The Sorrowful Tale of Solario and Lunaris

November 13, 2012
By AnotherSilentBlackbird BRONZE, Rochelle Park, New Jersey
AnotherSilentBlackbird BRONZE, Rochelle Park, New Jersey
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In the beginning, there were two people watching over our world, two grand beings that watched the land that was then without water but very fruitful in spirit energy, and spirituality and loyalty to the beings is what nourished the flora and fauna of the world. The beings were called Solario and Lunaris, and the couple ruled in the sky never setting foot on the land that they looked upon every day; Solario’s shining face watched during the day, while at night Lunaris’s soft glow lulled the creatures to sleep and allowed the Nocturns to come out and do as they pleased. They soon realized that they needed someone to protect their beloved world, from the land itself. They saw the fauna feuding, panther hissed at wolf, and wolf harassed rabbit. The flora was powerless to stop it and all they could do was report such actions to Solario and Lunaris. The couple tried their best from where they were but they could not stop these sad events. It was in this realization that they decided to have a child that would rule the earth. For many months, the entire world rejoiced at Lunaris’s newfound pregnancy, and she laughed and danced with them. It was only when she went in labor that all the fauna and flora fell silent in anticipation. Rabbit sat patiently with Wolf, and Panther smiled widely in excitement, all was at peace. It was announced that Lunaris had given birth to a beautiful baby boy named Starik, but in the end all was not well. Soon the child died, and in anger and sorrow all past problems returned with even more vigor. Panther fought violently with Wolf, and Wolf hunted Rabbit. It only quieted down for the funeral were Solario took some of his glowing fire and did what we call cremating to Starik’s body that was bright like his fathers but softly glowed at the same time like his mothers. All during it Solario and Lunaris cried, the first time anyone had ever done such a thing. Lunaris’s tears formed lakes, rivers, ponds and streams, and from Solario’s the great ocean. With each cry new flora and fauna appeared in the fresh water of Lunaris’s tears, as well as the salt water of Solario’s. When the cremation was done, they found that the ashes glowed, and they threw them into the sky and called them stars. In the night, they glow along with Lunaris, as she continues to mourn for her son. It was many months before one star fell out of the night sky, and crashed down upon the world. The area was covered with a thick fog for many days before it cleared to reveal to things sleeping in what is called a crater. These things, were the first man and woman to set foot on earth. They woke up and ruled the Flora and Fauna with permission from the beings. Both Solario and Lunaris recognizing that they came from the remnants of their son. The feuding between the fauna never did stop but man and woman controlled it well, and from them came us. Soon there was no spirit energy left and so the animals started what we call the circle of life, and drank water from Lunaris’s tears finding Solario’s unfit for drinking. And that little ones is how the world as we know it came to be.

The author's comments:
This is a creation myth I made in the style of the Native Americans. I imagine it being told around a fire by a wise elder.

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