Living The Cat Life

February 7, 2013
When a homeless cat realizes that having an owner is to overwhelming, he has to escape. Since he can't use his hands, he has to leave at the right time, and the right way. Chapter 1: Nameless and Ownerless It's me, myself, and I. I've got no collar, and no name. Nor do I have an owner to feed and care for me. Although, that would be life changing.
When I walk down the street, children look at with joy. Some even ask their parents if I could come home with them. Most parents will just nod their head no and answer with "no, we have a dog" or "of course not, ew". I feel like saying "please, I have no home" but, I understand that humans cannot comprehend what I'm saying, not one bit. Chapter 2: Maybe I Found One As I walk down the streets of New York, I see one little girl, sitting on the edge of the steps placed in front of her home door. She had pink braces. I couldn't help but notice her red hair with pigs tails in. She looked upset. Sort of how I was when I realized how hard it was to find a home, along with an owner. I walk up to her and rubbed my black and white fur against her pale white skin. Her eyes opened wide. It looks like she's scared but yet, it looks like she's happy as well. Humans always present to me mixed emotions, so I never really know.
She stood up, and ran inside. She could have been telling her mom about how much she wanted to keep me, or the total opposite, perhaps.
The door flew open, practically throwing me off the steps, onto the hard, rough, sidewalk.
It was her again, but this time, she was with her mother.
"Mommy, isn't it so cute? Can I keep it? It'll be my very first pet. I'll have tea with it, instead of my stuffed animals, dress it up, and... and-". Her mother cut her off, and finished her sentence for her, "and feed it". "Yes, yes, of course." she yelled with glee. Her mother sighed, "Okay. Bring it inside Lacey". Chapter 3: Not Sure About This As soon as she said "dress it up" I knew I should have ran away right then and there but something told me to stay.
She picks me up obviously not knowing the correct way to hold a cat. She was putting so much pressure on my stomach, I felt like throwing up a hair ball in her face. When we got to her room, she opened her door, and threw me about eight feet away where I landed on her pink bed, landing on all four legs.
With no time for me to even move, she said "Be right back" and very quickly shut the door. I could tell she was running, considering I heard loud stomps, into the kitchen, I'm guessing. Chapter 4: Pink Everywhere While she was gone, I looked around her room noticing that everything was pink. There was pink curtains, walls, and clothes. As well as a pink chair, bed, and blanket. She had stuffed animals on her bed which had pencils stabbed threw their heads. Not just any ordinary pencil niether. They were pink! I had to take a minute to take in what was happening here. I finally get an owner, and she turns out to be a 8 year old looking psycho. I thought maybe I should leave, but I'm a cat, I can't open the door easily, at all. Not to mention, I'm a boy! I do not enjoy sitting in a pink room, looking at things that are pink! I don't want to have tea at all, nor dress up in pink clothing! To be extra clear, I don't even want to be sitting in the same shelter as her! Chapter 5: I Don't Want The Tea She took everything out of the box, and placed it on her pink table in her room. Around the table was eight chairs. One for her, one for me, and the rest for all of her 6 stuffed animals. There was also eight tea cups, with eight plates to go along with it. She poured tea into all tea cups. She took my cup and brought it to my mouth saying "Open up, Oreo girl". I didn't open up though. There was no way I was going to drink tea especially since she called me a girl. For all I know, she could have poisoned it. She kept tapping it on my mouth. Going on the tenth time, she got angry and hit her fists on the table. I was hoping she wouldn't grab a pencil because if she did, I would've pooped on her floor. That way she could find out having a pet wasn't as easy as she thought it was. Just like I'm finding out having an owner isn't as easy as I thought it was. It's completely terrifying. Chapter 6: Thanks For Her Mother She took all the cups and plates, and put them back in the box. I was glad it was tea time was over. I was about to scratch her face up with my ultra sharp kitty nails. Then I thought, "Oh no! They're about to get painted"!
Little miss "I-like-stabbing-stuffed-animals" opened up her pink nail polish repeating "Righty tighty, lefty loosey". She was bringing the nail polish brush toward me giving me an evilish smile. There was no way this was happening. I jumped up on her bed with fear in my eyes. Once again she got mad. She went her pink pencil as her mom called her name. "Lacey, come on down, were going to get cat food"! She slowly dropped her pencil and stormed out of her room. I was happy because now I could think of a plan. Chapter 7: Free Just when I thought she was gone she came back into her room to get something, leaving her door open while she got it. Right then and there, I snuck out, running down stairs. I hid under the living room couch, feeling successful.
She walked out the front door not even realizing I was gone from her room.
I felt a breeze coming from outside. I looked toward the area it was coming from and noticed it was the window. It was the happiest moment in my life when I knew I was going to get out alive.
I run to the window, enjoying the cool air I havn't felt in a few hours. Maybe I'm better off as a stray cat, without an owner. Never do I ever want to expirience that ever again.
Jumping out of the window, realized not being able to talk or doing everything most humans can is defficult. Like now, for example, I wish I could tell humans to not take advantage of being able to talk or do thingslike opening a door because it's a beautiful thing that I would not want to let go of.

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