Life Beyond Normal

September 21, 2012
By Fantasy100 BRONZE, Bronx, New York
Fantasy100 BRONZE, Bronx, New York
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BAM! The doors to a room were blasted open, left melted to the point where it looked unrecognizable. A man, flawless in appearance, a perfection that stunned yet displayed fear. He walked pass the door as if nothing had happened. He looked through the room for someone or something but his angry expression showed that he does not find what he wants. Behind him a distant scream of a woman in deep pain, grief, and angered was heard. In fury he screamed out, “Bring her to me”. Immediately a couple of black covered soldiers came with a woman chained. She appeared to be not a year older than twenty. The woman’s beauty was exactly like the man, perfect.

“Tell me where she is;” the man said with a command tone. “Or what you are going to kill me like you did to my husband, your brother, your king. You cannot hurt me. Zenith has done more than what you think,” the woman said with assurance, which made the man laugh. The man took the ladies face and forced her to look at him. “You fool; Zenith did not even fight to keep Rexton. He gave himself up, giving Rexton to me easily. In exchange that I wouldn’t do anything to his precious queen and child,” the man let go of the woman and spit next to her in disgust. “But sadly I am not him. I do not keep my promises. You should have seen him begging me to meet his last wish , all vulnerable for love,” he takes an instant to look back at the woman, “ Repulsive act, giving his life up for his family; he was always the weak one. Now tell me where the child is for the last time,” the man glared at the woman waiting for a response. “I will not say,” the woman answered.

“So now face the consequences,” the man replied. He place his palm inches away from the woman’s face. His palm ignited, holding a blue flame that did not disappear. Then you hear scream of pain, and that is when I wake up.

I woke up with sweat dripping down my face. I tried to wipe it away with my sleeve and that is when I noticed I was trembling. Lately, I have been having weird dreams of people I have never seen. Not only do I dream of them but I have a feeling that in a way they are connected to me. I get up on my bed so I can have a clearer picture of the calendar in front of me, today is my birthday. I give a sigh, knowing that my mother will come in my room any second now and wake me up. I look around my room, my desk was a disaster, I look out the window, and the leaves on the trees were changing color. *Knock. Knock*. My mother pokes her head through the door.

“Happy Birthday sweetie, hurry down I can give you your present”. I say okay and she leaves. I get up from my bed go to the bathroom and take a shower. I dress up and go down to the kitchen. The kitchen was filled with aromas that made my mouth water; I sat down and eat my breakfast.

“I hope you like it, the man at the store said that this was what teenagers these days wear,” my mom said while handing me a box wrapped neatly in a green paper. I open it and I find a bracelet, made of silver. It was shaped into a crescent moon, with a star to accompany it. The way it looked made me think my mom spend a lot of money on it. I look at my mom and she seems to have read my mind.

“It does not matter how much it cause sweetie, when I looked at it, it reminded me of you,” my mom said in the sweetest and assuring voice. I hugged my mom and put my bracelet on. Then I heard the honk of a car. Kregg. My mom lets go of me and tells me, “Be careful, and watch it with the boys.” I grinned at her, took my bag and walked out the door.

I walked outside and in the park way was a red 1965 convertible, a mustang. Two guys were in the car, one had pale skin, tall, skinny, dark black hair and brown eyes. Kregg. The other one had tanned skin, tall, muscular, light brown hair and hazel eyes. Stark. They were total opposites while, Kregg was more of the daring guy, the troublesome, and outgoing. While Stark was the quieter one, he was not shy but he would not do stuff to get attention. It was unbelievable how complete opposites were friends, my friends.

“Hey Allie,” Kregg came out the car, “Happy Birthday, here I got this for you.” He took something out his back pocket. It was a small gold box. He opened it and out came out a necklace. It was a gold necklace that held a heart shape locket. It the locket was his name engraved on it. I looked at him. I was speechless, Kregg and I have only been going out for a couple of days and here he was spending his money on me. “I…I love it, but you should not have,” I walked up to him and hugged him. He smiled, “Hey, you are my girl and it is your birthday. You deserve this.” “Well if you love birds going to make out now we’ll be late to school,” Stark said. I let go of Kregg and I get inside the car. Kregg gets to his seat and we drive to school.

