February 27, 2013
By EmMiT BRONZE, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
EmMiT BRONZE, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota
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It was a beautiful day flying over Antarctica. Walker did not see a cloud in the sky. There were penguins swimming and sliding down the glaciers. Walker had blue eyes and blond hair and loved to play soccer and ski he had a c-130 pilot that was taking men to Australia in WW4.

“Sir there is a missile coming this way,” said the co-pilot.

“Crash’ the missile hit the right wing and took out all three engines. Soon the flames licked the side of the plane. The stench of burning gas filled their noses and clogged their lungs.
“Were going down,” screamed walker
“Everyone get your parachutes on”
All 200 of them obeyed.

“Walker how will you leave?” asks one of the men
“I’ll go down with the plane,” said walker “Now jump”

They all jumped except for walker by now the plane had started to spiral lie a 2-ton top. Walker realized that now he is alone there is nobody here or coming for him he is truly alone. He saw his life pass before his eyes as the plane slowly inch toward the glacier ”Boom”. The force of the crashed ejected walker and knocked him out cold. All of his men watch as the wind picked up and blew them to sea never to be seen again.

Walker had been knocked out and started to dream his dream had been about a plane crash until he woke up and realized it had happened. He lay there for a while and realized there would be no escaping Antarctica. For the first time in a long time walker felt helpless because he knew no one was here or was coming. He stood up and went to the wreckage of the plane only 1 piece of metal was useable. It felt warm on his cold hands.
“Great now I’m stuck here until I die” he murdered to himself.

Walker had found a place for a shelter and tried to sleep. He could not sleep because of is men and what had occurred early that day. Then he dosed of and the dream started.

He was at home with his mom when she told him to join the air force he did not want to but he joined anyway

It ended when he suddenly got woken up when something bit him. There were penguins. 25-30 surrounded him looking mad. In the middle of the group stood a bigger, taller, smarter penguin he quacked and they attacked walker. Walker was dodging them left to right. Dive, punch, jump, kick, it seemed like that’s all he did for 20 minutes until the large on jumped right on top of him. Walker had been struggling for air trying so hard just to breathe. He escaped the big penguin but as soon as had gotten up he had gotten emeadetly attack and tied up by the rest. They tied walker to one of the penguins back and started to walk away from walkers hobo hut huddled against the glacier. It felt as if it had been years of walking but it was only 1 hour. Walker had been surprised because the penguins carrying him never took a break or switched. Soon he entered a cave.

‘Drop him” said a voice
‘Quack the penguins replied as the dropped walker onto the ice. And walker winced

“Hello’ said George.
“Hi “said walker.
“ What the heck are you doing here?” screamed George
“I crashed yesterday at like 3:15”explained walker

“Really why didn’t you come early “said George
“I don’t know,” Said walker

“Get him out of my site” said George as he walked away.
The penguins obeyed and dropped him into a hole when he hit their floor he was over whelmed with what he saw. George’s lab looked like a football stadium. But he had been condemned to a little cell blocked made with cascade of crystal clear isles.

“What are you doing here?” asked George?
Walker just blew the question off because he couldn’t stop think about what George could imagine what George could be doing here.

“What is this asked walker?
“This is were you die and were the nukes will launch to America are made and stored,” said George

“When will they launch,” asked walker
“I will prepare them tomorrow then launch them at America” said George

“OK” said walker
Walker sat in silence as George prepared another bomb. Then he realized his chance to escape and save America.

“George how many bombs do you have” Asked walker
“4000 why” said George?
“Just wondering” walker replied.

George went to bed but walker did not. He felt for the first time hope to leave and save his country. Walker had a chunk of metal in his pocket. His hand moved like cheetahs chip slowly wait at the isles and hoping g that he was not making to much nose.

“Chip “ “crack”
One of the isles broke and walker had been overjoyed but it had not been big enough for him to fit though so he kicked 2 more of them out. He almost did not fit. He crawled though and of the edge he landed on the ice and winced. He started to look for a plane to leave when he found a computer, which said
“Australia” whispered walker.

Walker pressed and there had been a delay before the rockets started to rumble and walker watch in amazement as all the rockets slowly shot up and towards Australia. The only thing left in the lab was an old plane. Walker started to walk to it when the door opened behind him and George started to run in. Walker had been paralyzed for a second until he got control again and started to run to the plane. It seemed as if the plane had been running to but walker had got to the plane and started it when he heard gunfire.

“Get out the plane” screamed George as Walker just started the plane and took off. George shot the rest of his clip at the plane and killed the right engine. Walker felt a sense of déjà vow as the plane started to lose altitude walker continued to down until he saw an U.S. aircraft carrier and landed safely on the ship.
“Look at Australia”said walker, just as the bombs blew up and created a big mushroom cloud.

All of the people on board started to celebrate as the watch Australia crumble under there own nukes power. Walker had done it he had singlehandedly won the ww4.
Walker had become a war hero of ww4 and received a metal.

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