Not An Average Kid

October 4, 2012
By Anonymous

Not an average Kid
By: Sondos Fares
No school, not having to worry about chores, don’t need to shower every day. I can eat whatever, whenever I want. Best of all, no bed time. It all sounds like a kid’s dream doesn’t it. I’m much different then the rest of the children in town. Nails about ten inches long, my teeth are much stronger and bigger than normal fourteen year olds. My hair is a dull grey tint with deep brown splotches. Did I mention my whole body is covered with it? My hunger needs are about 20 times more demanding than normal kids my age. Caught on yet?
My name is Zach, I am fourteen years old, and I turned into a werewolf nearly four years ago. Here’s my story: I’m walking home from school on a sunny Monday afternoon. I feel something following me. I heat a frightening noise in my ear, almost like a growl. I proceed to walk. The bushes next to me down the side walk start moving. “Only two more blocks” I whispered to myself as my speed increased. Suddenly, I stopped, something didn’t feel right. Then right before my eyes a werewolf jumps on me. I felt the vibration as my head hit the concrete. My brain shook. I went out cold. I still felt its deep bite in my left arm.
What felt like years later, my eyes had opened. I was still in the same spot, same position. No mark, no blood, as if nothing happened. I slowly get up, shake it off and start walking home. I hear a pounding, a loud pounding almost like a heartbeat. As I look to my left I see two people walking their dog, no one seems to be talking. Is it what I think it is? I can hear their heartbeat. I start running toward my house. Ignoring my parents screaming at me, I pounce on my bed landing on all fours.
I can’t sleep. Its 6:55am… 5 more minutes till my alarm goes off to get ready for school. I just can’t seem to make out what just happened. I slowly get ready for school and walk down the stairs as if I was a zombie. Ignoring my parents once again as I walk to my bus stop. The whole entire school day I just could not wait to get home. I had this strange pain in my mouth. As if my gums were ripping. Picture a cat’s claw ripping through some leather material. “Screw it”, I say to myself. Its last hour and its freshman gym. I ditched class and ran home. As I went upstairs to my bathroom, I see another row of teeth just growing out of my mouth. I can’t stay home, and let my parents see me like this, I think to myself. They would rush me to the hospital and everyone knows my fear of needles, and doctors. I’m sleeping in the backyard.
I leave a note on my bed for my parents that reads :

Mom & Dad,

I’m sleeping at Tim’s house for the night, and he will take me to school tomorrow. Don’t worry about me. See you tomorrow night.

Love, Zach
I lie on the grass and stare at the stars in front of my eyes. Why me? I try to think of the positives with why the werewolf bit me….. beats me. As my eyes slowly close, trying to isolate the stress from my being. I fall asleep.
My eyes shoot open, I see a black sky. Stars? And a moon? I’m as confused as you are. Thinking I just couldn’t sleep, I get up to start walking. I remember walking and trying my best to ignore all those little noises. The breathing of people in their homes sound asleep. The bugs in the grass. I remember trying to ignore the horrible pain in my mouth. And the hunger that was beyond this world. I had passed the local bank, and noticed the digital clock: Saturday, September 17th 11:36PM , Saturday? I was almost sure I fell asleep on Thursday.
I couldn’t take it. I began to run as fast as a lightning bolt in the sky. Slowly I had ended up on my all fours. I felt like a beast, an animal that could take over the world. Right before myself, I had fur all over. Am I werewolf?
Right then and there, I know my life had changed. Just thinking about leaving my family, my friends, my crush in 4th period math killed me. What was I suppose to do? Adapt in the environmental being of a wolf? As the sun slowly rose, I curled up in a ball and fell asleep. I knew when I woke up it was a new life beginning.

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