June 5, 2013
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Today was unlike any other. The sky became murky and clouded and all the while, so did my judgment. For the most distressing and bothersome thoughts inside of me, have come to seek revenge on the unknowing outside. The gardener did not come to his usual setting over the bend, beside the coastline, and across from me. It made me wonder if he would ever visit again. The gardener was the only other suggestion of life she ever had detected. He kept to himself though; she still adored his company, even if he never uttered a word. He was the silent type, and cautious of the actions he took each day. They were steady movements made by his hands and feet. Tending to what seemed like nothing. Just plainness. The ground blank, yet full curiosity and questioning. What could he being doing except nursing the ideas in my head, and helping them overflow into action? Emptiness. Nothing happened to be at his special site, but he still came… Everyday.

Today, like I empathized before, was oh, so disparate from the days that progressed before. No words could show how the surroundings were. They were just, there, yet different from their usual form. Then, out of the heavens above, a noise, not just anything though. It was almost a howl, with the slight showings of a screech. More and more unspeakable noises came from the frothy mixtures in the sky gathering larger. A flapping of some sort maybe? But was it a something coming closer, not the gardener, no. She just couldn’t put her finger on it. But in the sky that was now rumbling with fury, the noises weren’t just the noises anymore, there were now creatures hacking out the wretched sounds.

The hack came down in a chorus ringing in my ears, and causing unspeakable moments of terror, making me tremble at my joints. Their movements were so swift in in the atmosphere cutting through the fog and enduring the rays of the rising sun.

The spans of the wings on backs of these beings were epic. It was a flapping noise that could just be heard by my ears. The wind taking them further and further to the ground so I cloud examine them more closely. Although the more they became within a stones throw, the more the air surrounding my body changed. Now, more uncomfortable than before, the steel bars that were a forming barrier up and around her were frigid as well. The touch burned the thin layers of skin with frost. The little fortress could not prtect me form everuthing. The chilling shock of them shattered her bones inside.

The bars and the gale above were becoming annoyingly unbearable. The beasts were so close now, almost like they wanted me to acknowledge them. The small feet of these were gingerly, slowly, skipping towards me on the pale grass of the earth. With each step, they ripped up what was under them and tossed it behind them. How could they get this close, I had never even seen them before and they already knew I would be safe? I am contained by this prison for them to touch me. But they did not seem to want to. Just got close enough to brush up on the outside of the cage. They faces were locked in a stern position, almost determined like.

Their bodies danced past each and every metal post on the outside, clawing each one as if to find a big enough opening. They would never be able to though. I wonder if they understand it? No one in, and no one out. You do not just doas you please here. You follow every day, as you did the last. Everything is alike the first. That is how it was here. The biggest one seemed to be eyeing the giant pad lock connected to what might have been a door. Before I knew it, it was climbing up the side of one bar. How is that possible? How could he be accenting the ice cold metal extension? Now, fiddling with the lock, poking its beak in and out. Trying to unlock my forever home with only its body to maneuver the picks, impossible.

Apparently, I had judged it too quickly. The beast ripped the lock open with its bare claws. Dripping with liquid from its leg. The moisture soaking it’s feathers and getting all over the grass staining everything it touched. Red. The name for that is red? This sudden jolt of memory now drilled a new sport in her brain.Maybe they were rather more like bear claws, so ragged and fierce. Just like it had scaled up the cage, it hopped back down and seemed to summon the other and once again pick up their flapping rage. They flew away. The fattened clouds started to fill the air with stocky thickness she could not describe. It was white. Some disappeared once it hit the ground, but then most stuck. It felt like a different type of cold, wet almost. But what could this have been? The ground was rapidly holding more and more of it.

The cage was open? The door made of even wider bars had jolted to an open state. It had tempted her many a time, and minutes started to pass her by. What to do, what to do. Would there be danger, would there be adventure? Would there be just more solitude? How should she approach this matter? And then, just then something would convince her.

“Hey! Come find me!” The tantalizing voice of another poppedfrom over the bend just behind the far hills. She now knew she must step out of her comfort zone. She must find the gardener and the myserties of the life she once lived…

The touch, the certain feel the moistened ground gave her a spasm. The cold, wet of her standing, crunched. Taking one step, than another, she cautiously made her way through it. It all gathered so promptly and then in the next moment all of it stopped. The sky had stopped letting this, this, stuff, fall. But the area was still vast. Trudging through it was difficult. She did know however, it would have to go away some time or another. She would need to pick up her pace, and fast. The gardener would surely need her assistance. It was unlike him to just not show to his normal spot. He must be in danger as well. Or maybe he has even found shelter. Maybe he knew this all might happen, with all the changes and whatnot. This she wanted desperately to know. He was of course, the person closest to her. Maybe they did not talk to one another. Still, they had a way of some sort of communication. This great feeling was something never had she experienced before, gives her a stride in her step that she now walks with. Far superior than any other being that moment, she walked with integrity, knowing she was making progress on her much needed journey.

Though the sky cleared up just a tad, there had been some of the darkest parts left. She knew somehow that she would need the tool she had had kept in her hand throughout the beginning. She had not a clue where it had come from, but it sure did help to keep her dry. The mystery of it kept her puzzled as she pushed on. Why had all of these things happened to her, here, and now? Why had she not remembered anything before living like this, if she really was living? Or was she dead, maybe that’s not the best word for this, her old predicament. A peculiar predicament indeed.

The cold, the feeling of difference. The crispness of the blank crunch beneath my toes. The protection and safety of the implement that feel from the sky, with the markings of something unreal. It all came to me, but for one reason? Does all of this have to do with the gardener?

The farther trudged, the more I could see. The bend just feet away were more massive, even bigger than usual. The flowing water passing me by left me with new ideas that kept my mind in a trance. What else would come and leave me with new thinking.

How do I know where to go?
There was something up ahead. A road? Maybe a path of some sort. Where would this take me? There were no other choices though. She knew she need to fund the gardener so she could ask him what happened. She must search high and low or where ever this path would lead her.

The winged creatures were becoming restless again. They were moving apace through the sky at tiresome rates. It’s like they want to tell something to me. They happened to all start flying in one direction. North. Were they getting my attention?

The inner turmoil going on inside makes me yelp with, with, an unspokenness of words. Another one? What could these be? These feelings are unknown territory just waiting to be discovered by my soul. Taking it one step at a time was even too fast for me to keep up with myself.

“Quickly, that way, before it comes for you like it came for me.” The voice sounded again, leaving this time with a tiny cringe tingling through me. Just after, a small, ginger nudge

It grew bigger and bigger now. Movements pushing me as if someone was taking me to a new place. It might have been a push then, but now, sudden slaps on the back. Like water, the urges wash me forwards. Almost to a light up ahead. There was nothing else on the road just the light it leads to. The slammings going on behind must want me to see the light, to go into it. The closer it got the more intense the harsh light felt on my skin. The light was just about three yards away now, and everything was burning. Why must it feel like this? The last thing I heard were the beasts cawing one last time up above.

And then, like nothing had happened, it was blank. As blank as an empty page. The only thing that was left, or might have been left was I, if I had fought the light. Was that it? Was that all that life had to offer? If so, what was the purpose? What was the purpose of life and being? Or could our hearts, brains, or souls not comprehend the meaning or definition? Only if I had tried, and not let myself slip away so easily. How are we so conveniently taken astray from the path to our goals? Are our lives really just what we dictate them to be? If so, never stop fighting to live. Never give in.

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