October 25, 2012
By notborninjune BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
notborninjune BRONZE, Palatine, Illinois
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I was in my English class on a Friday morning, listening to my boring teacher talk in a monotonic voice and dozing off at the same time. I’m one of those stupid kids that just somehow end up in the class with the super smart people in it. It always annoyed the hell out of me that I was always the stupidest kid in the class, but didn't't really bother making an effort in class because everything was so goddamn boring. Pretty weird, eh?

Anyways, I looked over at the digital clock to check out how much more time there was until the period was over. Apparently, only three minutes passed since I last checked it, which was eleven-o-eight. Eleven-eleven… People always tell you to make a wish when it’s eleven-eleven. didn't't really know why it was such a big deal back then, but I just gave it a try anyway.

I whispered, “I wish I could become a genius.” Nothing happened, so I decided it was a fluke and all, and I decided to start doodling on my assignment notebook. I flipped through the pages to look for an open space. Every page was full of all my doodles except for one. There it was. A perfectly clean page that had the week of November sixth…Friday, November the eleventh…That was the day when things just started to get all screwed up.

I looked over to the digital clock again, and it was still at eleven-eleven… Everything went by really fast after that. The clock started blinking, and I got this huge headache. My body started sweating all over, and I started screaming. There were these blurry images; I couldn't really tell what it was at the moment, but they came rushing into my brain. I thought my head was going to explode…

Apparently, what seemed like hours of agony was only a matter of seconds. I was still in my seat in English class when I jerked awake from my dream. I looked over to the clock once again, and somehow, it was still at eleven-eleven. I think something happened during eleven-eleven that day that totally made me a freaking genius. Why? Because I aced every single one of my classes from that day on without even trying. It was crazy, really. You probably wouldn't believe me, but I did.

It’s really surprising. I go from a borderline smart kid in junior high, to a freaking number one ranked student in high school. The four years of high school felt like heaven. Everyday, I would do whatever I want at school and still get A’s and just relax at home after school. But then, after I got into college where all the geniuses come, I sort of started being sick of knowing everything. I swear to God, I’m crazy. I admit it. But you know, I just got sick of it. So, I decided to flunk out of college. I pretty much lost my mind. Now, I’m just a lazy, drunk guy that has no purpose to live. I keep on getting depressed how I used to be a normal kid, living a normal and happy life. I miss the old days. If only I could have another chance to go back in time and live a normal life again.

It’s been exactly five years since I wished to become a genius. Once again, it’s Friday, November the eleventh and it’s eleven-eleven once again. It’s either my wish will come true again, or I die from suicide. I picked up a gun that I bought, don’t ask me why, and aimed it at my head. Then, I said, “I wish I can become a normal high schooler and live a normal life again.” I pulled the trigger.

The clock read, “11:12.”

The author's comments:
I came up with this piece a little bit over two years ago, and I just had this random thought about 11:11. I thought it'd be cool if I wrote about how a wish actually came true. It's really a simple and probably a detail lacking story, I thought it'd be kind of cool to just submit somewhere, since I need to submit an essay of some sort for a competition for my English class.

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