War of the Hammer prologue

June 11, 2013
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Since the box of Pandora was opened, for centuries evil has spread over the land, now called Amberia. Four years have passed since the City of Epica massacre, and the fleeing of its inhabitants into the woods and mountains. As the remaining Epicans reunite to form their village, known as the Tribe of forces. The fallen city had come under control of the Ice Queen as her new palace to reign over the lands. For years she had stood unopposed, but one man stood out among the crowd, a possible king of metal, one who shall fulfil the prophecy and lead his warriors of the world against the forces of evil. One man to rise hundreds more to their feet and lead them against the Ice Queens reigns.

The city of Epica had now become a city of darkness. Although still mainly inhabited by ordinary humans, most of who had now become conscripted slaves to the Ice Queen and her generals. After five years of reparations, Epica was now a shining black city, a white castle stood right in the centre of the city overlooking the city. Around the castle was a large city square where all its inhabitants would come to ‘glorify’ their new ‘queen’.

In the furthest tower of Epica the kingdom of the Ice Queen, the ice cold witch herself was making a deal with the Cold Hearted Man to join their evil forces. The evil king himself had an army of orcs and the Ice Queen had her angels of darkness. All this was well known to the Tribe of Forces, but the Cold Hearted Man had a secret weapon, an army of wizards. One who would become the Renegade.

Hours later after negotiations the Ice Queen and her new ally the Cold Hearted tyrant stepped out onto the balcony that over looked the city square. The square was over flowing with their new army. There were orcs on war pigs, angels of darkness, evil giants, orkans (mountain trolls) and a legion of 3000 evil men and more. The Cold Hearted man called forward his Wizard general and commanded him to use the forbidden book of spells known as the Diary of a Mad Man. The Wizard cast a spell to awake an army of the fallen. A year before, Mr Crowley (a.k.a. the Cold Hearted Man) had signed a contract with the Arawn the Gaelic god of the underworld for global domination. Arawn exchanged a pack of hell hounds with Mr Crowley for his soul. The hellhounds stood around one and a half meters off the ground, with their dark greasy black fur, large pointy black ears, long black tails with flames at the other end of the tail, long sharp claws for ripping prey apart. They have a long orange mane running down from the base of the neck to the back. Their jaws full of large K9s and blood dripping like drool.

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