Adam's Dystopia

March 5, 2012
By Thisme BRONZE, Stevensville, Montana
Thisme BRONZE, Stevensville, Montana
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Adam wanders through the desert looking for any signs of life. Nuclear war has left the world a barren wasteland.

While walking on a road, Adam comes to an old bypass. He pauses and waits to decide what to do After a few minutes he walks under the bypass, and sure enough is ambushed by looters.

Three of them circle around him and laugh maniacally. Adam just stands there and waits.

One of the looters picks up a bat and charges at Adam. He dodges it and pushes the looter down. Adam picks up the bat and extends his arm with it as if it were a sword. The other two looters charge at Adam as the first one scrambles to stand up.

Adam delivers a quick blow to one of the looters’ temple. He drops like a tone of bricks, and doesn’t move again, except for a few twitching motions. The other looter grabs Adam around the waist and the now standing first looter begins to pummel him.

After being hit repeatedly in the head and stomach the looters throw Adam to the ground. He catches himself and the looters begin to kick him.

Adam rolls away and begins to cough up blood. While he’s doing this, the two remaining looters check on their friend. The find that the hit killed him instantly. The twitching motions were only the result of his postmortem brain firing off random neurons.

The two looters look over and find Adam barely standing, using the bat for balance. The both charge at Adam at once.

Adam throws the bat and hits one of the looters in the face. He is knocked to the ground and his friend keeps charging. Adam throws the looter aside as he tries to tackle Adam.

The looter on the ground begins to stand up and Adam runs over to him, and picks up the bat. He delivers a quick blow to the looter’s head and he drops into a pile of bloodied limbs.

Adam turns to see the last remaining looter running away. Adam begins to walk forward, dragging the bat on the ground. The looter reaches a chest in the corner of the two concrete walls. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a key. His hands shake as he tries to unlock the chest.

By this time, Adam is only yards away from the looter. He picks the bat up and prepares to swing it. The looter opens the chest and reaches for something. Adam lifts the bat over his head and prepares to being it down.

“Bang,” the looter turned and fired the handgun from the chest. Adam was hit in the stomach.

Adam collapses on the ground and begins to cough up more blood. The looter’s hands shake as he points the gun at Adam’s head and delivers the Coup de Grace.

Bright neon lights become visible all around Adam. The barren landscape and his killer both disappear and leave a ten by ten foot white room.

“Run program medic,” says Adam.

A bed raises out of the ground with Adam on it. An IV drip forms and attaches itself to him. Bandages form over all of his wounds and bruises. Adam falls asleep.

When he wakes up, he finds himself completely healed.

“Run program wasteland.”

Adam finds himself in the familiar landscape of the desert and again begins a journey to find other people.

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