May 23, 2012
My name is star.
If you are reading this perhaps I am on earth again. I wonder what it looks like, after so long. Oh, how I long to see the world again. The trees in their great heights and light greens that make Spring pop. Then the green in the Summer, which you only see through the shade as you look up at a clear blue sky. I miss their color in the Autumn, when orange and red flies all around you in the wind and you fly kites in the park. I even miss the winter, though I hate the cold. I want to see the stars that you watch from your roof. You stay up there for hours, long after you can't feel your lips and your feet are numb. You stay until you fall asleep cradled in a blanket, head still gazing up in a silent prayer to the little lanterns, to become free, like them.
And so a new star is born.
Every day I hope and dream to see the colors of the world again. Forever I have waited and forever I will wait. To the stars, it is all i want. More than food, more than water, more than even air. Such trivial things, they mean nothing to me anymore. In my world, I eat and drink colors and i breath the stars.

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hopeforpeace said...
May 28, 2012 at 8:53 pm
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