The Journey

April 25, 2012
By Karnick6 BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
Karnick6 BRONZE, Amery, Wisconsin
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“Keep walking men, we’ve still got a long way to go,” spoke Cedric.
“Where exactly are we going?” questioned Endel.
“We are headed to Solitude, of course! Where else would we be going?”
“Well, I was hoping we could take a detour to Whiterun. That’s where my family lives, and I want to go live with them. I am done with this Imperial Army job.”
“Endel, you do know you are licensed to the Jarl of Whiterun, so you can’t just go home whenever you want to,” explained Cedric.
“I don’t care! I’m going home,” hollered Endel.
“Cedric, just let the man go home. If that’s where he wants to be, then let him be,” mentioned Bane. Bane had just returned from scouting up ahead of the other two to make sure their path was clear. Bane and Endel were with Cedric when he escaped from the Stormcloaks at Windhelm. All three of them had become best friends.
The trio was headed to Solitude, which is the base of the Imperials. The battlemaster would be expecting them. It was a rough and very long journey to Solitude from Windhelm, but they would have to get there. The group was about halfway to their destination.
“You’re lucky Endel. It just so happens that we have to travel through Whiterun to get to Solitude.” explained Cedric.
“So you’re going to let me stay in Whiterun?” asked Endel.
“Yes Endel, I will let you stay. Only because you helped me escape from the Stormcloaks. We really need you for the journey to Solitude though. You would have been a great help.”
“I’m sorry Cedric. I believe it is just time for me to quit the army and go back to my wife and kids. They need me. Thank you so much for letting me stay with them.”
“You’re welcome.”
“Hey, isn’t that Whiterun’s south watchtower?” asked Bane.
“Yes, I believe it is, Bane,” answered Cedric.
The trio had arrived at Whiterun. The midpoint of their journey to Solitude. Whiterun was a fairly large city. It had all of the shops needed for travelers which included: a blacksmith, a general store, and an alchemy shop. It was a much needed pit stop for the three of them.

“Well, it was nice traveling with you guys. I hope to see you again someday,” spoke Endel. They had reached Endel’s house, which was right outside the city.

“Goodbye Endel,” voiced Cedric and Bane.

“Good Luck and godspeed for getting to Solitude. You’ll make it for sure.”

“Thank you Endel, and good luck to you, too,” spoke Cedric. They said their final goodbyes and Cedric, with Bane, headed for the gate of Whiterun to get inside. They would be staying at the inn for a couple of days to get some rest. They also needed some time to get ready for the rest of the journey to Solitude.

Once the two of them got inside Whiterun, they went to The Bannered Mare. This was the inn that Cedric and Bane would be staying in. The city was fairly quiet because it had become pretty dark. Cedric and Bane went to the inn and bought rooms to stay for a few days. They both slept very well that night. They were particularly tired from their travels.

“Good morning, Bane,” spoke Cedric.

“Hey Cedric, what are you up to today?” asked Bane.

“I’m going to visit the blacksmith and the general store today. I need to stock up on some potions and food for our journey to Solitude.”

“I will eventually get to those places, too. I just wanted to get some more rest before we leave.”

