The End

June 7, 2012
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The darkness ended as I opened my eyes. I was in my bedroom laying on my cloud.
The beeping kept throbbing in my brain but I tried to ignore them. I got up, stretched, cracked my back, and headed for the door. I turned around to look at the time. 11:34. “Oh no! I am 3 hours and 9 minutes late for school!” I yelled aloud. I threw on some clothes then sprinted out the door. I swung the door open as I was thinking, “Why didn’t mom wake me up? She never forgets.” and then saw disaster. I expected to see my shining wood, huge hallway with beautiful marble pillars, but instead saw a charred wood surface, and marble scattered all across the floor. Everything was burned.
I stepped out into the clearing to see the other houses. All there was were the bases of the houses that were charred too. I ran across the burned grass and blackened dirt and I looked in every direction. Everything was gone. I ran throughout the whole town. Everything was there. The words roared in my head.
Everything is gone. Everything is gone. Everything is gone.
I went back to my room. There I pondered. Why did I survive? Why couldn’t I just die with everyone else and not have to feel all of this pain.

I jolted up and looked around. “It was just a dream. It was just a dream,” I kept repeating in my head. I got out of bed and opened my door slowly. I closed my eyes as I walked out into what was supposed to be my hallway. I cautiously walked forward and then I bumped into something firm yet slightly squishy. “It must be mom!” I yelled aloud. I opened my eyes to see a wretched, heinous creature that I had my arms wrapped around. I yelped as I leaped away from the monster. As I moved away, I saw the fiend more in detail. It had a nearly colorless greenish-tan skin. It was about as tall as a human and had human looking legs (except for the color). Its hands are a different story though. The hands were long and slender but at the end there were two extremely long fingers and then a thumb. The alien’s body was covered by a strange reflective material that was made up by hexagons. I screamed and the alien started pursuing me. I ran with all my might and looked for a sign of shelter. All I could find was scorched rubble. I couldn’t anything behind me so I stopped. I turned around. The alien was gone. I stood and looked all around suddenly aware of my surroundings. I heard a very deep rumble and I looked at the source of the noise. A giant UFO had suddenly appeared over me.
A bunch of chainsaws and other blades popped out of the ship over me. I screamed as the blades started to dig into me and I felt the extreme, searing pain.
Beep! Beep! Beep!

I woke up. I was in the hospital. I heard the beeping of the heart monitoring machine. I looked to my left to see my mom. She said, “You have been in a coma for the last 2 days.” I laughed and smiled, happy, it was finally over.

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