It was not a very long ride to school. We were late but what did it matter to me, I was not obsessed in going to my first period class, US Government. Luckily, Kregg and Stark were in the same class as I. for if it were not for them I would have died of boredom. Mr. Fisher could go days and days of endless talking of how US Government was being run or how it was built on proper foundation. However, when we got to our classroom, Mr. Fisher was Turning the lights off and turning on the projector. We sat at the back of the class. I sat on a chair next to the door and stared right into the screen. As I looked into the screen the room was getting hot. I took my jacket off, but I was still hot. I took my sweater of and it was still scorching hot. I looked at Stark who was sitting next to me. He looks back at me with a worried face. “Hey don’t you feel hot,” I whispered. “It’s not hot at all. Are you okay? You should go get some water,” Stark said to me. I get up leaving my stuff and walk out the classroom.

I walk towards the water fountain, I drink water but the water feels as if it were boiling. What is wrong with me? Why do I feel so hot? I feel for my forehead to check if I was burning up but all I feel is sweat. When I look back at my hand my hand is scarred. The scar was the shape of a moon with a star. I took my other hand to touch my scar, but my eyes begin to burn. It feels as if I had burn coal on my eyes. My vision blurs and then all I see is blackness. My head starts hurting and I don’t even know where I am at. If I am still at school or still next to the fountain? I hear a voice. I look around to see who it is but no one is around squint my eyes, someone or something is coming towards me. Don’t be scared child. I am Meadow. Your are now of age to know that have been allowed to get what is rightfully yours. I cannot say what it is it you will get. I have people ready to take care of you as you change. Don’t be afraid child. Whatever that was it disappeared. My headache went away, my eyes didn’t burn, I tried and open them, and I couldn’t.

Someone touched my shoulder and that when my eyes opened. I looked behind to see who it was, it was Stark. I hugged him. I was so happy that I did I could see. Stark seem so startled at first that he just let me hug him. Then he placed his arms around me and hugged me back. As I hugged him I tried to look at my hand again and there still stood the scar. It was glowing. I place my hand on Stark’s back and suddenly I was inside him. I look at my body hugging him. I was shocked I was inside Stark. Then the voice came back to me, Child you are connected to him in more ways that you think. All at once I came back into myself. I felt different I felt something missing and at the same time I felt as if I had more. I looked up at Stark and that’s when I knew he felt what I felt, confused, worried, scared, and still astonished.

“What happened? I saw you by the fountain and you were crying. I asked you what was wrong and you said nothing. I didn’t go next to you because I had a feeling you wouldn’t want know one to bother you,” Stark said. He let go of me. “I don’t know I just felt sad and I started to cry. I guess it’s the emotional stuff that happens when it’s your birthday,” I lied. He knew I was lying but he didn’t ask anything else. We went back to class and I looked at Kregg, his expression asked what was wrong. I nodded my head no.

The bell rung signaling that school was over for the day. I took my stuff and ran out the door. I needed fresh air because if I continued being in the school I would suffocate. When I was out in the parking lot, I waited. Kregg finally came out the school with Stark. Stark looked at me and I looked at him making sure he has not said anything. He nods giving me a sign of relief. “Al, you want to go to the movies? But first we have to leave Stark at his place he has stuff to do,” Kregg said. “Yeah,” I said making an excuse from making myself think what happened in school. We get in the car and drive. We drop Stark at his house but before he leaves he looks at me and says, “I’m here anytime.” He walks away, I look at Kregg to see if he heard Stark but he didn’t.

We drive to the movie theater, when he final parks, I get out the car. I don’t wait for Kregg and walk inside the movie theater. I don’t know what is going but I feel that I cannot stay in one place for a long time, agitated. I walk in and sit down; I really need to calm down. Kregg come in and he walks towards me. “Allie, what’s going on? You have been acting weird lately. You can trust me,” he said worriedly. “I think I getting sick, but don’t worry. I’m not going to let it ruin watching a movie with you,” I lied. We walk up to the ticket box and buy two tickets to I am Number Four. When we enter the theater the movie was starting. Watching the movie disturbed me, I was able to connect with the main character but for one thing I didn’t have a guide like him. It also made me feel guilty because here I was lying to my own boyfriend while watching a movie that was almost about me, it made feel like a hypocrite.

