The Two from the Door

April 10, 2012
By Jordan Criswell BRONZE, West Sacramento, California
Jordan Criswell BRONZE, West Sacramento, California
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There Tony was, all alone with Ms. Breslin in detention, wanting desperately to get out.

“Uh-Oh. There seems to be a problem with the printer in the office. I’ll be right back. Don’t do anything irresponsible while I’m gone,” said Ms. Breslin, looking down at her phone.

As Ms. Breslin left, Tony immediately got up, and ran to the door to escape detention. He walked down the hall and passed…the door. It was the forbidden door of his elementary school. It was just a regular blue door to some people. But to others, it was where the school stored a corpse, a supply of weapons, a trouble making student, or things like that. Most tried to open this mysterious door, but never succeeded. It was locked, and no one could figure out how to open it. Tony always thought whoever tried to open the door was immature and dumb.

However, as Tony passed the door, his curiosity expanded by the second. He desperately wanted to open it, but he didn’t want to be immature and dumb like the others. It got to the point where he couldn’t bare it any longer.

“It won’t hurt just to try to open it. It’s locked anyway. It won’t matter,” Tony thought to himself as he slowly approached the door.
His hand was on the handle. Tony turned the knob like he was ripping off a Band-Aid. It was unlocked.

In the door, it was pitch black. He heard big footsteps from inside.
“Hello?” he called into the velvety darkness.
The footsteps got closer and closer, until he saw a large shadow of a man about six foot. Out of the darkness appeared to be what looked like a dirty homeless man with long hair and strange clothing. He smelled like he hadn’t showered in years.
The man looked around him in awe at the building, Tony and his clothing, and every little thing going crazy.
“Wow. How long have you been in there buddy?” Tony asked the man.
“Flennahyug!” the man cried.

Tony looked at him in confusion, when all of a sudden, he heard more footsteps coming from inside the door. These footsteps were diffidently smaller. This time, he saw a shadow of a small three foot creature. Out stepped a dinosaur.

The dinosaur approached Tony slowly and cuddled his leg as a cat or dog would do. The dinosaur reminded Tony of a green version of Dino from the Flintstones.

OH MY GOD!” Tony screamed, looking at the homeless man and then at the dinosaur. “Wait, you’re not homeless! You’re a caveman! “Tony felt lightheaded, and kneeled down to the ground to keep from falling over. “How did this happen?” Tony looked at the door and closed it before anything else could come out.

Tony then heard the click click of Ms. Breslin’s high heeled shoes.

“Quick! Around the corner! She can’t know you’re here!” he yelled to them in a hushed voice as he shuffled them around the corner, out of sight.

“TONNNYYYY! He left again!” yelled Ms. Breslin. When the coast was clear, Tony took a well needed breath.

He then thought of what he was going to do next. He pondered the idea of leaving him behind, or dropping them kin the middle of no-where, but he knew he couldn’t.

“Looks like you guys are coming home with me. But then again you have no idea what I’m saying,” Tony said. He grabbed the caveman’s arm and reached for the dinosaur’s, and the dinosaur nipped at his hand. Tony moved his hand in time for the dinosaur to miss.

“No! Bad dinosaur!” Tony screamed at the dinosaur. “Wait a minute,” he said as he went to the janitor’s closet and grabbed the rope to tie around the dinosaur’s mouth. After, they all walked across the parking lot in the direction of his home.
But what Tony didn’t know was that Ms. Breslin was watching Tony walk across the parking lot with a large man and what looked like a small dog from that distance. She was highly suspicious and wanted to know what he was up to.
Meanwhile, Tony was at home with the caveman and the dinosaur when the phone rang.
“Hello?...Oh hi mom…..Yeah I’m doing my homework right now…Ok…See you in a few minutes…Bye,” Tony said as he hung up the phone. CRASHHHH
Tony turned to find the living room completely destroyed. The caveman was still hitting the television with a baseball bat.
“NO! You guys! Mom is going to be home any minute!” Tony screamed angrily. Then Tony heard the door click. “Hurry! In the closet!” Tony got them in the closet just as his mother entered the house.
“Hi, Tony! I’m ho- Good Lord! What happened here?!” yelled his mother.
“And…umm… EARTHQUAKE!” he yelled out nervously.
“But I didn’t feel one coming home,” she inquired.
“I heard you don’t feel earthquakes in cars.”
“Oh. Ok I guess you can’t do anything about natural disasters. We’ll clean it up when I get out of the shower,” she said as she went up the stairs and into her room.
Tony watched until his mother was out of sight, and rushed the two out of the closet and out the door. Outside, something caught the corner of his eye. He turned his head to see an envelope with a key on top of it. He bent over and picked up then envelope, unfolded it, and read:
“You probably want to return them huh? You didn’t think there was only one door did you?”
Tony set down the envelope slowly.
“Come on guys, let’s get you home,” Tony said to them.
He took them back to the school, unaware that Ms. Breslin was still on campus. She was watching Tony as he raced across campus, trying to unlock every door with the man and what now looked like a large bird. She set out to try to catch him.
Tony frantically searched for the door with Ms. Breslin on his tail. He came to the end of his search when he remembered that there was a door next to the one he got the two from.
“That must be it!” he thought to himself. With the creatures at his side, they ran to the door.
Tony reached the last corner to get to the door, with Ms. Breslin only steps behind him. Tony stuck the key in the door, turned the handle, and opened it…There was a flash.
“Tooonyy, Toonyyyy, TONY!”
Tony woke up. “Where am I?” he asked.
“You fell asleep in detention again,” said Ms. Breslin. “You should probably go home now.”
Tony got up from his seat and exited the classroom, thinking about his strange dream.
He walked down the hall, passing the forbidden door he dreamed about. He smiled to himself, and kept walking. Tony reached the parking lot, and lying across the street, he saw a frayed piece of rope…

The author's comments:
This piece was what I wrote for my narrative essay in English. My teacher and classmates enjoyed it so I hope you do too!

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