i told you you were gonna die

August 22, 2012
By , tallahassee, FL
What do you do when your grounded for life, its sumer, and your scared your best friend and boyfriend are going to forget you...or maybe they already have. Nobody knows. Not even me, and being grounded is my specialty...well one of my specialties, my other specialty is lying. And now that I've told you that your not going to believe a word i say are you? Or maybe you wouldn't believe it was a true story anyways because it doesn't say so on the front cover of the boOK. Oh well, I'm used to people not believing me...you can read my story...or not. Its probably safer if you don't...so i understand if you walk away. Bye.
Those of you that DO believe me, or thise of you that are doing this for your own amusement, or, thise of you that just want to take the challenge, good luck and happy reading. But don't say i didn't warn you...your gonna die.
Do you believe in vampires? Don't lie, it only takes you one step closer to being an expert and that's...um...bad? Yeah, bad. You do believe in vampires, or at least some sort if super natural creature. I know you do...I'm psychic...OK, no, that one was a lie. I'm not psychic. I'm a vampire. My paren'ts? No, they aren't vampires, they don't even know IM one.If i hadn't grown so attached to...to...HUMANS! I

I would have killed them by now. That's why I'm grounded you know. No, you idiot! Not for killing my paren'ts, but for killing my neighbors. That's right, i killed the neighbors. My paren'ts think I'm on some sort of drug. I think that the werewolves, YES, werewolves, next door were out trying to kill ME. But i got to them first, yup! And they tasted alright for a couple of mutts. I couldn't drink all of them though. My paren'ts would think it odd if they walked in the room to find me doing that and the cops would think it unbelievable to find two dead bodies, or even one, drained dry instead of all the blood settling at the bottom of the veins like a normal dead person.

Do you still believe me? Are you still amused? Are you still glad you toOK the challenge? Yes? No? Its not like i really care. Its not like I'm gonna notice if you put the boOK down. So read it or don't, but if you don't mind, I'm going to finish my story.

I don't exactly know how i got here. I don't even know why I've stayed. I told you I'm grounded right...yes, i know i did, its for killing the neighbors. I don't know why I'm letting this happen. But i am. I let my "paren'ts" lock me in my room all sumer. I let them they have some sort if control over me. Ha! If only they knew. If only they knew that i leave the house for hours at a tI'me everyday...just to eat....

To be continued.....

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