March 27, 2013
By FatherDagon GOLD, SpringHill, Tennessee
FatherDagon GOLD, SpringHill, Tennessee
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“You do realize what this means, right Captain?”
“Of course I do! Don’t attempt to insult me with your lack of ability to realize the current situation!”
“I would never dream of it Captain!”
Honestly, sometimes I wonder what went through my soldier’s heads. The organization couldn’t afford another mess up, not with what happened the last time somebody screwed up. The Heads were already upset with us. One more screw up and a few of our home planets would be destroyed. Our mission as of right now was to find the traitor as quickly as possible, sadly to say things have not been going according to plan. Shadow has evaded everything we have thrown at him and we screwed up again today, only something was off about him. He seemed to be less violent. Shadow was normally violent not this time though, it was upsetting.
“Lady Andromeda, The Traitor comes this way should we intercept and destroy?”
“No. Allow me I sense he’s up to something. I want to know what!”
I swiftly walked out of the ships central commander center and headed toward the landing dock. You would think after all this time knowing where he will land we would be ready. My heels clacked against the metal walkway as my cape floated behind my back. Some would say I was a beauty among men, must be why the Heads allowed me to live. I’m not one of those disgusting humans as some of the troops mistaken me as. My planet is not in this dimension, but another one, the twelfth to be precise if I have to. My true form is one of which I am just pure light with a humanoid look, but I have the ability to destroy or create nebulas. A legend among Gods is what I have been called.
“Well, well, well, if it isn’t “I’m a God among Gods” how’s that working out for ya honey!”
I grit my teeth as I hear his illogical taunts. Sometimes I wonder what goes through his mind.
“Shadow what an unpleasant surprise. After what happened on Taurus I would think you would have given up on this charade and just hand yourself over to the Galactic Empire!”
“You hope for much Dromeda, can I call you that sweetie, anyway I’m not here for a fight, but a proposal instead.”
My interest is certainly peaked. I would have never thought the lowest would ever have interest in proposals, but my thought process has been proven wrong once again.
“Mhm and what would that be. I have much to do today and little time to waste it all on you.”
“I’ve grown fond of you. I find it fun to see you struggle to defeat me when you know you can’t, yet it makes me sad to see you struggle.”
For the first time in my life, I was speechless. Is this monster, the man who destroyed my best fleet, the man who destroyed my best friend, the man who destroyed my kingdom, confessing some sort of love and care for me?
“What are you saying?” My voice was beginning to crack; I was on the verge of tears spilling over my eyes.
“I love you, Queen Andromeda and would be honored if you came back with me to my home to rule my planet with me. You don’t know this, but I am royalty as well and in need for a bride and, well, you fit the bill my dear!”
I thought back to my mother, Selene, she told me to find a man I loved; I wouldn’t think men who almost destroyed your planet would count. That one thing was the only reason I joined this organization. Shadow had been assigned to destroy my planet, the planet of Keleged home of the telepaths. We were a strong race; a race who never backed down from a fight, except for when Shadow came. He killed most of my people, including my mother, and then left the rest of us to either die from wounds, or live in groups to fend for themselves. I, luckily, was able to maintain order.
“I-I don’t know what to say. You destroyed my home planet and-
I was cut off mid- sentence by arms wrapping around me.
“I don’t think an apology will help, but please. You’re the only person out in this cold, vast, wondrous galaxy for me!”
I felt hot tears slip down my face as I hugged him back. If I went with him I would be betraying the organization. The only reason he did is because they killed his brother when he didn’t finish off my planet.
“Do you know why I didn’t destroy your planet?”
I shook my head no as an answer to his question.
“Because you almost killed me, you’re the first being to ever bring me to my knees. You hesitated, though, which lead to you getting beaten. Why did you hesitate?”
I thought for a minute. Why had I hesitated? My thoughts had been racing that day. I didn’t know why I hadn’t killed the handsome man before me, but I knew my answer know to why I hadn’t.
“Because despite the fact that your, vile, stupid, annoying, and generally nauseating, I love you.”
Shadow quietly grabbed my hand and practically half dragged me to the landing dock. I put the code to open the dock into the panel. The door opened and together we left to start something new together on his home planet.
“Do you know what this means?”
“Of course I do! Don’t attempt to insult my intelligence on the current situation Love.”
“I would never dream of it, Captain Andromeda.”

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