The Replacement: Part 2

April 11, 2012
By Rosewater14 SILVER, Laguna Hills, California
Rosewater14 SILVER, Laguna Hills, California
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“Very well, see that you are I have no time for disciplining my maids. I’m already in over my head with preparations for the Christmas Eve Ball. You know Prince William will be arriving at noon for lunch.” She then went on to dismiss all the other maids until the masked girl was the only one left. “Father says we must impress him. Hurry it up and make me beautiful.” Without replying the mysterious lady in wading quickly made her way over and took her usual seat next to the fairy tale princess. At once the girl began her work; she stood up a moment, and circled around the Lady, making sure to catch every detail. Adel , who after a long while had caught on to this pattern , always wondered if this was necessary, she thought after knowing her for her whole life she would know by now what she looked like. Though, she knew this girl was a miracle worker when it came to style, so she was not one to question her actions. The girl quickly asked for a sketch pad, and began to create a fairytale dress. The girl transformed the plain white piece of paper into an elegant ball gown in less than a few minutes. She next motioned for the display of family jewelry, and began to mix and match the beautiful pieces to her intricate drawing. Soon she showed Adel and asked her what she thought. “Honey, you know I have no sense of style, but I think this will do just fine.” replied Adel.

“I think you should wear your knew floral dress with pansies today it will offset your eyes nicely.” came the soft sweet voice from underneath the silk cloth.

“Whatever you think.” came the reply.

“Are you at all nervous today? I can’t believe Prince William is coming early to get to know you. That’s sweet.”

“I don’t know. I don’t want to get married to some creep I don’t even know, but what does my opinion even count for? Never mind this! I see you’re trying to do; you’re trying to depress me with sad thoughts. Stop it right now or I’ll….or I’ll…I’ll get my Daddy to fire you!” The maid just smiled, she knew that wouldn’t happen in a million years. She knew that for some reason, she was important. She remembered that time when she had been playing in the garden and had tripped over a small plant and had fallen. She had never seen so many people crowd around her in her life, except for the time Adel had broke a finger nail, and she told everyone she was going to die from the pain! The masked maid knew that she herself was valuable, though what puzzled her greatly was why. The only thing she could think of that was remotely special, was she could draw and style people decently well, and that she was the only one in the castle that wore a mask. It was interesting to her that she should be the only one when, many of the kitchen maids had disfigurations on their faces, and yet they never had to wear a covering. She had always worked in the castle, first she did odd jobs, and then was upgraded to Adel’s personal maid, her only condition or rule was she always had to wear her mask, and she could never be caught looking in a mirror. Her favorite and closest friend, the cook, said it was for her own good. She was curious as to why this was. Quickly her thoughts wondered back to her current situation. Adel was completely absorbed in looking at the mirror and muttering mournful words about how miss treated she was and how hard she already worked, and shouldn’t the princess be treated well. The prince was supposed to arrive in about an hour, which gave her just enough time to style and transform Adel’s hair, face, and body into an exotic fairytale super model. The masked maid picked up the hair hot iron, and made quick smooth movements through the princess’s long charcoal colored locks. She then reached for a soft smoothing finish serum and gently fingered her way through the hair massaging Adel’s scalp. It was very quiet while the maid was working. It was chatter box Adel who broke the silence.

“Daddy said this is my big chance! Prince Eric and I’s engagement will be the talk of the century!”
“Not only that,” reminded the mysterious maid softly, “it will also bring peace and a form a firm alliance between North America and Asia.”

“Oh yah, whatever, it’s not like it’s my job to know all the precise details. That’s what I hired you for.” came the sharp reply from the princess.

“Yes, yes I know,” retorted the lady who had heard this speech often, “have you inserted the glass voice carrier in your ear yet?”

“You mean I have to wear that thing?”

“Your father commanded me to have easy undetected access to you at all times during your conversations with the prince. This is all for the greatest most important reasons. As always King Paul has your best interest in mind.”

“He always says that. When am I going to get to live my own life, for once? It’s always “Adel, wear this.” “You can’t go outside in that!” or, “Adel, dear you must be joking! Where is your sense of style?”

The author's comments:
This story takes place in a futuristic time where instead of the U.S. banning human Cloning,(which they did in reality in 2000)
Cloning has instead become the most lucrative and prosperous business during this story. In the tale a girl is born twin to the princess of the land. She was said to be born second,and so this makes her automatically spare parts for her twin the princess, in case the princess is harmed or ill. (This is a follow up to my recent story 'The Replacement.'

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on May. 16 2012 at 12:21 am
Rosewater14 SILVER, Laguna Hills, California
8 articles 0 photos 4 comments
Please comment! I love constructive criticism! I'm writing a bunch of short stories right now, and so i don't know which ones are worth continuing, and which one's are not!:) Thanks for your help!


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