A Modern History of the Animalia Paradoxa

August 29, 2012
By acnoll BRONZE, La Grange, Kentucky
acnoll BRONZE, La Grange, Kentucky
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Document 1: A Recording of Logan
Brothers and Sisters. Look around you! See what is concealed in the cracks of the floor. Discover what is hidden in-between the walls. This World is not ours.
*The Crowd thunders in approval*
This World is not ours! We are but trespassers on this most sacred of Ground. This World belongs to the Animalia Paradoxa!
*The Crowd roars excitedly once again*
Sing with Me Brothers and Sisters! Sing with Me the hymns of our Sacred Ground.
*A pipe organ begins playing from no obvious source*
From the Hollows of the Earth
To the Void of the Sky
The Bearers of the World
Live in Concord
Through constant War
There will always be Peace
As the Drums rumble
And the Horns shriek
Life and Death are One
*The organs grows quieter, and the sound of the music deepens to a low growl*
Brothers and Sisters! We are the Called! We all hear the Call, and we all must Answer!
*The Crowd cheers once again*
As you sleep tonight, Brother and Sisters, listen for the Call. Listen to the Earth, and the Wind, and the Sky. Listen! And Answer!
End Recording
January 26, 2014
Reverend James Logan. Status: Presumed Dead

Document 2: A Confession from Tabitha
When I was a child, my mother used to take me down to the farmer’s market on Green Street, and she would point out all of the different fruits and vegetables, and explain to me how they were grown. She would explain to me what happened after the planters planted the seeds into Mother Earth. I learned later that the Earth was named Terra, but my mother always called her Mother Earth. That was before we joined the church. After the seeds were planted, nymphs would carry water from the rivers into the ground and give the water to the seeds, and then the sun, Logan called the sun Sol, the sun would thank the nymphs and then feed the seeds with the water that the nymphs brought.
It was the summer of 1996 that I first heard the Call. I didn’t want to answer the Call. Mother said that when I heard the Call, it would be time for me to leave the fake world behind, and enter the real one. I was afraid.
But you did answer it eventually didn’t you?
Yes, after a few days, the Call became too loud to ignore. It rang out every hour of every day. I was unable to sleep. It was incredibly painful. *Tabitha pauses * So I answered it. And you know what? It felt great. It felt so amazing that I decided then and there that I had found my Eidolon, and as the church instructed, I was going to do anything it asked.
Can you explain what an Eidolon is?
What isn’t it? It is our connection to the real world. It is how we know what is right. It is how we know what is wrong. It is what tells us what we must do to please the Animalia Paradoxa. It exists between worlds, and therefore it exists everywhere. It is darkness and light, living between life and death. It is freedom from the physical world, and entrance into the evanescent reality. It is a single wisp of truth in a sea of doubt.
End of Transcript
July 27, 2018
Tabitha Richards. Serving a life sentence in United States Penitentiary, Canaan, Pennsylvania for a series of murders
Document 3: An Excerpt from the Codex

Typically, once a Called has been contacted by their first Eidolon, they are given a mission of extreme importance. The goal of this task is to set the precedent for any future missions that one may have to face. For example, a particular girl in ninth century France was contacted by an Eidolon at the age of eleven. Her first goal was to castigate a local mill owner who was harboring a selkie. The selkie had broken several eternal codes, mainly the renouncing of the Animalia Paradoxa by shedding her seal body and taking on the body of a woman, and the marriage of a mortal, especially one who is not of the Called. To complete her first assignment, the young Called painted a black X over all the doors and windows of the man’s house, and then proceeded to summon an efreet (discussed in chapter forty two of this codex, Powerful Spirits and Destructive Phantasms) to the man’s house using the Ritual of the Fallen Star (discussed in chapter four hundred and twenty three). The efreet burnt down the house and killed the man by drowning him in tub of boiling oil. The selkie was forgiven in exchange for a millennium of imprisonment and admittance of her crimes. This sort of task however, is an anomaly among first missions. Typically, the prospect Called must complete his or her first mission without the assistance of spirits.
Excerpt from The Codex of the Animalia Paradoxa: Veracious Enigmas, published July 16, 2030, compiled by Jesse Mason Jr.
Document 4: Two Letters
Our Dearest Leader,

I believe the time has come to strike. My daughter, who as you know recently had her first visit from an Eidolon, received a packet of documents from two government officials that give us the locations and pass codes for two local National Guard Arms Depositories. Her knife-work is exceptional for a girl of such a young age, and the documents she provided will be invaluable. This information which she received from the guards, along with the four efreets who offered Tabitha assistance for her next mission, should allow us to plunge the manticora from Manhattan, along with any humans that appear to be harboring those flying man-lion disgraces. I have already contacted the congregation, and I can have a militia of two hundred available by the end of the month if you are ready to move on the city by then.
With undying devotion,
John Richards

Dear my humble Acolyte,
This is good. We strike the ninth of October.
Reverend James Logan

Confiscated from raid on cult complex, October eighth, 2016
Document 5: An Article
NEW YORK CITY, NY -- Yesterday, October Ninth, 2016, Manhattan was attacked, allegedly by a cult known as “Animalia Paradoxa Risen”. As of today, the total death count is unknown, however, it is estimated in the high four thousands. The cult appeared to have acquired arms from a local National Guard Armory. However, some sources say that they used powerful incendiary explosives. FBI director Garret Johnson, who refused to give a quote, hinted that there was a raid on the cult complex a day before the assault; however it appears that it did no good to prevent the conflict. A firefight erupted several minutes after the explosion, and an estimated two hundred combatants from the cult appeared to have died in the barrage of bulltets, with several more in initial and later explosions. The body of cult leader James Logan was not found, and the only living prisoner taken was cult member Tabitha Richards, who is in critical condition. Minutes before the attacks started, a 911 operator received a call from an eleven year old boy, who claimed to have been hearing voices warning him to leave the city because of impending danger. The boy’s father, Jesse Mason, refused to comment. Continue reading on page 2.
Taken from the New York Times, October 10th, 2016

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