The movie finished and we walked back to the car. When we walked to the car a stranger was there. He looks like those cops that were used in movie to intimidate people. Kregg walked toward the driver seat, when the stranger took out a gun. He pointed the gun at my head, “Give me the car and I’ll let your girlfriend go.” Kregg looked at me and then at him, he was enraged. “Better why don’t you forget this all happen and put the gun away,” I looked the stranger in the eye. He looked at me and he did what I said. He let me go and he left. Kregg rushed towards me, “How did you do that? What did you do?” I respond still amazed that I was able to do, “I don’t know…ii just looked at him and he did what I asked.” “Well whatever you did it was awesome,” he leaned in and kissed me. I kissed him back but for once I didn’t feel anything, something was going on and I wanted to know what.

Kregg dropped me off and I went home. My head was hurting so I went to my room and lay down. My mom came in, “Sweetie, are you hungry? Do you feel okay?” “Yeah mom I’m okay, my head just hurts a little. I’ll just go to sleep,” I said. My mom left my room and I drift to sleep.

Child you have to listen to me. Your heart calls him. You must listen. You cannot continue on thinking with your mind you must think with your heart and soul, for if you don’t it will hurt you more than it already does. He is not for you. You have a lot of questions but I will answer them when time comes. “Kregg is nice to me. I can’t just brake up with him. Wait, no, why?” I said pleadingly.

I woke up. Who is she? The voice, who is she? I look at my clock 6:45 am. I woke up early. I look at my right hand I still have the scar. I need to cover it. I look around my room for gloves and find a black leather one. I cut the finger tips. When I finish I leave it on my bed. I look again at my scar, I have seen that crest before and then I look at my bracelet. They have the same crest; it had to be a coincidence. However, just to make sure I’ll ask my mother later where she bought it. I go take a shower and dress up. I look at myself in the mirror; I’m wearing a grey polo shirt, black slack and black converse. I wear a gray sure knowing that my gray blue eyes will stand out. I put my hair in a ponytail and go down to make breakfast. When I go down my mom has my breakfast ready, she must have woken up early too. While I was eating I ask my mother, “Mom where did you buy the bracelet? I just want to buy a matching bracelet.” My mom looks at me, “Oh. I bought at Shacks Pawn Shop. Near the movie theater,” my mom said. I hear a car honk and I leave my house.

“Al, hey before we go to school, I want to make a quick stop,” Kregg half asks me. “Um, okay as long as I miss government,” I say and he takes me into his arms. “Stark, told you she would say yeah,” Kregg said. That’s when I notice Stark was there, he was wear the same outfit. He wore a gray polo shirt, black slack and black high top converse. He looked beautiful. What am I saying? I already have a boyfriend. Then the voice says but he is not meant for you. He is. There is no such thing a coincidence Allyson. I get in the car and I cannot stop myself from looking at Stark. He sits in front of me, he looks through side mirrors of the car and we stare at each other. I want to go and hold him between my arms and that’s when I go back to reality. I stare away from him.

We get to an alley that I have never seen before. Kregg comes out the car and tells me to go with him. Stark stays behind to take care of the car. It was better that I wouldn’t be able to stand being with him and Kregg at the same time where ever I was heading to. We keep walking and then we see some dirty looking guy. Kregg whispers to me, “Allie, I don’t know what you did last night but I want you to do it again. Please. Just this once.” “Okay, Sure but I don’t know how I did it,” I said wishing his plan will work out. “So you here to pay me,” the guy muttered. “Yeah,” Kregg hands him an envelope. That’s when I know it’s my cue to do something. I look straight into the guy’s eyes and said, “Give him back his money, you will leave and forget any of these happened. You wont bother him ever again.” The guy gives Kregg back his money and he leaves. Kregg looks at me and embraces me. “You are the best girl I had ever had. I love you so much,” he tells me in my ear. I look at him and he bends down and kisses me. I stay frail, I try to kiss him back the same way but I don’t feel the same way he is feeling. We go back to the car and Stark just stares at me. I get in the car without saying anything else.

Days pass and Kregg and I have been spending a lot of time lately. I guessed if we spent more time together I would forget about Stark. I don’t even know why I feel guilty; I didn’t do anything that can be called cheating. Most of the time I spend with Kregg my mind control has been useful. The time Kregg forgot his wallet I had to make the waiter pay the bill. It didn’t feel right but it was better than staying to work there till we would pay of our bill. The time we went in the movies for free. Yeah I was using my powers to get things for free but that was the price I needed to pay so I could spend time with Kregg. Kregg wasn’t doing any thing bad, yes he is a bad boy. But I could choose not to do it. I guess doing all this stuff can be blamed on me.

