The Goddess of Darkness and Smoke

May 3, 2012
By CrazyGirl6521 BRONZE, Cache, Oklahoma
CrazyGirl6521 BRONZE, Cache, Oklahoma
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The Goddess of Darkness and Smoke was formed when her father, who was the God of Crafting, wished for his daughter to have a sister. His wife, however, did not wish another child and so he began to mold and shape a figure. As he shaped the clay it began to look more and more like a human. Also as he was sculpting he would let some of his essence flow into the figure. His wife, however, was becoming suspicious of his activities. Finally after a year of painstaking work he finished. It was a beautiful girl with black hair and blue eyes. His wife, however, had finally figured out what he had done and instead of planning to destroy the girl wished to ruin her. As the clay was drying and forming into skin the God of Crafting believing that everything was at peace, settled into a restful limbo in which he could wait in for the girl to form. The jealous wife created a smoke that filled the room so that no one could see her. Then the wife crept into his room of creating and knocked the girl to the floor in her last seconds of forming. This created a series of cracks to appear on her face, her hair to be ripped out as it hooked on something and was pulled out, and finally after all that damage had been done she painted in her eyes so that she could never see again. When the God of Crafting awoke he was filled with fury and sorrow. He gave the girl, as a way to try and take away her pain, the power over the Darkness and Smoke. The girl from then on stayed in the shadows and observed as life went on because the only thing that the God’s jealous wife was not able to break was the love for life in the girl’s heart.

The author's comments:
This was AT FIRST a classroom assignment but all i did was let my imagination expand and TADA!!!!!

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