A Big Change

March 20, 2012
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Hello, I know you’re probably not interested in the story of my life, but if you are, my name is Kandance. I’m a junior in high school. Tomorrow is my 16th birthday. You might be wandering why I’m still 15 in 11th grade. Well, that’s right, I was smart enough to skip a grade in 9th grade. I’m only 5 feet 2 inches in height, and people at school make fun of me because of that. I’ve gotten over it though. Immature people call me all kinds of bad names, and the most often one is nerd. Nerd? I guess I am, although I just want to go to my dream university – Harvard. It’ll all pay off if I am accepted into Harvard.

Speaking of my dream, Harvard is not my only one. My other dream is Luke. I have had a crush on Luke ever since he became my neighbor when I was 8. We’ve always been best friends; until in middle school we stopped hanging out, and he started calling me “uncool”. I don’t blame him though, because being friends with me will most likely destroy his “perfect” image. Now, he is the captain of the football team, king of homecoming, and the most popular guy in our school.

Luke drives a red sports car. The one we picked out together when we were younger. It’s always frustrating and heartbreaking that I’ve never once rode in that car.

After begging and pleasing the day before my birthday, I finally got a car that belongs to me. Even though it’s second handed, I’m still satisfied.

Before getting my car, I had practice on roads without a lot of people and parking lots for several months; therefore, I think I can actually handle driving to school and any other places I want by myself now.

Today, I officially turn 16, and I am overjoyed by the fact that I can drive my own car to school. After driving out of my street, I spot Luke’s car in a distant and I speed up quickly. Not after a long time his car was just right in front of mine. Suddenly, I feel like I was the closest to him in years.

Before I realized, Luke had hit his brake unexpectedly and I did not even have time to hit my brake.

I ran into him. Hard.

I opened my eyes and I was in a hospital room. There are countless amount of flowers around me. I was also stoned by how many people are in my room; yet, I don’t recognize any of them, except Luke’s parents and sister.

Why are they in my hospital room? I wander.

I open my dry mouth and murmur, “ why are you guys in my room, is Luke okay?”

Luke’s mom says softly with a confused voice, “Honey, you are Luke. Do you need some more rest? The accident was pretty bad.”

“Yeah, I think I do” I said, trying to be calm.

Did the accident injured my brain? But no, I am more than 100 percent sure that I am Kandance. What had happened?

After asking, I rushed to the real Luke’s room and found my body, Kandance’s body, lying on the bed in front of my own eyes.

We scream at each other.

We had change bodies.

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