Kalissa's Backstory

May 29, 2013
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Kalissa was sleeping, in her sleep she dreamt of the day she left.
It was a winter day, to be exact, December 21, her birthday. She was on the planet named earth, year 5016. She had just turned ten years old. In this time there were scientists that could study you at the age of ten and find out precisely what, and who, you were going to be when you grow up. Kalissa had decided she would have that as a birthday present, she went to the local scientist and they studied her. After she was done she said to the family: “Your child will be an explorer, and a great one at that.”
Kalissa noticed that she wanted to say more, but she just walked away. . . .
That night Kalissa wondered many things: What could I explore? Everything here is discovered. . . . What else did she want to tell me? Why do I feel insecure about this?
In the morning, she was gone. . . .
Then the dream cut to some laboratory, she did not know what or where it was. Scientists were studying her, writing on clipboards, one saw that she was awake, and then the scene cut to another time, in the same laboratory.
A man was leaning over her, her eyes crept to the side of the room, a backpack was there, her backpack. I’ve been kidnapped, she thought calmly. She examined the room more, she was in a government lab, she could tell by the capital’s bird engraved on a wall: a phoenix.
The man whispered something hardly inaudible: “Don’t worry, I’m here to help you.”
“Wh--” she started.
“Shh, don’t speak, they will notice. I need to explain everything to you quickly, please pay attention.” he began, “A month ago you got analyzed by scientists-they found something-you have a power unlike any other, you can warp the fabrics of time and space. This power can destroy their power. If you happened to bring anyone to another dimension, they could make a new world. The government does not want that. If you do that they will lose their power, it makes them afraid of you. We’ve been studying you for a long time. I’ve tried stalling, but I’m out of time. Now your life depends on you. With your power you can make tears or holes in anything and go anywhere with them, if you do not escape, they will kill you. Good luck. You're loosely strapped in this hospital bed, when everyone is gone, get out quickly, escape. I will find you later with a friend of mine.”
The man left, she did as he told her. When everyone was gone and everything was dark, she slithered out of the chair. She quietly walked towards the wall, she looked at it. Open, she thought as she grabbed the top and pulled, amazingly it did, she walked through. She was outside when suddenly an alarm sounded.
“SHE’S ESCAPING! GET HER!” a voice said.
She ran. People were chasing her, she picked up rocks and threw them towards the people, the rocks turned into portals when she touched them, where they hit the people they had parts of them sucked up. She ran for a long time, everyone was chasing her, then a chain came down. She grabbed it and was pulled into a ship.
“You made it!” The man said, “We were starting to worry. . . .”
Then her dream changed into a nightmare.
She was captured by Earth’s government. They put her back in her old house, the one she had lived in forever. The room was dark, she moved her hand around, looking for a way out. Her hand touched something cold, it felt spherical. She moved her hand down and felt something, something she remembered, it was a necklace, her mom’s favorite necklace.
She woke up screaming, covered in cold sweat.

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