he frowned and walked out of the cell, holding Onto Ennie tightly by her injured arm, she whimpered as it sent pain up her injured arm.

She saw her brother tense, his eyes narrowing and his hand going to his bow.

"now what are you going to do?" the Man asked, a smirk on his face as he held Ennie tightly, she squirmed, still tired from the events of the day though.

"let her go" Cameron spoke, drawing his bow and aiming it at the man, Tirnel drawing his sword and glaring daggers at the man holding his girlfriend.

"or what?" the man asked, only tightening his grip on her injured arm making her gasp.

Cameron, without hesitating fired an arrow at the man making him scream as it pierced his side, making him drop Ennie. Tirnel charged at the man, sword drawn as he began to fight him. Cameron rushed to his sister's side.

"are you injured?" he asked, helping her up.

she nodded, gesturing to her arm, the bindings she had put on were starting to fall away, and the cut that still bled was making her grow paler by the minute.

Cameron frowned and looked back at Tirnel and the man fighting "Tirnel! lets go!"

she watched Tirnel throw a nasty kick toward the man's side and then he rushed to their side, helping her out. and then that's all she remembered. after that she kind of passed out.

when she woke next, she was in a healing room. her arm in proper bindings and her head feeling much better. sitting up in bed, her mind went back to the events of the day. bringing her knees to her chest she sighed and finally let the tears come, only for a few minutes before wiping her eyes and then laying back down. for a long time after this, she would not be going on walks for fear of being caught again. she could stay with her brother and sister and teach Cameron more on the bow and teach her sister, Aira more on how to use a weapon for once.

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