“That is a good idea. We will be leaving the day after tomorrow.”
“Okay, sounds good.” Bane then laid back down on his bed and fell asleep.
Cedric had some work to do. He had to go to the blacksmith and the general store before dark. He was going to rest up tomorrow instead of today. Cedric stepped outside the inn and a cool summer breeze blew that day. Cedric headed over to the blacksmith to refine his blade of woe.
“Nothing better than sharpening up the old dagger every once in while,” admitted Cedric. His daedric armor was in good shape so he didn’t have to fix that up.
“Well look who it is. I didn’t know you were back in town,” spoke Ulfberth War-Bear. He was the blacksmith who worked there.
“Hi Ulfberth, its good to see you. Yes, I am back in town, but only for a few days. I’ve got to get back to Solitude,” conversed Cedric.
“Always traveling, aren’t you? You can’t be in one place for too long can you?”
“Well, I like to always be on the move.”
“Yes, yes. That's understandable. I better get back to work. It was nice seeing you again, Cedric. Good luck on your way to Solitude.”
“Thank you Ulfberth. It was good talking to you, too.” Cedric was done visiting the blacksmith and was now on his way to Belethor’s General Goods store. It didn’t take long for Cedric to get there.
“Hi Cedric, it’s good to see you,” spoke Belethor.
“Hello Belethor. I was just visiting to see if you had any health and stamina potions on hand,” voiced Cedric.
“Well of course I do! I’ve always got potions for you.”
“I’ll take ten of each.”
“That will be 500 gold.”
“Here you go then. Thank you very much Belethor, these potions will definitely come in handy.”
“You’re welcome, Cedric, and have a good day.”
“You, too, bye Belethor.” Cedric was done for the day, for he had gotten all his items he needed, and gotten his dagger sharpened. Cedric then went back to the inn to get some sleep.
“Hey Cedric, did you get all your work done?” asked Bane.
“Yes, I did. Now it’s time to rest for the night, and all day tomorrow. Make sure you get to the blacksmith tomorrow,” mentioned Cedric.
“Yeah, yeah I will, don’t worry.”
“Okay. Just meet me down here when it’s time to head to Solitude.” Cedric was very tired and he slept the rest of the night and most of the next day. He only got up twice to eat some food.
It was finally the day to leave for Solitude. Both Cedric and Bane were very well rested and were ready to set out on their journey. They both had all their gear ready, and were ready to get going. They were at the gate and were about to leave Whiterun.
“You're sure you're ready?” questioned Cedric.
“Yes, I’m sure. Let’s go already,” responded Bane.
So, the two of them set off to Solitude. They thought it would be a fairly easy journey, but what they didn’t know was that there were dragons waiting for them. Dragons can be very deadly, but Cedric was a dragonborn, and he knew shouts which could dissipate some dragons. Shouts were certain words that when shouted can create a deadly effect. Only dragonborn could use and learn them. Cedric was a very well trained dragonborn, so he could handle it.
Cedric and Bane had been traveling for about three days without any trouble, and they were getting pretty cocky about getting to Solitude without having to deal with any enemies. All of a sudden they both heard a noise.
“What was that?” stuttered Bane.
“It’s a cave bear! Kill it!” commanded Cedric. Cedric ran at full stride toward the beast using his quickness to his advantage and got in a quick jab at the bear. That would not be enough to take it down though. Bane had also tagged the bear with a few arrows by from his daedric bow.
“This thing will just not go down!” shouted Bane. The cave bear now had its attention on Bane. He fired a few more arrows at the bear and could tell it was now wounded. Cedric then came from behind it and slit the bears throat. It was dead.
“Wow, that was exciting,” spoke Bane.
“Yes, it was. This cave bear pelt will come in handy though,” explained Cedric. After that brief danger, Cedric and Bane wanted to get to Solitude as fast as they could, but they were only a third of the way there.
It was mid-afternoon the next day when an ear piercing noise hit them. It was a dragon.
“Oh, you’ve gotta be kidding me,” muttered Cedric. The dragon was now in view flying right for them. Before they could react, the dragon was already close enough to blow some fire at them, but it missed them, barely. The dragon then decided to land right on top of them practically, but Cedric and Bane rolled out of the way just in time. Bane pulled out his warhammer and starting hammering the dragon with mighty blows. Cedric used his blade of woe. It did not do as much damage as the warhammer, but it was a much lighter and quicker weapon to use. Finally, the dragon had enough and took back to flying. It flew back towards Cedric and blew fire at him, Cedric used his “become ethereal” shout. Become ethereal made him invisible for about five seconds, causing him to not be able to take any damage from the fire breathing dragon. Frustrated, the dragon landed and started biting at the dragonborn, but Cedric was too quick and dodged him. With the dragon’s attention on Cedric, Bane was wailing on it with his warhammer. The dragon let out a final scream, and then it was dead. They had done it.
“Good work Bane, you have done well,” spoke Cedric. “We are lucky that it was just a regular dragon and not an ancient dragon. Those are much more powerful. Here need a potion?”
“Yeah, sure,” replied Bane. They both drank a potion to restore them to full health. The duo was now past halfway to Solitude, and they were making good time. Whatever got in their way, they fought through it. Cave bears, trolls, mountain lions, forsworn, anything. They got past them.
Cedric and Bane were on the final leg of their journey. They had almost made it to Solitude! The two soldiers then started running at a dead sprint to get there. Cedric made it first. Both were so happy to finally be back home at Solitude.
“We finally made it!” shouted Bane joyfully.
“That was in record time, too,” spoke Cedric. “It’s good to be home Bane.”
“It sure is Cedric, it sure is.”

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece from playing a video game called Skyrim.

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