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Indie:2 the loser

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Chapter 2
Tommy went to bed that night and woke up feeling somehow refreshed and rejuvenated in a sense. The events of the previous night still stuck in his head. But for those first couple seconds when he woke up he forgot who he was, what happened to him that one night. This pleasant nirvana only made for a crashing halt to reality when it set in. The night he wished he couldn’t remember kept calling to him every passing night. Every set sun gave rise to the demons of his insanity and the birth of psychotic nature. Every time he stepped outside he kept rethinking the events of that day. The pulse in his heart never really calmed down, and never rested. The media wanted Tommy’s account of what happened, but he never spoke to a single reporter. His friends heavily advised him to seek therapy or some form of psychological help with his insane accounts and his obsessive drawings on his ceilings and walls. He relented at first, but after a while finally gave in to their demands.

Tommy goes to see his therapist on a Thursday after his therapist re-scheduled the appointment from Monday to Thursday. The therapist and Tommy meet at about 3:30 for a normal 3 hour session. He arrives tired and morally unjust, with a sense of dis-taste and mild paranoia. Upon his arrival, he takes a quick glance out the movie, so he knows the area. Tommy takes a seat and greets the therapist. Tommy says “Hello my name is Tommy my friends say you can help me”. The therapist says “Well, hello Tommy, as far as that goes, we’ll see what we can do, now relax and just calm down, there’s nothing to worry about here”. Tommy says “Well, that’s just the thing, I can’t, every time I even begin to think about just relaxing, that night, *cough* just comes back to me, piercing harder every time. The therapist says “well why don’t you tell me what happened”

Tommy gives the therapist his account of the events of that night. He mentions all that happened, the clerk, the ball, and most importantly the organism he came across. As he does the therapist seems both frightened and intrigued at the same time. The therapist only asks how he was feeling during this experience. Tommy says that it was terrifying and that nobody should have a experience like it in any way possible. He can still place himself in the moment of terror and absolute despair.

“It was weird as hell” said Tommy
“I imagine it was” said the Therapist
“But why did he want me to sign the ball, and why did he come to me, and what the hell was he!” said Tommy
“Tommy you can’t stress yourself out about this, your twitching, your drawing strange pictures on the walls, hell your family says you can’t even sleep at night without passing out on sleeping pills.” said the Therapist.
Tommy begins to rise
“But that’s just the thing, I’ve tried to end it over and over again with pills, guns, just anything that can end this nightmare that never ends” said Tommy
The Therapist rises with him
“But Tommy you can end the nightmare now” said the Therapist
“How!” said Tommy
“Just let it go!” said the therapist in a slightly changed voice.
The therapist began to move inches closer to Tommy

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