The Fate of Earth

February 4, 2013
The Fate of Earth

Fifty years ago when the Mexicans discovered zintarium, a rock that is found in Central America, the zintarium released a toxic gas that killed all life in North America and parts of South America. The Russians have been trying to develop a way to remove all the zintarium on Earth and send it to the moon.
Two children were born with the information that aliens from Venus have been trying to get. The info was ejected into the brain of what is now a scientist at RGDC. Joseph was born with the other piece. This info will remove the airlock, and the aliens can take all the air on Earth and put it on their planet. When there is air on their planet, they can produce a food that will give all of them life forever. The air helps them get stronger so they can take over the universe.
Currently, when a child reaches the age of 13, they are forced to work at the Russian Government Development Center, or RGDC, where scientists are trying to get rid of the zintaruim. Children working there would help prep planes for takeoff, or help develop the formula to stop the zintarium. Joseph and Kade Yang were reaching the age of 13 soon.

Chapter 1
“Joseph! For the last time! Get down here,” screeched Joseph's mom, Judy.
Once Joseph finished drooping downstairs, his brother, Kade, lunged for the cereal. “Like I wanted any of that junk,” Joseph mumbled.
Joseph Yang was the older twin. He always used this to get better things than Kade. For example, when the parents had one ticket to a sports game, Joseph would get it because he was ‘older’ than Kade, so he could stay up later. Joseph would also get most of anything, rather than Kade getting much. Kade didn’t find this fair, but he had more intelligence than Joseph. One time, Joseph borrowed money from Kade. Kade made Joseph sign a contract that said that said that Joseph would be charged a 90% interest by the day. Both Joseph and Kade were in eighth grade, but Kade was smart enough to be in eleventh grade.
On Friday, Joseph and Kade were to start work at RGDC.
The bell rang. Joseph was late. He would have a lunch detention. He didn’t bother even going. He just remembered that he had a SDM meeting. That stood for School Discipline Monitors. They pretty much were hall monitors. Mrs. Van Blitze was one of Joseph’s favorite teachers.
When the final bell rang, Joseph grabbed his skateboard and sped home. He grabbed his RGDC uniform and jumped on his bike. Forty-five miles per hour, wind going through his hair, felt good. All the way until Joseph got eye contact with the rec. sport safety monitor Mrs. Worthless.
“Mr. Yang! Do you remember our rules?”
“Sorry Mrs. Worthless. I forgot.”
“Sure you did. This was your third warning. You now owe ?50!”
A ? is equal to 3.57 dollars. Joseph and Kade only made about ?10 a day.
Joseph doesn’t mind being late for school, but if he was late for work, he would owe ?250 and get fired.
Joseph heard a “BANG” as a shadowy figure fell over.
“Now he will never make that mistake again boss,” said a voice.
“Good,” mumbled a second voice.
As Joseph quickly took a glance at the person, he saw a scientist laying dead on the ground.
“Now all we need are the other pieces of info,” whispered the first voice.
As Joseph turned to sneak away, he stepped on a twig.
“What was that!” barked the voice that was in charge.
“I don’t know. Let’s check it out.”
When Joseph turned back, he saw two shadows with what looked like boomerangs in their hands. Joseph saw the two men wearing security guard uniforms.

