Letter to the Giver

January 11, 2013
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Dear Giver,

It has been a long year, but finally, I have been accepted into Elsewhere. When I first arrived, I was frozen, half-starved, and carrying an infant. I managed to crawl to the nearest family unit and knock on the door. Oh, Giver, the look on the woman’s face when she opened the door! It looked like she had seen a ghost!

She ushered me inside of her house, and sat me in front of a stone pit, with all the heat and light of the sun. I perceived the word for it, Giver! It was fire!

The next day, when Gabe and I were warm and fed, the woman, whose name was Mrs. Beckman, introduced us to the rest of Elsewhere. The citizens of Elsewhere look so different than those of the home, with so many shades of skin, different length hair, and it was so different from Sameness Giver, it felt unnatural!

The citizens all regarded us fearfully, for they had heard of the Community, and wanted nothing to do with the monsters that lived there. Even children were hiding behind their birthmothers in fear.

That brings me to another point Giver! All of the laws are so strange here! New children are named at birth, and live with their birthmothers! They can select their own spouse, and are allowed to have as many children as they want! It makes me miss Lily and Mother so, but I still have Gabe at least.

In Elsewhere I work at the library. It’s even bigger than yours! There are acres of books, with shelves miles long and stories high! There are so many things to learn here, about the memories you gave me. There is snow, sun, rain and sleet, and so many other sensations we don’t have in Sameness.

Oh! I just remembered! I took Gabe to the “Zoo” yesterday! I bought a camera and took pictures of real life comfort animals! Attached to this letter are pictures of elephants, hippos, and a bear. If you could please give these to Lily and tell her that they are real.

I’d better go. Gabe is asking me to come play with him. I still miss you.



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guardianofthestars This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 17, 2013 at 6:04 pm
I love this series!!! That is so cool you wrote from Jonas' perspective writing to the Giver. Very creative :)  (Just out of curiosity did you know there are three other books to this series?)
_Kristen_ replied...
Jan. 22, 2013 at 6:38 pm
Thank you! Yes, I do know of the other three books in the series, but I have heard that they don't relate to the Giver.
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