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October 4, 2012
By jmac1433 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
jmac1433 BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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Kodi was proudly trotting around the house after a great night’s sleep. Whether he was trying to find something to sniff, something to eat or something to play with, he was awake and ready to start his day. Kodi is a Bichon frise. He had curly fur as white as snow, a nose as black as night, and eyes as brown as chocolate. Every morning he would excitingly wake up, hop downstairs and trot around the house. Today, while he was doing his daily walk, he looked out of the corner of his eye to see his new roommate Sonny but didn’t. He circled around and circled around again. To his surprise, Sonny was still not there. He barked in fright, like Scooby Doo after he saw a ghost; he just lost his tail. How could that be?
Kodi’s friend Sammy came out from his bedroom to see what the barking was all about. Sammy, who is also a Bichon, listened to Kodi’s plea for help.
“Sammy, please help me,” Kodi said.
“Why,” Sammy barked, “did you get hurt?” Sammy circles around Kodi with his paws covering his eyes.
Kodi finally pours out a howl. Sammy stops, knowing that Kodi gave Sammy a warning.
“Nooo,” Kodi says, “I can’t find Sonny!”
Sammy then looks at Kodi and says, “You were very mean to him.”
“Okay but…”
“I’m not going to tell you where he is because you won’t tell him sorry.” Sammy pours out. Sammy then walks back to his house

Sadly sighing, Kodi left his house to visit another friend for help. Kodi approached Boone’s dog house and barks. Boone (a Hound dog) comes slowly out of his house. His paws drag on the floor, with every steep his eyelids close. Boone, Kodi says, “Can you help me find Sonny?” Boone looks at him, ready to speak, but then swallows his words and goes back in his cage. Kodi confused, like a student at a new school, decides to go to Butch’s dog house.
Butch (a Black Lab) is on his way outside to eat breakfast. His shaggy fur was sparkling in the sun as his eyes stared down his opponent, which was his delicious sausage. Butch smiles at Kodi but see’s the concerned look on his face. Kodi is desperate for help now. He begs for Butch to help him find Sonny. Butch tilts his head and barks. The bark told Kodi to follow him upstairs so Kodi followed.
As they are walking up the stairs, all Kodi can think about is if Sonny ran away and is lonely and scared all because of what he said. Butch walks to the door and doesn’t nudge it open but stands there. Kodi looked at Butch and at that time he knew what to do, so he slowly grazed the door open with is nose. Kodi sees Sonny looking out the window. His ears were faced down along with his happiness. Kodi then finally realizes that Sonny is a good friend and that he was very mean to him. So Kodi slowly walks over to Sonny. Kodi sits and says what he thought he would never say to Sonny “I’m sorry.” Sonny jerks around and his eyes go big and full with love. Sonny jumps from window ledge and says “do you really mean that?”
“Yes buddy, I really do.”
Sonny races to Kodi and gives him a big huge. At that moment Kodi knew he did the right thing.
The next morning, Kodi hopped downstairs and did his proud trot around the house again. He stopped, looked out of the corner of his eye and there Sonny was smiling his big mourning smiles. So Kodi kept on walking around the house and today he had nothing to sniff he just wanted to walk around with his friend-again Sonny.

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this is a touch story that will warm your heart while tickling you bones

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