Creation of the World

July 28, 2012
By leemarie BRONZE, Kalispell, Montana
leemarie BRONZE, Kalispell, Montana
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The first thing that came to be was the star; a star that bore all life within it. The second thing was Gaia, the earth. On this earth were far-reaching seas, which held a deep sadness and mystery; towering mountains, which held the harsh reality of mortality; scorching deserts with little respite from death; and fertile plains that held the hope of new life. Upon this earth, the gods chose to place creatures which would worship with fear and awe. These creatures were humans.
The gods then created the animals. From the star poured the life to support the humans. The seas were filled with glittering fish to eat and beautiful corals to decorate. The mountains were thick with the herds of elk and deer. Trees became home to the great eagles of the sky and the mice of the underground. The streams ran clear and fast, giving fresh life to the earth. The desert was filled with camels ready to patiently bear human masters to the furthest reaches of the world. Upon the plains the horse was born. With this animal, the humans would conquer vast distances, settle the known world, and travel to new expanses.
When the gods saw the good things they had created, they rejoiced. But one goddess was not happy. Selda, goddess of chaos, was not given a place of her own. She wished to see the gods suffer, and the humans bend to her will. In the oceans she created the great sea monsters that would plague the people of the sea. The mountains were filled with deathly cold and wild beasts that would rip man to pieces. The desert became the home of poisonous snakes and spiders. In the plains she created the floods. The floods would come each year to destroy the happiness that existed there. These things Selda created and more.
The Dark Elves of the Northern Reaches were given the burden of nightmares, to be bestowed upon the unsuspecting humans both in sleep and wake. The dark creatures spawned from the nightmares of the people laid waste to the earth. The evil dwarves dwelled deep in the mountains, forging terrible weapons for their mistress. Wars ravaged peaceful nations, famines destroyed fertile ones and sickness took the rest. Plagues swept through the land, killing all men, women and children in the path. Selda looked upon it all with rich contempt. She had destroyed the perfection created by the gods, now all she had to do was destroy the gods themselves.
She gathered her dark army of evil creatures, and marched upon her brothers and sisters. Along the way, the humans fought vainly to stop her. Nothing stood in her way. The gods mustered their army of the good creatures they created. The healing unicorns and shape-shifting deer and the swift gazelles were the fighting troops that were brought to the field. Faerie women followed the camp, blessing the soldiers and giving good luck to the wounded. The two armies met in the Field of Fionn, facing each other. They neither moved nor spoke. Selda grew worried and just as she was about to speak, Aron the great god moved forward. He was flanked on all sides by his brothers and sisters.
“Sister, we ask that you abandon this fruitless attempt at overthrowing us. We created this world to be good not evil,” the Great One said.
“You think I have forgotten that, dear brother? You created this world and gave me nothing, the plains held peace and life; the mountains held beauty and the seas held bountiful harvest. I was left with nothing. Now I am here to create a place for myself, a place fit for the Queen of Chaos,” she snarled to the other gods. Then she picked up her spear and turned back to her army.
Suddenly, from the sky there was a great light. All shielded their eyes and the mortal creatures knelt or fell prostrate on the ground. It was Mother Star, the creator of all that existed in her universe. She looked upon her children, all ready to kill each other.
“Selda, my daughter, why must you do this? This world was created as a place for peace. The humans are not the playthings of you and your siblings. They cannot understand what has happened to them. Come with me, my children.” She raised her arms above her head and the light flashed. The humans and the creatures upon the field knew not what to do. Then, time froze.
In the fiery hall of the Mother Star, the gods were assembled. Hanoha the Firstborn was the first to stand.
“Mother we ask that you right the wrongs of our sister. She has desecrated our world and turned it into a place for killing and destruction.”
“Selda, give us your response.”
“My Mother, my brothers and sisters did not take me into consideration when they created the earth, they gave me nothing,” she again snarled at her brothers and sisters, but was ignored by all. Ganjal, the god of Reason was the next to speak.
“Mother Star, we did not give our sister a realm for the reason that she would not only consume what was hers but then move on to what is ours. We believed that, by not giving her a realm we were protecting ourselves.”
“And did that work?” She inquired.
“It did not, Great Mother.”
“Very well, I have heard all that I will hear from you. My ruling is thus: the creatures that Selda has created will be contained within the Tigra’s Cave. All except the Dark Elves, who will remain to inspire the dreams of humans. However the Light Elves will be charged with creating the good dreams that people need to flourish. As for you Selda, you will remain with me in the Star Palace until the first Phoenix dies one thousand times. Now leave me, go to your world and disperse the war that has been created by your foolishness.”
The gods and goddesses left the hall. Selda remained, watching her mother. After the first phoenix, Saddara, died and was reborn one thousand times, she would have her revenge. Her creatures would be reborn. Terrible birds that feasted on the corpses of dead soldiers would rise from the depths of Mount Hanir to spread fear among the god’s forces. The Dark Elves would create nightmares so terrible, that creatures would be born from the terrors of humans. Then Selda would lead them to battle. Misery, famine and despair would follow her wherever she went. Then Earth would become the Realm of Chaos. She must only wait.

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