Death and Destruction

December 6, 2012
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There is no creature as fearsome as the Snakefly: a deadly, luminous creature who feeds on blood and bones. Despite its small length of five feet, it is as thick a python. Young animals and humans are taught at a young age to fear this animal among all others. The Snakefly had been around for hundreds of years, so it is believed that there is no way of defeating this horrible monster.
This is why you are brought to the Chipmunk Convention. Or shall I say: Chipmunk and Their Owner Convention. “What should we do?” squeaked the timid voice of Chitty-Chitty. “That’s what we’ve been trying to think of,” says Mr. Munk. His tiny head was in his paws. All five of the chipmunks had their heads in their paws. Lola, their owner, was pacing around the hut. Normally, she was strong-willed and always had answers. But this time it was different. Lola couldn’t think of anything. Not one idea.
“There was another attack today,” said Ms. Chippy, “a horse was found dead. There was only skin left and a little bit of bone in the head. There were fang marks on it.”
The Chunk shuddered. The Snakefly was killing everybody. Was to be done? “OMIGOSH!” Chitty-Chitty suddenly squeaked. “Water slows down the Snakefly because its wings can’t touch water! So if we douse it in enough water, it can’t move!”
“Oh, Chitty-Chitty!” Lola exclaimed, swooping down and scooping up the little chipmunk in her arms. “What a wonderful idea!”
With that, the meeting was adjourned. They all set out for the forest. They dumped buckets and buckets into the lake, and pushed them to find the Snakefly. They searched from morning till dusk, but there was no sign of the dangerous animal. Defeated, they trooped back to the hut wondering, where is it? Where is it? Where is it?
The next morning, Lola was not there. She had left a note saying that she had gone on a morning walk.
“Well, we better starts without her,” The Chunk said. But none of them
wanted to start without Lola. Lola was the only human company they had. But it was really their only choice. The set out with their barrels of water and had searched for two hours until their heard a deafening roar.

They had found the Snakefly. There it was, attacking a bear. All of the chipmunks turned away not wanting to watch. As you probably know, the slaying of a bear is a terrible thing to do. A price you pay that you can never return. But the chipmunk family doubted that the Snakefly cared. Suddenly, there was silence, and they knew that the bear was dead. Slurping could be hears as the Snakefly had a feast.

The chipmunks tailed the Snakefly wherever it went. It seemed to be taking a break. The chipmunks were planning a course of action not really looking at it. But that was when they heard a scream. A human scream. A human in pain. A human dying. Lola.

They dared not look in the direction of the screaming which was going on and on and on. When there was silence, Chitty-Chitty lead the group to where the Snakefly was finishing attacking Lola. She was still alive, but only just. Ms. Chippy cascaded the Snakefly in water and it stopped. The Chunk dumped another bucket of water on it, too. The Snakefly seized up. And them Chitty-Chitty dumped that last bucket of water on the Snakefly. It rolled over. It was dead.

The chipmunks paid absolutely no attention to the Snakefly. They attempted to string Lola across the three buckets, but she held up a trembling hand.

“No,” she croaked, “there’s no hope for me. But you’re okay now. You’re safe.” And with that, Lola patted each of the chipmunks on the head and closed her eyes. Her heart stopped beating. She was dead.

They held a funeral for Lola there in the forest, right then. Each of the chipmunks said a little farewell to her and covered her in dirt and leaves. Through every little brain of the chipmunks was the same thing. It doesn’t matter that the Snakefly is dead. Lola’s dead. That’s all the matters. How are we going to live now?

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