Dragon Stones

November 6, 2012
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Dragon stones
chapter 1
A virescent green mist filled the corridor as the door swung open. Jack
entered the room. He slowly took in the features of the room. He felt
something was amiss. There in the center of the room was a small leather
pouch. He took one glance at it and quickly snatched it up. He did this for
fear that some one would discover he had found it. Inside the pouch were
two stones each inscribed with a symbol. He placed them back into the
pouch and hurriedly left the castle. Jack ran to the edge of town and leapt
upon his horse Frothith. He almost made it to the safety outside the city
walls when a blazing arrow flew past his cheek. He cursed under his breath
and reared Frothith forward. When he had distanced himself from the city he
decided to make camp for the night. The next morning Jack awoke early to
practice his swordsmanship. He decided to travel to the Incandari Tribe
where he could talk to his master. His master was a medical magician and a
charm maker. Jack spent the next three days traveling to the incandari tribe.
When he arrived he all that he found was a fire drenched village filled with
rotting bodies and thick smoke. He looked around the surrounding forest and
found the remaining tribe members hidden in one of the elfin coves. He
learned that his master had died when the village was attacked by dragons.
His master had left him a small cherry wood box filled with charms and a
letter written in dwarfish runes that he couldn’t make sense of. He stored the
charms in his pack and out of frustration threw the box at the adobe wall and
from inside the lid a small silver coin rolled out. The coin was a daare, elfin
money. He pocketed the coin and left the coven to visit the council of
magicians. The next morning on the way to visit the council he was
confronted by a rouge fire magician. As the magician hurled a fireball at
jack and a word rolled off his lips and a glowing wall of red energy
materialized and stopped the fireball dead in its tracks. He uttered the next
word that came to his head and the magician dropped dead with a look of
terror still on his face. He then pulled out one of the charms and discovered
it was actually a lesson for energy manipulation. This was an art his master
was about to teach him before he left to find the five lost dragon stones. He
continued on his journey to the council of magicians when he arrived he
went to the library and got a book on energy manipulation and found out that
one could accomplish almost any thing by energy manipulation. He then
spoke to the council and was told to hand over the dragon stones he had
found. When he refused they took them by force and threw him into the
dungeon, there he meet Thoran. Thoran was a water magician in lock up for
summoning a dragon shadow. A dragon shadow is a dragon made out of
Pure energy. Summoning one is forbidden across the fifteen realms. Jack and
Thoran decide upon a course of action to get back the two stones and get out of the
prison. Thoran acted dead the next day and when the guards came to retrive the dead body he was dragged out of the cell, he jumped up and took the guards out and quickly let jack out. They bolted for the exit but before they could exit they were confronted by a battalion of soldiers. They looked around for an alternant exit and saw a small side window. Jack shattered the glass and dove through the window startling a small group of children. He jumped up and ran for the forest. When he was safely into the heart of the forest he looked back to see if Thoran was following. When he discovered that Thoran wasn’t following he backed tracked and saw a limp figure with arrows protruding from his back. He examined the body and saw in horror Thoran with half his face missing. He saw he still clung to life. He heaved him onto his shoulders and ran to the next medical hall. The medical magician placed him onto a cot and began to examine him. He concluded that Thoran had been poisoned when the arrows hit him. The medical magician turned to jack and told him that Thoran couldn’t be saved. He turned towards his friend and said his last good by. Thoran died and turned into a spirit and slowly began to drift away. Jack left the village and hurried on his way trying to distance him self from the council. Talking to a fellow traveler he discovered that the dragon stones had been moved to a warehouse not far from his present location. He set out to find the warehouse and get the stones back. When he arrived at the warehouse he began to strike up conversation with the workers. After hours of talking he learned that the stones were in block 18, section 3. He went to the location and began searching through the boxes looking for the stones. In the last box he finally found them, but when he left the warehouse there was a whole brigade of magicians waiting for him outside. He took of running, dodging projectiles as he when. He leapt onto a horse and took off at full speed trying to elude the torrent of magic being thrown at him. The horse was struck by a streak of magic and fell. Jack jumped off the horse nimbly and began running form side to side to avoid the magic. He finally made it safely away from the magicians and set up camp for the night. He woke up to the sound of voices not far from his camp. He slowly crept in the direction of the voices trying to figure put what was going on. He soon discovered that the enemy magicians as they turned out to be were discussing about finding him. He was about to move away form the voices when won of the spotted him. One of the magicians threw a concussion charm at him and he fell unable to move wondering what would happen to him…
Chapter 2
Jack awoke in a musty cell chained to a thick stone wall. He hadn’t the faintest idea of what was going on. The first thought that came to his mind was where he was. Then it hit him, he remembered being hit with a concussion charm and that was it. He searched his pockets for any of his charms but only found a half torn one. He searched for some thing to write with but found nothing. So he began to write in the dirt and then he heard the rattle of the jailer’s keys and quickly covered up the beginning of his charm. The jailer came to his cell and fumbled with the keys trying to get his cell open. When the jailer couldn’t find the key he tossed the stale moldy bread he was holding into the cell and tossed in a water skin. Jack scraped the mold off the bread and nibbled on the stale loaf. He then picked up the water skin and drank gratefully. He tried to utter a spell with out the use of a charm and failed; he should have already learned the basics of this skill if he had not went off in search of the dragon stones. He saw a guard slip something into his cell and saw it was a blank piece of paper and an ink tipped quill. He quickly began to write out a simple charm so he could break the chains that were binding him to the wall. When he finished writing the charm he thought of the fire that was used to activate level on charms and a small flame flickered to life above his thumb. He placed the breaking charm into the flame and thought hard a bout what he wanted to break. Then the chains broke and so did his thumb. He remembered being told by his master that when ever he truly needed pixie powder that some would be available. Then out of the air appeared a thin capsule of pink pixie powder. He sprinkled the powder over the lock and the lock dissolved into a cloud of pink vapor. He hurriedly left the prison and ran out into the village that he was being held in. He began to walk toward the gate. On the way to the gate he saw a rough sketch of himself draw onto the town board, it was then that he realized he needed to get away from the city…


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Kam123Skally said...
Nov. 14, 2012 at 1:20 pm
Well Sage you may need to work on your line structure and putting a  word on a line the skipping making it the only word on the line.
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