A New, Unknown Home

June 21, 2012
By Emily_Cruz BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
Emily_Cruz BRONZE, Parsippany, New Jersey
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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princess...
"Oh BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!" I said, "These movies are so stereotypical!" I looked at Animal. He looked at me the same way I did. I'm Rapunzel. I know exactly what you're thinking, "She should be happy and not miserable" Well, that's life babe. My mom is a witch. Not a witch, like an actual witch. She "loves" me so much that she wanted me to be in a huge tower forever. Listen, that don't float my boat mom!
Animal came over to me and said "Punz, chill out! One day we'll break out and be free.”
"What if we don't?" I said while putting my long, dark, red hair into a ponytail.
"We will! I promise!"
Animal is my unicorn. He’s black with rainbow hair. Doesn’t sound much like a “fairytale” creature but he’s my best friend. Me and him have known each other since I was first locked in this tower. I put on Princess Moms and saw Princess Jasmine appear on the screen. "Princess Jasmine has a baby boy. Big whoop!" I yelled to the TV. I hope Animal was right. That night, I went to Animal and whispered, "We're getting out"; He responded with a smirk.


The next morning, I woke up to bags packing. "Animal, what's up?” I asked even though I knew perfectly what he was doing. He had my Chip and Dale headphones on and I could hear the music from where I was.
"Punz, morning!" He said as he realized I said something
"Mornin' "
"I'm packing for our long trip"
"Ok" I gathered my things and then some sheets that we could use to parachute down on. I didn’t know if it would work but in movies it looks fun. Animal and I got a sheet and threw down the bags.
"Weeeeee!" I exclaimed as if I was 7 on some roller coaster. When we got down, I put our suitcases in a small wagon. I then hooked up the wagon to Animal’s saddle and we walked. We walked through the forest, right outside the castle.
"Goodbye prison chamber," I whispered, "I will be free." Animal noticed The Hansel Grill. I put him outside and got some peanut butter and fairy dust sandwiches. I came out and Animal gave me a look of disgust.
“Okay, what’s that look for?” I asked as I put the eight remaining sandwiches in our food pouch.
“Well, I’m not that big a fairy dust fan” he whined.
“It was the cheapest thing on the menu, be a man” He ate the sandwich dramatically and we moved on. All of a sudden, I had an unsafe feeling as we reached the heart of the forest. I felt a cold chill then heard a high-pitched, Irish accented voice.
“Hello there!” I heard. I looked around for the voice’s location. “Down here, missy!” I looked down and before me stood a small man. He looked to be about three feet tall and was very dirty. This gave me and Animal a strange feeling.
“Aww! Look at how cute you are! Punz, he’s so cute and tiny too!” Animal exclaimed in a high-pitched voice. I took my index finger and motioned it across my neck signaling him to stop talking.
“I’ll have you know,” the man shouted to our distance. “I am one of the most powerful creatures in all the enchanted forest!”
“Sure, dude,” I answered
“Oh, you think not?” the he zapped us with twinkling fingers. Before Animal gets a chance to curse him out we were in a spell proof cage underground.
“Oh,” I sobbed. To avoid humiliation, I went to the corner of the cell and hugged Animal. I could see a tear rolling down his left eye. “What will we do?”
“Hey dude, who are you?” Animal said rudely
“Why, I am Rumpelstiltskin, friends call me Rump”
“Okay so, Rump, since we’re in jail, don’t we get a phone call home or something?
“No, you see in my jail, you get one wish instead”
I stayed in the corner sobbing but above it all I heard the conversation. I wish I was like my mom and could freeze him with my hazel eyes like she could. But sadly, I couldn’t.
“Okay, can we have our wish?” Animal asked
“Certainly” answered Rumpelstiltskin with a devilish smile. Once I saw that I knew something was up.
“No Animal!” I yelled “Don’t trust this guy, he’s a con-man” I don’t know where I got con-man from but it seemed to fit the sentence.
“What?” Animal said confused.
“Look at him. Could you even trust someone like that?”
“If it means getting home? Yes.”
“Well I don’t,” I announced. We all paused for a moment thinking about our next action.
“Don’t you want to get out?” Animal finally asked
“Yes,” I replied
“And go home?”
“And see Mother?”
“Then make a wish!”
I closed my eyes and sternly said, “I wish we were out of this cage”
“Okay” he said as he clapped his hands. Then ZAP! Animal and I found ourselves in, well, we weren’t much of anywhere. We were stuck in a vast land of white. There was no floor ceiling or walls of any kind. Now I was in a panic
“Oh my gosh! No TV, WIFI, computer and how am I supposed too charge my phone?!” Animal hollered.
“Really? You’re thinking about that?”
“No. What I’m thinking is ‘AHHHHHH’.”
“Me too. What now?” I just lied down and thought of my life in this new, unknown place that I now must call “home”.

The author's comments:
This piece is a fractured fairytale. This fairytale is based on the princess Rapunzel and her quest to escape! It has a similar fairytale twist to SHREK

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