April 30, 2013
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So many strange things have happened in human history but there is one in particular that the government has covered up. The story of ET597. It all started on the chilling night of May 8, 1956 somewhere outside of Phoenix, Arizona. The sky was still, not a cricket could be heard but you had this strange feeling that something big was about to happen something mysterious. My great uncle was on his way home back from my great aunt’s house when out of nowhere a great light like a thousand suns shined down from the sky onto his car. He was scared like a baby lost from their mother so he stepped on the pedal to get away as fast as he could but the car wouldn’t budge. After about a minute the enormous sound came from the mysterious object in the sky, it was so powerful my uncle’s ears were ringing. Then out of nowhere a beam came from the object onto my uncle’s car and picked it up off the ground and slowly brought it up to the faint shape that was becoming clear and clear. My uncle soon realized that it was a ship not of this world with strange symbols on the side. The ship brought the car inside and left there: my uncle, adrenaline pumping, jumped out of the car and ran down a curved, white hallway into a strange room that seemed to be the control room. He looked around and saw on a small screen his house on live feed and all of his family their lives being watched. He was suspicious and soon startled when behind him three tall red aliens stood three feet away and spoke to each other. They grabbed him and knocked him out with a gas they had. When my uncle woke up there was a blinding light above him and soon he heard voices in his head that said,” We are not here to hurt you.” He got up from the table and felt sick. He looked around the room and saw the same red men staring at him he asked, “Who are you? Why did you kidnap me?” the aliens stood silent and lifted up their fingers in unison and a bunch of picture rushed through my uncles head about the earth in the future and how we destroyed it with years of polluting and war. They said to him we are here to change the future to ensure that the population of the human race lives on. My uncle asked,” Then why do you have me?” The aliens responded,” You are the one in which we will work through, you are the one to change the future.” My uncle asked why him but was knocked out again and woke up in his bed wondering what just happened. Twenty years later my uncle turned into an alien himself and realized that night when he woke up on the table on the ship the aliens must have planted some of their DNA in him. Soon the three same aliens appeared in his house and said that it was time. Together they formed a thin liquidly dust and wiped the earth clean of its damages and everybody on the earth had lived in peace and harmony for the rest of their lives.

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