The Difference

March 25, 2012
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I awoke to the acrid smell of metal and the bright lights beaming down on my pale skin. I soon realized that I could not move my body. I was in complete paralysis and became frightened. My body seemed to be dead. When my heavy eyes opened a bit more; I noticed that I was strapped to a seat of some sort. It was very cold. A single tear ran down my cheek as my confused mind tried to grasp the reality of the situation. I was wondering where I was and how I got there. No answers would come to me in the seconds before I lost consciousness. The next time I opened my eyes, the feeling to my body and extremities had returned and I found myself face to face with another being. Not animal. Not human. I wasn’t really sure of what this thing was. It made no sounds, but communicated through the looks that left their deep, powerful eyes. I could feel its confusion. I could feel how it felt. It was scared and hurt. It needed my help to understand the surroundings. I felt it cry as I touched the hand that once frightened me. When I observed the emotion; I was shocked. It dropped its sorrowful eyes to the floor and I understood. It wasn’t a stranger. It wasn’t harmful. It was different. Being different is not something that should be discriminated against. It should be welcomed and embraced for its entirety. I offered my hand as a guide. A simple stepping stone to the path it wanted to follow. When I placed my hand on the hand of my new companion; I knew that I had helped. I felt the happiness. The sorrow and confusion had lifted and revealed the gratefulness in its heart. I smiled as, what looked like a tear, fell from its face.

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