A Glance of the Past

June 11, 2013
It wasn’t too long ago that we agreed never to see each other again, but now we were standing face to face. I stood there fidgeting with my fingers, trying not to share his gaze. However, looking away wasn’t a very good idea because I didn’t notice when he walked away. “Phew”, I thought, but I thought wrong. When I turned around I saw him staring right at me. This couldn’t be. I turned around to the place where he first stood. He was still there! What is going on? I kept walking, staring at him every moment with curiosity. After a millisecond of pause between the blink of my eyes, he vanished. My fingers began playing piano and my mind swirled. My mind went blank, my eyes closed slightly, and I tripped over a rock to make myself go crashing to the dusty road.

I woke up and found myself lying in the middle of two intersecting train tracks in the middle of a completely rural area. My head shifted above me, where the clouds swirled into words that read, "You are in the place where met last time, 5 years ago".

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