Emu Chronicles I: Emu Man Rises

October 2, 2012
By PolarBear124 BRONZE, Franklin, WI, Wisconsin
PolarBear124 BRONZE, Franklin, WI, Wisconsin
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One very regular day in Ethan Frozenbuns’ very regular life, his mom guilted him into going to the petting zoo with his little sister.
“LET’S GO SEE THE OSTRICH’S!” his little sister shrieked with delight

“Alright, fine,” Ethan said. “Let’s just make sure we don’t go by the emu’s by mistake. I heard that they’ve been giving people a disease that kills people instantly.”

They made their way toward the ostrich’s, when suddenly they heard a woman scream bloody murder, followed by a man yelling “Get out if that things way!”
Ethan turned his head and saw exactly what he had feared. An emu was charging at him as fast as it could. The emu bit Ethan’s left ear off which would undoubtedly give him that terrible disease, grappled his shirt collar with its razor sharp teeth, and began to fly with its giant demon-like wings. The emu flew off into the distance, carrying the newly infected Ethan with, and there was nothing that anybody could do to save him.
After they had been flying for a couple hours, Ethan was surprisingly still alive. They landed at the emu’s nest, on the brim of a boiling volcano. The emu rested Ethan’s head on a soft pillow, and laid a blanket over him. Ethan felt strange… somewhat comfortable. As if he had belonged here. He didn’t think about it too much, because he had drifted to sleep.
“Oi! Wake up Frozenbuns!”
Ethan jumped up. Had it all been a dream? He turned his head and confirmed it was reality. The emu stood tall, towering over him. Ethan laid there in shock.
“Oi! Get up!” the emu said in a Boston accent.
“Are you… talking? Ta… To me?!” Ethan said in disbelief.
“You are the chosen one, Frozenbuns. It was stated in the emu prophecy many centuries ago, that he who intakes the venom of the Emu and survives will be made into a super human. You have been chosen by the emu gods, to rid the world of the devious ostriches.” Said the emu
“… What? Wha… Wh… WHAT?!” Ethan replied feeling only confusion
“You are the chosen one! You are a human with super emu abilities! Like flying!” stated the emu
“but…. Emus can’t fly.”
“Not regular emus… but special ones. Like you and I.”
“But… I’m not an emu.” Ethan said in frustration.
“You are now. You are a human on the outside, but on the inside, you have emu blood.” Said the emu while getting up in Ethan’s grill
“HAAUUUH!” Ethan shouted in fear.
“We need you to help us get rid of those damned ostriches! They are plotting to enslave the humans and take over the world, and only us emu’s can stop them!”
“… Eh… What. How? Why?” Ethan inquired.
“Since the dawn of time, the ostriches were jealous of the humans. They though they deserved to be the dominant species. But they’re wrong. And we have to stop them!” the emu squawked
“This is… “
“You can ask more questions later. Rest now. We shall begin training tomorrow morning” said the emu.
Ethan couldn’t fall back asleep. Thoughts of the last couple hours whirled in his head. What had happened to him? Why was an emu talking to him? How were the ostriches going to enslave the humans? How much time was left? Was he ever going to see his friends and family again?
These thoughts went on for what felt like hours until Ethan finally fell asleep.
The morning came. Ethan opened his eyes to see the emu staring into his soul, where it then proceeded to spit in his eyes.
“UWHA-GUGH, WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!” Ethan yelled angrily as the soupy mess dripped down his face.
“I brought you lunch. “ The emu said as it laid down the biggest fish Ethan had ever seen with his left foot. “Eat”
“But it’s raw…”
“Fine, jeez!” Ethan yelled. He had been quite hungry, and was willing to eat nearly anything. This fish, despite being raw, just hit the spot. “… Is there anything to drink?” Ethan inquired.
“Grab my neck. I’ll take you to a river.”
Ethan did what he asked without questioning. He had finally come to accept this fate, and was just going to go with the flow.
They had been flying for 20 minutes or so, when the emu said “It’s time for you to learn to fly”
“……. Uhh… I don’t have wings.” Said Ethan
“You will learn to fly, or you will fall to your death” The emu said as he violently whipped his neck forwards then back.
Ethan fell of, and he was most certainly falling to his death. Tears filled his eyes, as he saw how fast he was coming to the ground. He tried flapping his arms, hoping that maybe those could be used as wings. Nothing happened. As he was only a couple hundred feet from the ground, his life was flashing before him. Suddenly, his shirt ripped apart, and formed together to make wings on his back. Ethan now felt that he was in control of these wings. He had understood what the emu was trying to do.
Ethan flapped his newly formed wings ferociously, feeling the wind beneath them. He felt it, he was really doing it. Ethan opened his eyes to see he was gliding above the sea. The emu flew up next to him.
“Follow me, and we can get water” it said
Ethan obeyed. He and the emu flew for about ten minutes, when they came up on a small island.
“There’s a small waterfall on that island, where the water is nice and clean.” Said the emu
Ethan was excited. He had never been more thirsty in his life and was now ready to get a nice cold, clean drink. He arrived on the island and ran frantically through the small jungle. He ran and ran through all the trees, until he finally came up on the waterfall the emu told him of. He took a drink, and it was glorious. Never before had he enjoyed drinking water this much. He drank and drank until he felt his bladder was going to explode.
“You done?” The emu asked.
“Yeah… I… I guess so.” Ethan said feeling unsure. He didn’t want to leave this waterfalls side, but he knew that the emu wouldn’t let him stay long.
“Are you ready to begin your training?” it asks.
“Uh… training?”
“Training. Getting stronger. Getting Faster. Being ready to fight the ostriches, this stuff takes preparation, Frozenbuns! You don’t just inherit the emu’s powers and then be ready to take on the entire world next!”
“Tha- That- That’s not what I was s-saying! I-I just wasn’t sure what you meant…” Ethan could barely speak. He was still a bit nervous about everything that had been going on.
“So are you ready?”
“Yeah… I guess I’m as ready as I’ll ever be.”
They flew back to the volcano, where he was greeted by a bakers dozen of emus standing in a circle. He Wasn’t sure what was going on, or what they were going to do. But he was prepared for anything if it meant saving his planet, his home. He is Emu Man.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by purely my imagination.

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