A Secret Needs to be Told

May 28, 2012
By kbreen BRONZE, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
kbreen BRONZE, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
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A little farmhouse sits on top of a tall hill. One big green tree sways in the wind with a tire swing attached to the thickest branch. The wraparound porch is Mama’s favorite part of the home. Two big rocking chairs creak as they move. Mama and Papa just finished Sunday dinner. They had chicken with biscuits, gravy, corn and pie for dessert. They are stuffed to the brim as they clean up and prepare their coffee for the sit outside to watch the sunset. Mama and papa do this every Sunday. However, this Sunday is a little different. As they wiggle their bottoms into the big wooden chairs, a green light flashes across the field. Papa says it is that farm boy down the street but Mama knows it is something unusual. They try to drink their coffee and not worry about the strange lights but suddenly noises came from above. Mama jumped out of her chair and her coffee went flying. This was something serious, something big was happening. Slowly a tiny little ship making a big noise landed right in front of the house. Mama is screaming alien as she is franticly trying to get coffee off of her apron. Papa is trying to calm her down to tell her important information but mama would not listen. Papa knew this would not go well. He has been thinking about how to break the news to Mama for a while. The door to the ship opens and Papa knows there is not much time. He has to tell her now.

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