September 13, 2012
By ImARobotMan BRONZE, Lewisville, Texas
ImARobotMan BRONZE, Lewisville, Texas
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The ice cold December wind carried a lone feather across the vast sky. It moved gracefully above the once lush land scape now covered in snow, making the earth just as bright as the white sky the feather traveled through. The feather changed between a deep royal purple and pitch black color with streaks of blue as it helplessly drifted through the heavens. Even through the cotton like clouds I stood out, as the last sign of the birds passing by Jenson.

This lone feather piloted through the small town. Over its red brick buildings, through its narrow alleys, and under the crumbling bridge that once connected this little town to the skeletons of a once profitable factory and lumber mill by the Jenson River. The factory’s once bright red letters, now barely legible sat over the gateless entrance to this distant memory.

The feather floated through the air effortlessly, as if searching, weaving around the shells of rusted machines long ago stripped for its valuable metals. Soon it found its way out of the factory, still searching. It headed to the cutting yard of the old mill where the floor left littered with trees, forgotten by the lumber jacks years before, now they just rotted in peace. A strong wind blew and guided the feather to the loading docks and up the weathered crane. As it reached the top the wind picked up again and pushed it away from the group of bodies blocking the stairs.

The cold wind hit James’ like a bucket of artic water. It washed over his light olive skin embracing him in a numbing cold. There he stood on the red-brown rusted floor of the crane his back to the stairs in nothing but his Spider-Man boxers, which offered no protection from the horrible weather. Taking a deep breath, which filled his lungs with the smooth cool air, he tried to clear his mind from the cold and the fear he felt. His body, shivering in vain to warm him, began to shut down as a last resort to save energy. His blood began to pump from his hands and feet towards his chest in order to keep his heart pumping. He slowly scanned the area around him; an half an old ship sticking diagonally out of the water, and the dockyard filled with crates spilling out machinery rusted and forgotten. He gazed towards the floor he stood on, the old wire floor letting him see the rivers hectic waves under him. Only two steps from edge of the platform, where the rusted metal left its sharp edges and a foot of railing hanging over the river. Again the wind blew, swaying the crane lightly. James grabbed hold of the metal railing next to him to keep his balance. His legs asleep from the loss of circulation and he stumbled but quickly regained his balance by holding the rail tighter.

“This is freaking insane! Isn’t there something else I can do?” he yelled over the wind blowing even harder against his body. Still hanging on to the railing for support, he began to back up.

“No!” a deep threatening voice said as two pairs of strong gloved hands grabbed him and stood him in front of the menacing form of Samuel Kennedy. Sam stood towering, at six-one, over James. His face the only part of him exposed to the freezing wind. “You’re gonna jump. If you wanna join us you have to pass the initiation.” Sam said in a calm voice yet his tone still hostile.

The man holding James’ left arm yelled over the wind, “He ain’t gonna do it Sam! He’s a coward!” He turned to the man on James’ right and said, “Come on Brian! Let’s go!” Then he walked towards the stairs.

“Ok Alex.” Brian responded as he let go of James who then absently backed away from them and towards his original spot.

“Where do ya think you’re going?” Sam yelled as he grabbed Alex by the shoulder and slammed him to the floor causing the platform to shake. “Last time I checked I’m tha boss and you listen to
me!” He then turned to James looking around franticly for an escape from these psychos. “If James won’t jump we’ll help him. Otherwise what are friends if they can’t help each other out?” Anger seemed to radiate from his body and it was all aimed at James. The trio slowly approached James.

“Ok guys, let’s talk this out.” James said as he slowly backed away.

“No more talking, you jump or we help you jump,” Sam said as he started towards James.

“Wait! You don’t have to do this!”

“You’re right we don’t, but we want to. Now stop stal….” The wind picked up again drowning out Sam’s voice. The crane shook violently. James lost his balance and fell backwards on the platform. His right arm jerked up as he instinctively gripped the razor sharp edge of the platform. Blood began to flow down in a bright crimson stream. He ignored the pain and reached for the lose piece of railing above him. He grabbed hold with his left hand and pulled himself over the edge, dragging his torso over the sharp metal. The crane’s metal body gave a loud screech as he lay on the cool metal. He stared up at the sky and his eyes began to close.

James felt his body move over the steal and then he suddenly felt a bang on the side of his head as he saw the sky moving away and the crane he laid on fall towards him, he then saw a lone feather cross his sight. His brain moved fast to process the fact that the broken crane followed his decent on to the roaring waters of the river, yet he raised his right hand and caught the feather in his bloody grip as he felt the ice cold water envelop his body. He finally gave in to the fact his death was imminent as his body began to be thrown about in the river until its dark depths completely enveloped him leaving nothing but his Spider-Man boxers on a pile of rocks off the river edge.

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