The Price of Sight

March 3, 2013
He was rumored to be cursed. Abnormal. Deformed. But that was only the definition from man. What more could you call him? Language restricted every other word. He was not as everyone else. That was for sure.
He perceived color not as them but as shades of darker and lighter grays. Everything else was foreign and unfamiliar to him. Through his struggles, there were none that remained humble in their abilities to see what he could not. They boasted of their remarkable talents to see in what was known to be normal. A constant reminder of what he could never be.
But even through this, he was determined to prove to them that his eyes were the only thing that suffered from distortion. He knew he was above them. He was years ahead of them in wisdom and knowledge. He was destined for more than their weak minds were capable of. He was bound for the heavens. His claim was of that in the skies. His kingdom was there, soaring through his domain above all. That was his realm and that's where true colors hid. Even the shades they believe they could see would be nothing compared to what sights awaited him there.
He knew it was different there. He would be exalted. He would be able to see what others still could not. He could not wait until the sun moved with him and the wind was but a ripple of it. He would sit upon his throne in the clouds and revel in what they could not have.
But no one had ever ventured into the skies. It was that of myths. Who had ever heard of such a thing? But he knew different. He understood what it would take to get there. There had to be a way there though he knew the odds were unlikely.It would take something different than any creation they ever constructed.
He planned for weeks. It took all of his thought and imagination. But oh, was it glorious. It proved to him just how necessary it was for him to leave this forsaken place. All he was doing was wasting his time with the people who were set on destroying him. And this drove him even more into the insanity of his choice. It pushed him into an even more frantic state. But he did not work with haste.
No, haste was not for the wise; he only set out to work even harder. All he had was his own two hands and what materials he could obtain. He didn't have much but his mind could compensate for the short coming. As there was not much he couldn't think his way through.
The only other setback he encountered was how to create something to get him to his kingdom as soon as possible. Stairs would never work. A stairway to heaven was the most ridiculous thing he ever imagined. No, that would not work. He slaved over the thought. What could get him in the sky? He surely couldn't fly...
But he could be launched!
The thought was maddening in itself but ingenious. He would get there in record time. Why had he not thought of this sooner? So he began constructing his catapult of enormous magnitude. Building it was strenuous work. He slaved and strained himself night and day. And he estimated to be finished soon. Very soon.
The night of his departure, he gazed at his quaint home. While it was true he would miss nothing else in this world, his home was his sanctuary. But it was known nothing could be brought along. He needed to start anew. And that he was going to do. He would bring nothing. He needed no food. No other belongings. Just the clothes in his back.
While the thought of leaving behind his home caused lugubrious thoughts, they all disappeared when he mounted his seat. He reminded himself of the new home waiting for him above this one. It would all be his. He had to carry through with his plan.
Even the full moon above him encouraged his actions. It beamed down on him as if to encourage him further. But he knew nothing could stop him for no power would be higher than him. He would be his own ruler. Nothing would bring him back down to earth.
With his thoughts in order and mind as eased as one could be, he pulled the lever and sailed into the late night sky. The rush was thrilling. His blood blazed and his mind raced. The color he so sorely longed far didn't even matter. All that desire was gone. This was what he was missing. He couldn't help but let out a small laugh as he broke the cloud line.
But he distinctly remembered the sky being clear. That could only mean one thing....
He made it to his world! He found it! He was away from those torturers! He would have laughed for such joy if he lungs weren't burning from the journey up.
And if that wasn't enough, he caught a glimpse of something. It was in the corner of his eye. Something he would have never noticed but did due to his heightened senses. It was color. It was the moon. It dipped so low below the clouds that it was almost gone. But the traces were still there.
He had never felt such disappointment in his life.
It was bland. It was nothing he had ever hoped for. He dreamed of the day he would suddenly see all the colors they told him about. But it was nothing they claimed it to be! It was cold. It was dull. And yet so many had told him of the moon's beauty! Was this their ultimate revenge? Was this how they planned it all along?
He screamed out in what could be agony, only more broken. All of his work was naught. His life was now lived entirely in vain. He was ruined!
He was so caught up in his misery that he didn't notice he had landed safely on what seemed to be a cloud. He could not stop his disheartened sobs as he stared at the dark sky. It was not the warm color everyone described it to be. It was the deep shade he always saw. How could his fate be so cruel? Now misery was turning into rage. His kingdom was nothing! It was all a lie!
In his moment of self pity, he didn't notice how close he was to the edge of his safe haven. And this was his downfall. He was once again captivated by the roaring of the winds. The very ones he thought existed solely for him. How wrong he was! He was wrong about everything! And he had to finally admit that maybe he was better off facing his demise that was rushing for him in the form of earth.
And just as he was finally accepting this that his rage returned. There was only one real color that existed outside of the bleak shades he saw. And it was what they called white! All of their boasts were about that one color. Was it possible that it made up everything and that its luminous properties is what made them so optimistic and happy? He let out another cry as he realized he would never know why.
Because all too soon, the ground came to meet him. It was only seconds before discovering his new found ability. The sun rose just as he landed, covering the sky in a vast array if colors he had yet to comprehend. It drenched the land in a brightness the moon would never accomplish. And he missed it by mere seconds.

And it was only minutes before that an arm reached out to catch him before his descent. His people were waiting for him, waiting to crown him as their exalted one. But no one could catch him before his sorrowful descent.

It was the greatest loss the Sky Kingdom had ever seen because his last night was as black and white as his flight.

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