February 17, 2013
By ISIX1 PLATINUM, Springfield, Massachusetts
ISIX1 PLATINUM, Springfield, Massachusetts
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"The red eyes evoked a predator-like emotion" said Tommy as he wrote down those words in his dream journal

Tommy was almost finished with his journal when he heard a loud thump. outside his door. He took a quick look outside and saw a abstract looking organism. It had holes in the front of it's body and rotating wheels in the back. The organism saw him.

Tommy was horrified at what he saw. He quickly went back into his room.
locked the door and began to call the authorities. The phone would'nt work so he tried to climb out the window and escape. He rushed and was slipping all over the place. The sweat combined with the un-containable fear made for a unhealthy combination.

The organism was creeping towards the door closer and closer with each passing moment.Tommy nearly made it out the door when the organism bust open through the door.

Tommy was more scared than ever he rushed out the window. He fell out and hit the ground hard. He was dazed and confused for a moment but recovered and began running down the street.

The night air thick and fast. The fog was more heavier on this night than any other. The pain in his feet and the pounding of his chest were almost in sync with each other as they ran.

Far off in the distance he could see the organism. Running towards him with a steel determination that would not give up now or ever. It's eyes beamed with a intensity that saw through the very soul of Tommy.

Tommy ran into the nearest convenience store. "call for help, it's coming" said Tommy nearly standing up on his sore feet.

"There's a monster on the way" said Tommy.
The clerk called up the police but that phone didn't work. The clerk's own cellphone didn't work.

The organism busted through the front doors tackled both the clerk and Tommy. He pressed them both against the wall with those full intensified eyes.

He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a book. Tommy could not see the book. The organism looked in the book then back at Tommy. He closed the book then pulled out a pen."get me something to write on" said the organism to the clerk

The organism released his press on the clerk but kept it tight on Tommy. "don't even try to get out of here i'll follow you" said the organism.

As the clerk fetched something to write on. Tommy asked "why" the organism simply replied "because I wanted to"

The clerk came back with a ball.
"what is that" said the organism. " we're out of paper, notebooks, and journals"

"Fine this will have to do" said the organism.

The organism handed the ball and a pen to Tommy. "write your name and make it neat" said the organism

Tommy quickly wrote his name as best he could under all the pressure. Then handed the ball and pen back to the organism.

Once the organism saw Tommy's signature he let him go. Tommy was shaken and fell to his knees,eventually backing up into a corner.

The organism quickly took out a cellphone-like device and entered in a code. He showed the device to Tommy after entering the code. A glowing portal opened up behind the organism.

As the organism entered the portal with the ball in hand he looked back at the boy and smiled " I'll be seeing you boy, by the way the phones should work now.

The organism disappeared and the portal closed.

Tommy was shook to his core by this experience. The clerk called the cops and the ambulance. Both of them were okay except for a few minor bruises and cuts. When the police asked him what happened Tommy said exactly what happened.

So Tommy was taken back home and was given sleep pills to get him through the next few nights.

He went into his room and wrote down in his journal

-and then the monster stopped chasing me and we both went home and slept


The author's comments:
nothing,but breathing

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