One day Kregg and I decided to go to the mall. We went to a store and Kregg liked a pair of sneakers, he didn’t have the money on him to buy it and it was the last pair. So I decided to do some my controlling and get him what he wanted. I felt a little guilty but I didn’t like seeing Kregg sad. We get out the store when some middle age man comes up to me. He had gray short curly hair, he had gray blue eyes, he looked well built and his aura made me feel like if I knew him. “I saw what you did in their young lady. You think is fair for you to use your powers to do that,” he scolded me. “She only wanted to give me a present you have no right to chastise her, your just a plain stranger,” Kregg defended me. “Was I speaking to you human, no I was not so do not speak,” the middle age man told Kregg, and in a blink Kregg was thrown to the floor, left unconscious.

I speak up, “How dare you slam my boyfriend, he did not force me to get the sneakers, I did it on my will. Who are you any ways? What authority you have over me?” “Your boyfriend here was psychologically threatening you, I would know. I am like you. I have my powers. However, it seems you do not remember who I am. It seems you need to refresh your mind,” he says and while moves his arm out. Then I notice that he has the same scar like I do. I don’t know why my reflexes act like this or how, but when I extend my arm, a glow comes to my hand and the guy is lifted and thrown. “So you do have more powers, you just don’t know what they are,” he gets up and he brushes dust of his shoulder. He stays put takes one look at me, his hand glows and all I know I was down on my knees. Everything around me was spinning, turns pitch black and then all I hear is the guy's voice. “You have to listen to the voice in you. Why are you being stubborn? You can’t do things on your own. I’m your only family here. You must trust me. Your family back at home needs your help.” When he finishes talking I look up and he was gone. I got up and went to Kregg, he was opening his eyes. He looked at me; all I knew is that I couldn’t tell him more. I had to make him forget what he had seen, and make him forget we ever went out.

I took Kregg to his house since his body was hurting. I dropped him off at his house and parked his car for him. I walked home; I didn’t care that it would take long because I had a lot of thinking to do. Why did the guy say he was my only family? He can’t be because I have my mom. He was like me, he was my family, but where was he all this time? I kept thinking when I heard someone say, “Yes, who is this…Allie. Umm hey, come in.” It was Stark. I was completely distracted that I had no clue I was walking towards Starks house. Still how could I possibly have done that, if I didn’t even know where he lived. When will you listen? I have told you child, your souls intertwined. Your heart knows where he is. As well as he knows yours. The voice always knew what to say, but can I actually trust it.

“No that’s okay, could we talk outside?” I asked. Stark grabbed a sweater and we walked. “So yeah, umm…what’s wrong?” he asked. “Kregg and I broke up and I just wanted to tell you that he doesn’t want to talk about. So I just wanted to tell you to act as if nothing happened,” I said. “Yeah sure, I guess. So …” Stark said unfinished. “So you finally, listen to your voice. See how things are different you are not manipulated to do things that are not right,” a familiar voice said behind me. Both Stark and I turned around, “You again, what do you want?” “I told you I’m your family and he,” he pointed at Stark, “was meant to be with you. Ask him to show you his right hand.” Stark did what the man said, and what I see surprises me. He has the same scar I have on my hand on his. We both look at each other and then at the man.

“You see I am not lying, I am your godfather. I’m telling you the voice you hear is your mom. She has been captured by your uncle Uran. She needs your help,” he retorted. “No it is not true, my mother is at home. You are lying…” I croaked. What did this guy want? My mom is at home. “He isn’t lying Allie, I would know,” Stark said reassuring me. “No he is lying…” I ran all the way home crying.

When I got home I yelled for my mother, “Mom. Mom where are you?” “I’m here sweetie. Why, what happened?” My mom said worriedly. “Mom are you my real mom?” I said unsure if I should have asked. “Who told you I wasn’t your mother?” my mom said flustered. “It doesn’t matter who mom. Wait you aren’t my mother. What should I call you, Tracy? Why didn’t you ever mention that I wasn’t your daughter? You have any idea how I feel right now. I feel like I was lied to for years,” I yelled. “I thought it wouldn’t make a difference. Someone had left you at the door. No one knew where you came from. So I took you under my care,” my mom said reaching out for me. “No don’t touch me, you’re not my mother. I’m leaving I will not stand another minute living with someone who isn’t my mother,” I said. I have to leave, I thought. This is the only way I can look for my real family. I go to my room take some stuff and I leave. I leave Tracy behind. It hurts but it was the best for both of us. She won’t have to worry about whatever happens to me because of who I am.

