September 14, 2012
By A.K._Dunkley BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
A.K._Dunkley BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Like the Raven drives one insane with the simple prase "Never More"
You make my heart skip a beat with the simple words "I love you"

A.K. Dunkley

I laid there in the damp grass. Not caring if my ass got wet. My back itched like hell from the grass. Didn’t bother me….I actually enjoyed the burning sensation I received from the grass. It reminded me of the burning fires of Hell that I once knew. I can still remember the fiery pits of Hell.

I stood there in the magma lake. My clothes were lying on the bank. The warm magma was up to my thighs. I could feel my skin replenished as I bathed in the nice refreshing river. I could feel her light touch on my chest. Her long black hair waving down her back as she stood in front of me. He deadly blue eyes that looked as cold as ice. I caress her soft cheek and hold her close to me. I feel her climb up my body to reach her goal. A compassionate kiss. I smile and fulfill her goal by pressing my lips against her’s. She lets out a slight giggle, and the memory ends.

I sit up quickly and look around. She’s nowhere to be seen…in fact, she’s back in Hell awaiting my mission to be complete.
I catch a scent in the air. My next meal. I smirk and hide. A young looking man is walking down the path in the park. I smirk and crawl up into the tree. I conceal myself like the Chameleon. A pesky human was nothing more than a meal. I lick my lips and quickly create an invisible web in front of the human. The human falls into the trap and I quickly snatch him up. I wrap up his screams in my web cocoon. I allow my fangs to slip out and sink them into the human.

I lay in the tree and take the man’s appearance. My hair is now blond with ice blue tips. My skin is a dark tan, and my eyes are emerald green. I didn’t mind the dark adolescent look. Black hair, blue eyes and pale skin. But I like the lighter hair color. And so does my mate. My beautiful arachnid demon. I smile and jump down at the scent of my enemy. The reason I’m here.

He smirks at me and tips his big black top hat towards me. I snarl at him and allow my true self to appear. My arms grow hairier as I grow bigger. Two more legs and arms come out of my body. I grow extra eyes on my face as they go beady black. My fangs come out as I finally turn into the Arachnid Demon.

He growls at me and flies at me. I growl and fling some of my hair at him. The hair pins him to the ground. I smirk and change back into my disguise. Is it over? I hope so. His eyes are closed. I smirk and turn away from him. As I begin to walk away I feel the sharp kiss of a blade slip through my abdomen.

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