Angel's Daughter

September 19, 2012
By Adrianna Heffner BRONZE, Coplay, Pennsylvania
Adrianna Heffner BRONZE, Coplay, Pennsylvania
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Consciousness came swinging back to her like a speeding bullet, smacking her in the face with it’s intensity. Her eyelids felt taped together, sealing her in her blindness. Finally her silver eyes opened, forcing her to take in her dreadful and horrid surroundings. Mice were nibbling g at her bare feet, she quickly kicked them away.

Her white/silver hair was covered in grim and filth; it was beginning to mat on one side. If anyone would have seen her now they would have said that she looked like death itself. But nobody would see her after tomorrow. She was going to die, and there was nothing that could really save her from that fate. What her parents had always told her, it was her destiny to die. They wanted the devil’s child out of their house, but they didn’t understand, not at all. Everything she is a humorous contradiction.

She was born on July 11 the day of saints. Her parents welcome there new born daughter into the world. The Spanish world filled with color, smells and thrills. Until her eyes open , silver eyes looked up at her parents. Her mother screamed and dropped the baby. She hitting the floor with a thud. She called her husband into the room.

“Diablo, Diablo, there is a devil in our baby.”
She fell to her knees clutching her chest. She had never been a healthy woman, but this pushed her over the edge. She died on the rug that day.

The babies father, a well respected minister in their small country town. Tried to do an exorcism on the baby. It hadn’t worked. For there was no devil within the small crying child. Her father not knowing what to do handed the baby over to the catholic church. Even they couldn’t find a devil or any fault in her what so ever really. And that truly scared the church. So in turn they gave her to the nuns to raise.

Throughout her child hood the young girl now named Hadar, could perform excellent feats of healing and power. People had come from all over the world to have Hadar heal them. She was the next great healer, she would be the one to cure sickness throughout all of Spain. Until that fateful day, when she was sixteen.

An old man came to the church. He was tall, snow white hair hanging down into his face. He said to the bishop that he would like to see Hadar. That he was terribly sick. Even though the bishop was skeptical he let the man in.

Soon the air was split with a cold scream and a thud. The slightly annoyed bishop rushed into the room, Hadar was standing over the old man a whip of fire in her hand.

“Devil demon trying to claim what is already mine, be gone to hell for where you claim. You cannot have my soul you stupid thing”
The whip struck again, the old man shattered like a mirror. His fragments disappearing one by one. Till there was nothing left, but Hadar, her flaming whip and the very frightened bishop. She had no clue what she had just done.

She has been in jail ever since, they are afraid of her. She could care less, the church once again branded her as a devil. As the devil’s daughter. And she would die tomorrow, ironic really. Tomorrow is, the 6th, in the month June, in the year 1666. She smiled; she would die, on the very date that had meaning to everyone else but no meaning to her.

Sleep over took her for a moment, she wondered what people dreamed about be for they died. There happy memories when they were children. Well she really didn’t have any of them. Past lovers? Humf, yeah she had had none in that category either.

She opened her eyes. There was a shiver of light at the other end of her cell. She stood suddenly raising her arm, trying to keep it from her eyes. Suddenly it grew to a flash, a smell of sulfur and a blinding pulse of heat.

“Aw hell.”
A cool hand yanked her to her feet. Her silver eyes opened. A man stood before her. A white pants suit with a slightly lopsided top hat that glittered. His hair hung down shaggily to near his shoulders, bright white. His eyes, she backed up slightly. They were silver, like hers.

“Hello Hadar, I’ve come to fetch you.”

“Fetch me sir. I don’t understand.”
He sighed.

“Come and get you, free you from the horrid and poorly designed by the looks of it, prison.”

“What are you?”
He paused for a moment.

“You don’t know? You should know, you’re like me.”

“No I don’t know.”
He shook his head.

“ Damn humans making my job difficult. Alright.”
The man closed his eyes, his body shivered. A bright light seemed to glow behind him for a mount, and then it was gone. In its place was a pair of white wings. They weren’t made of feathers though, not like in paintings she thought. Nay these were made from what looked like mercury but was not it was pure untainted energy. A white silvery stream of energy formed the feathers.

“Hmm, I take it you’ve never seen an angel before eh little one.”
Hadar shook her head.

“Am I ……like you?”
HE smiled softly.

“You will be, when you are awakened with angelic energies.”

“But I …”

“You were an angel child, your mother had an affair with an angel in disuse. Your father was a powerful Angel back then. But I can’t tell you that right now. We must go. For the sun rises I can’t take you anywhere.”

“Because of the devil’s day?”
He nodded, and grasped her wrist, yanking her into his arms. She smiled; this was the closest thing to a hug she had ever received. He smiled slightly at the joy he felt raise in her.

“Hold onto me, so you don’t fall.”
On command, she wrapped her arms around his waist, burying her face into his chest. The angel heald out a pale hand, toward the wall. It shattered apart, as did her shackles, turning to dust on her arms and feet.

“How can you do that?”
He smiled.

“I can’t tell you all my secrets now can I.”
She looked away, as he jumped out the hole. Wings catching the wind and soaring upward. She smiled, she was free, death was not biting at her ankles any longer. She was finally free, but something was still wrong, she didn’t know the name, his name, the white angel’s name. She looked up at him, his face somewhat strained with trying to carry her.

“Can I ask you your name?”
He smiled; it was about time she asked.

“My name is Sebastian.”

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