The Darkest Wave: Chapter 1

February 28, 2012
Chapter 1

“No, no, no. You got it all wrong. It’s prokaryote.” Tess protests, shaking her head pointing at the work sheet lay in front of Rylie.

“Ugh, what’s the difference anyway?” complains Rylie in reply. “I mean it’s all science anyway.”

“Then don’t ask for my help.” Provokes Tess.

“Come one guys, seriously?” I begin to say. “Can we have one nice lunch hour without our daily routine of bickering?”

“Whatever.” Rylie pouts. “If I get a bad grade, it’s officially not my fault.” She crosses her arms tightly across her chest.

“You know what we haven’t talked about in a long time?” Tess sighs ignoring Rylie’s rolling eyes. “Boys.”

I raise my eyebrows in amazement. “You’re right. How’s it going with you and Max anyway, Rye?” I turn my head to face Rylie who all of the sudden is picking at her nails, like she does when she’s nervous.

It takes her awhile to respond. “You know. Distant. That’s how it’s always been, so it doesn’t really make a difference.” She shrugs.

Tess makes a face at me. “Well, oh-kay.” Chimes Tess.

I needed to get away from this. “I—I need to go use the bathroom. Don’t kill eachother while I’m gone.” I flicker my eyes between the both of them.

“No promises.” Rylie smiles bitterly.

I give them one more glance over my shoulder before I retreat the table.

When entered the bathroom I went straight to the sink and leaned over it, peering at myself through the mirror. All I saw was me, Carissa Blake. My tan face, from the hot summer sun. My wavy brown hair, curled around my angular jawbone. And finally, my stormy gray eyes. There was nothing new to this face, but yet something different. I just couldn’t put a finger on it.

I pushed the hair that was falling in my face behind my ear and took one more look in the mirror. Nothing.

In surrender, I exited the bathroom with a long depressing sigh. I was nowhere near ready to face Tess and Rylie again, so instead of heading back to the table, I exited the small Mexican grill and into the hot summer air.

Gladly, I sunk my feet into the burning sand and wiggled my toes. I inhaled the smell of saltwater and sunscreen. This was the one feeling that felt right. That I could always come back to and be just as satisfied as the time before.

Hearing the rush of the waves crashing against the shore, I knew it was calling for me. And that was the one call I could not resist. I ran to a spot closer to the water, and peeled off my cover up I seemed to wear daily in the summertime, with my bikini always on under.

As I splashed my way into the cool water, I felt a jolt of excitement chill my bones. This felt right. I padded further into the sea, so I was now chest length deep. I laid my head back so my hair floats atop of the blue water. Once again, I shut my eyes soaking in every last bit of summer I could take in.

Suddenly I felt a tug on my ankle. I immediately thought about a shark, but the tug was not painful just a light jerk.

So I stood on my feet soaking them into the muggy sand at the bottom, and waited. Five seconds went by, nothing. Ten more, nothing. Fifteen—there it was again, this time strong enough to pull me under.

I kicked fiercely, but this time the grip on my ankle would not budge, and was hauling me deeper in the depth of the sea. I tried to get my head above the water, so I could gasp for more air, but whatever was dragging me, limited me of that. I was running out of air, soon I would give in and inhale the salt water of the ocean. And drown.

No, I couldn’t drown. I wouldn’t. I couldn’t stop thinking about how my parents died, lost at sea. My friends thought I was crazy to still live here, near the ocean in a small island called Waverly Shore, without being broken inside. Well I thought better than that. I just couldn’t give of the ocean; it was as if it was just part of me.

My eyesight began to become fuzzy, my body limp and useless. I was at least twenty feet deep now; no way could I make it to the top in time. So this was it. Lost to the currents.

I felt arms under my arm pits, hauling me upward, fighting the current. It was the last thing I felt before everything went black.

I was hearing voices. Even though I was positive I was dead, I could hear one voice that was whispering just above me, but it seemed out of reach.

I couldn’t make out what the voice was saying, but if I had to take a wild guess, I would guess it was: Hey. Come on, wakeup. I know you can hear me, wake up. You’re okay you just need to open your eyes…

It was becoming more and more clear, as if I was getting closer to its source. I could now tell that it was male, and was sounding just above my head. I tried doing as he said; to open my eyes. And sure enough they opened reluctantly.

Hovering above my head was a teenage boy, about my age. With light brown hair and amazing seaweed green eyes.

I gasped for air, and resulted in coughing out water. I rolled onto my knees, coughing into the sand, instead of the boy’s face.

“You alright?” Said the boy, patting my back.

I let out another rough cough in reply. When I was sure that the coughing stopped, I turned to the boy, eyebrows creasing.

“Who are you?” I croaked, my voice sounding unfamiliar in my ears.

“Devin. You?”

“Carissa.” I breathed. When he didn’t reply I decided to speak again. “What happened, where am I?”

“I just so happened to save your life,” Devin confessed with a half-smile that revealed his white teeth that seemed ten times more white against his tan skin. “And you are on a beach.”

“Really? I never would have guessed.” I chided. “And you didn’t answer the ‘what the he** happened to me’ question.”
“I don’t recall the ‘he**’ being in there, but I’ll take it.” He teased. “The current beat you in a pathetic battle, on your part by the way, and you nearly drowned. Lucky for you, I saved your a**.”

“Why? You don’t seem to be the helpful type.” I accused, taking in his Hawaiian flower swimming trunks.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise. “Well it is obvious that your theory was wrong.”

