July 5, 2012
By BreannaMM PLATINUM, Dexter, Michigan
BreannaMM PLATINUM, Dexter, Michigan
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"I may be a slow walker but I never walk backwards" ~ Abraham Lincoln
"Why stop dreaming when you wake up?"

It was a sunny warm summer day in June and Mackenzie was wearing a dark purple dress with black lace and a corset. Mackenzie was a beautiful girl that had brown eyes with golden flacks and is a lovely brunet. She lived in a old Gothic castle in England. It was her sisters wedding and she was her made of honer. There was no bridesmaid or grooms men. The best man was Mackenzie’s x boy friend (no grooms men) who broke up with her the day before the wedding because Mackenzie had found out that he was cheating with her cousin who was the flower girl ( awkward...). Mackenzie's family is very rich and is related to the queen of England. Mackenzie's father left when Mackenzie was 7 years old for another woman. The famildespisees him for it to. Mackenzie's family is very stuck up and sassy and loves to show off there money and beautiful land there relistate is on. But Mackenzie is different from them shes quiet and to her self reserved nice and respectful of others and her surroundings. She is a out door person who loves animals. Mackenzie has two cats. One named Prinny who is 7 years old and is Mackenzie's favorite because she loved to cuddle and 2nd. Is Lilahball who is 1 ½ years old and is very sassy. Then she has a hedgehog named Lily and shes 4 years old and is very lazey. She loves them all tho and talks to them and they talk to her keeping each other company. You see Mackenzie is looked down apon by her family and doesn’t have any human friends because of how she doesn’t live up to her family’s standers or act liker family. So Mackenzie focuses all her attention on her animal friends in the forest that she lives by. She sings with the birds and runs with the deer dances with the lightning bugs and sits with the squeals all while talking to them and staying happy. Mackenzie also love to in her free time which is all the time because shes not allowed to leave her property line or go near the water because her family didn’t want her to be seen or be a discrace to the family. Mackenzie tappers in science in reading her books writing stories but mostly dreaming of traveling and feeling the ocean on her skin. Day after day having to look out her bedroom window seeing the ocean smelling the water and seeing the dauphins. She yearns to swim in the water with the dauphins and feel the cool salt water on her skin. She writes romance stories about lovers on beach sides. Mackenzie's mind was somewhere else while her spoiled sister was saying the I do's. She was bisey thinking about revenge on her x. so many sonorous went through her head. And then she went into deeper thought and started thinking about memories with him and how from the start when her mother chose him for Mackenzie to date and the hope was marriage. He Mackenzie's x was a very rich man named Michel and was also stuck up and hated the outdoors and animals. He was a hunter and dreaded the out side part of hunting. She hated him from the start. Suddenly it sprang to her mind the best revenge plan ever...... it was at the reception when it was time for the cake tasting when during the pitchers of the cake eating Mackenzie's x turns around and and suddenly a face full of cake and everyone starts laughing and it stains his white tux. Mackenzie sits back and laughs along with everyone else as her best revenge plan ever plays out.

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