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The Punishment for a Second Chance

March 13, 2012
By thebeautifulhidden BRONZE, Medford, Oregon
thebeautifulhidden BRONZE, Medford, Oregon
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I lay in agony; pain in every centimeter of my body. It was unstoppable. "Help. Please help me, somebody." I said through dirt soaked tears. No movement was possible. I tried to move my finger, just a figner, but no success was acknoledged from the feel of activity under my finger nails. I felt lost in me heart; my body ready to travel the long tunnel of despare that would lead to my doom or heaven that would cure me in every way; possible and not. My tears felt cold and enduring; but no resolution would come to them, only more suffer.

I could barely here the approaching foot steps over the beating in my ears that represented my agony. The strong, gentle hands slid under my back graciously. "To live, is a need for all. You must live. You must live for us all to see, young one. Hope is upon you, our grace within you. To live, is a blessing." he said.

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