Chapter 2
As Joseph felt a rush of cool air, he took off his jacket. After Joseph put away his bike and punched his card, Kade walked in. “Kade, you’re late... oh.” he said as soon as he had realized that Kade had been there for a while, and was already changed. Joseph changed into his blue jumpsuit and put his white lab coat over the jumpsuit. With the temperature and the amount of clothes Joseph was wearing, he felt like he would have to start swimming in his sweat.
When you turn 13, you must work at RGDC so you don’t pay taxes. You also get paid and get a condo. Children only have parents until all the children reach the age of 13. Then the parents are either sent to Mars to harvest crops, or you must become a scientist. The Government decides your job based on your skill. Joseph’s mom and dad were sent to Mars two days after his birthday.
When it was time to go, scientists started walking out the doors. Suddenly a enormous explosion occurred and many people hollered in fear. People ran away as men jumped Joseph. Joseph scrambled, then ran. He stole a four door sedan with heated seats and a 100 ounce cup of Monster, an energy drink. Then Kade flew in through the windshield and landed in the passenger seat. Joseph tried to start the car, but he didn’t have keys. Kade dug through the glove compartment and found a valet key. The owner of the car came running out of the store screaming, “My Monster!” The man was highly addicted to the drink. Two cops ran after the car shooting bullets at the tires. The cops helped the man whose car was stolen as he had a mental breakdown.
Joseph realized that the car was low on gas. He pulled into a gas station and chugged all of the Monster. Joseph filled up the gas tank as Kade went into the store and bought two hot pretzels stuffed with pepperoni and cheese. The “ and “ security guards flew overby looking for Kade and Joseph. Once the gas tank was filled up, Joseph sped away without paying. As the two boys drove through a small town, they saw a parade in their way. The car got out of control and hit a lamppost. Joseph and Kade went looking for a way to travel to the WBSA Space Station, where the rocket to get to Mars is located. Joseph and Kade would travel to Mars and have their parents extract the information that Joseph contains, and then they would leave Mars and go to live in Australia.
The two boys looked for a way to get to the WBSA Space Station faster. Little did the boys know, that the aliens had come back and landed their ship. Joseph scanned the area and noticed that they were in a small town in China. The two aliens got out of the vehicle.
“Give me the info!” one alien screeched.
“He won’t!” screamed Kade as tears and sweat ran down his face.
The two aliens came over and started fighting with the two boys. So far, Kade was losing, but Joseph was winning. Kade’s opponent flipped him then threw him. He flew ten feet off the waterfall. He screamed but all Joseph heard was an echo. Joseph was furious. he fought like there was no tomorrow. Something flashed on the ground. It said, “universal time reversor”. He lunged, but not fast enough. He felt a needle stab his back. He felt dumb. What was going on?
“I have the info,” said an alien
The aliens left in their flying saucer. Joseph lunged for the dangling rope on the saucer. He started climbing up the rope to the bottom of the rim. As the aliens prepared to launch the ship into travel mode, the computer told them that it couldn’t leave due to unbalanced weight on the wings. As they looked down, they say Joseph with the rope in his hands like a lasso.
Joseph threw the rope, and it made a crack in the glass. He kept throwing the rope until the glass shattered. The saucer started to go down in smoke. Joseph reached out for the time reverser, but the aliens had faster reflexes. They had the remote, and they pushed Joseph off the saucer. Joseph had come prepared. One gadget that the RGDC supplies all workers is a hook that can be shot out of a small container the size of a grenade. He pulled the cap and aimed it at the saucer. The hook shot and he was dangling from the ship on a string as thick as thread.
Once Joseph got up to the ship, he punched the nearest alien and grabbed the time reverser. He set it one week earlier. He felt distorted. Joseph hoped it would work or all would be lost. The saucer would crash and explode. He closed his eyes in fear.
He opened his eyes and saw Kade.
“Oh my God! You’re alive! I am so sorry!” said Joseph.
“Whaat?” said Kade puzzled.
“Nevermind bro, never mind,” replied Joseph.

Chapter 3
He saw the security guards chatting. He grabbed what looked like a gun. He fired at them. A huge whoop came from the gun. It sucked them into the gun. Joseph broke it and walked away. Earth is now safe from anyone taking it over. Knowing that Kade was safe and alive was like heaven. Joseph’s parents didn’t believe the story that Joseph told him. He ran to Kade and started talking about how much he loved him.

Three months had passed since Joseph broke the gun. Kade had understood and believed him. Kade’s friends believed him, and Kade began to get memories of what had happened until he died. Kade’s friends thought that it was cool what he did, how he died, and how he even came back to life. Joseph had mental breakdowns every time he thought of what had happened to Kade three months earlier. He could now control them, except when he had nightmares about what had happened. Joseph didn’t dare tell his parents and tell them the truth because they would come back to Earth and take care of him like a little baby because they thought that he was getting sick. Kade was the only person who would believe him. Everybody else said something was wrong with him. If only Joseph had taken a picture with the aliens on the saucer...
The End!

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