I start walking, I don’t know where I’m going but I need to find answers. I start walking towards Stark house. He probably knows more about this. I try to find my way back to his house and I do. I knock on his door.*Knock. Knock*. “Oh. Hey Allie, come in,” Stark says. I go in and I see the man is there. “Can I talk with you for a second?” I asked. “Sure, um what do you want to talk about?” he says. “Can I stay over your house? I kind of left my house and I need somewhere to stay with. Turns out my mother is not my mother,” I said. “I guess you can but I have to ask Sirius because I don’t know if he is going to like this,” he says. I am about to asks who is Sirius when the man says, “If you are going to stay here, you are going to have to respect me and what I say?” I roll my eyes, “Why are you here? I don’t disrespect anyone. I just want to know what’s happening. What am I?” “Allyson, I live with him. He is my father. Your godfather,” Stark responds. “Son, let me explain it to her. Indeed I am Starks father, as well as your godfather. Your mother, queen Meadow was captured by your uncle Uran. From what I heard your father was killed by Uran. Your mother in choice of saving your life made me flee Rexton with you and my son,” he looks at Stark and then at me, “When I came here I couldn’t stay with you because Uran had sent his minions to search for you. So if you had stay with me they would have found you. So I gave you to Tracy. She decided to stay with you for she had recently lost her own child. I told her that when you turned seventeen you would leave her. I didn’t tell her how exactly.”

“Wait so you are saying that my real parents are not in this planet?” I asked. “Yes, they are captured with the rest of kingdom. Like you, everyone in Rexton has powers,” he claimed. “If they all have powers why don’t they do something about my uncle?” I said confused. “Many have tried but they all fail, when your father was assassinated leaving him the only one to claim the throne. His became more powerful. The only one able to get rid of him is you. The only one to be able to is …” he say before I interrupt him. “Me, but I can’t do this I barely know the powers I have…I can’t, I don’t know how?” I said flustered. “I can teach you what I know, and I guess since my dad swore to protect you I guess he will to,” Stark assuring me. “Princess Allyson, I have swore to both your mother and father that I would do all I could to protect you, so I will teach you all I know,” Sirius cited.

Listen to him daughter. Do all you can to learn the ways of the Warrior. We know you hold unknown powers. But Sirius will help you unleash your true potential. If all goes well you will be able to stop your uncle. You know who you are, my daughter, Princess Allyson, heir to the throne of Rexton, the flame of Stark. When you are ready we will finally meet each other. Do not worry about me, Uran can’t hurt me. Know one thing, I love you and so does your father. My mother was the voice, tear rolled down my cheeks.

“What did Meadow say,” my godfather asked. “She said that she is fine and that you would help me learn what I am, that I should trust you and that other things,” I flushed. Stark hugged me, “Don’t worry, neither my father nor I will leave you alone. I never did,” he flushed, “I wanted to tell you but my father told me I shouldn’t. Now that you know who you are, what are you going to do?” “I guess I need to start training, for I know one thing I have powers no one has ever seen and I need to know what,” I answered. Stark lets go of me and his father is smiling. “Godfather,” I go down on my knees, knowing that for what I was going to say needed me to do this, “I ask of you to train me to be a Warrior, to train me to be who I was meant to be.” “Get up Allyson, you don’t have to do this, you are a princess…” I interrupt him. “No, right now I am a warrior. Godfather I need you to take my oath; I swear upon my kingdom that I will bring the peace it had. That I will learn, fight and therefore rule Rexton when all is back in balance.” “I hereby take your oath, and for now on you will be called Allyson Warrior of the Rex,” he proclaimed. I get up look at Sirius and then at Stark. That’s when I felt that something inside of me had changed that now I was not only Allyson Park. I was Allyson Warrior of the Rex.

To Be Continued…..

The author's comments:
Well my teacher read to us about heroes. Hereos always seem to find that happily ever after so easily. I thought id create some form of super hero thats life was more complicated then the simple identity crisis. This story is just the beginning and i just dont know where to go from here

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