“Oh it wasn’t a theory. If I had to come up with a theory about you, then I would say that you’re a player that happens to be only interested in himself, even though he can get pretty much any girl he wants.” I snap, wobbly rising to my feet.

Before I let him come up with some sort of comeback, I start to charge through the sand, walking along the shore.

I nearly jumped when I heard him whisper in my ear, “Would that mean I could get you?” I could sense the sarcasm and cockiness in his voice.

“Ew, no.” I say disgusted.

“Then once again, you are wrong and I am right. I can’t get any girl I want.”

“Oh so you want me huh?” I whirl around to become face to face with him.

“I want you just like I want a kitty.” He smiles mockingly. “Which happens to be zipo since I already have a dog.”

“So technically you don’t want me, you just said it yourself.” I pointed out.

“I can tell you want me.”

I could feel my face get hot, probably because it was true, some part of me was wanting him like I wanted the ocean. But I did my best to ignore it.

“Why am I even talking to you?” I exasperate.

“Because you want me.”

“Ugh! You’re unbelievable. Go away.” I push against his chest.

“No you go away.” He nudges me in the shoulder.

I over exaggerate by collapsing to the ground, and crying out in pain. It worked perfectly.

“Oh my god, I’m sorry Carissa. I didn’t mean to—” he wasn’t able to finish before I flicked him in the forehead and roared with laughter bolting in the opposite direction.

He looks at me open mouthed before he can’t help but to smile. “I’ll get you back for that, Carissa! Don’t think you can get away that easy!”

I stick my tongue out at him, before I start in a full sprint, heading toward town.

I was lucky to find Tess and Rylie walking around the shore of the ocean.

I nearly tackled them from behind.

“What the hel—“ Rylie began to say but stopped when she saw it was me. “Car—”

“Issa!” Tess jumped in hugging me tightly. “Where the he** were you?”

“I…” I wasn’t ready to tell them the whole truth. “Went for a swim.”

“Yeah, we kinda guessed that,” Rylie kicked my cover up that I abandoned earlier, up in the air, “but we couldn’t see you. We started getting worried.”

I lightly put a hand on her shoulder, “Don’t.”

She wiped her golden blonde hair out of her face and lifted her blue eyes to meet mine. She nodded in response.

Tess, being the impatient one, grabbed both of our wrists and started to walk backwards. “C’mon you guys, it’s summer for heaven’s sake! No more dreading and more partying. I hear that Raphael is having a party and it so happened I bumped into him at the store, and we are officially invited. I was gonna wait to surprise you tonight, but I wanted you guys to be ready and flirtatious because we are gonna start fresh. Rylie, were finding you a new boyfriend one that you can stand, and Car, were finding someone that can erase all the bad memories from your head and replace them with new ones, if you know what I’m saying.” She winked at me.

I couldn’t help but to laugh. “You’re right. I can’t let my past keep sneaking up at me. I am ready to be the old me, the one who was careless and conceded.”

“That’s more like it! You in Sherlock?” Tess moves her eyes to Rylie.

Rylie sighs one of her oh-what-the-he** sighs and shrugs. “Let’s do it.”

When Tess dropped my off back at my house I was determined to rinse out every last memory from today, so I went straight to the showering.

It appeared that my aunt, Meg, my mother’s younger sister, was not here. She must be at work.

The warm water was refreshing on my skin, and it seemed to be impossible to get out. As I was drying my legs and my feet, before I stepped out of the shower, something caught my eye. On my left ankle on the inside was not only red from whatever was pulling me deeper in the ocean, but was a blue swirly almost wave looking design that was no bigger than a quarter.

Out of curiosity, I rubbed my thumb over it, thinking it would rub off. But instead, it shimmered and glowed a brighter blue. Taken so aback, I nearly fell back into the shower.

What was that, and why is it burned into my skin? I quickly rapped my towel around me and began to charge to my phone, ready to call Tess and Rylie. But I stopped myself, what if it had to do with what happened earlier.

I swallowed hard. My throat was still sore from swallowing all that saltwater. Maybe that was it. Maybe all the saltwater was just getting to my head and I was just hallucinating.

So instead I avoided looking down at me feet, and pretended it was not there, even though I could feel it slightly burning my damp skin.
I finished up getting dressed, wearing short jean shorts and an off the shoulder shirt, from Victoria Secret. I was ready to become the old Carissa Blake, not the one I am now, always worrying about things.
Tonight I was determined to get drunk, hook up with a guy I just meant, and then sleep throughout the whole next day tomorrow. I was gonna have the time of my life, even though I was positive it wouldn’t be.
I blow dried my hair let it flow its natural waves tonight. I pinned back my out grown bangs with a bobby pin.
While I was putting on my foundation, even though I didn’t need it since I was born with flawless skin and still have it at the age of sixteen, I couldn’t help but to wonder if it would cover up the burned symbol on my left ankle.
No luck what-so-ever. I once again ignored it, and applied eyeliner and mascara.
I was startled when I heard a light knock on the door. When I turned to see who it was, I saw Meg peep her head out.
“Can I come in?” she whispered.
“Er—yeah, come on in.” she reluctantly slipped through the crack of the door and took a spot on my bed.
I lean against my dresser, to face her. “What’s up?”
She folds her hands in her lap and stares at them instead of me.
“Well,” she starts with a shaky breath, “I will be out tonight and I wanna make sure that you’ll be okay staying here by yourself.” She raises her blue eyes to mine.
“Actually, I’m gonna be out too anyway. Raphael is having a party at his house.”
She parts her lips with her eyebrows raised with surprise, but no words come out.
“Yeah I know. I’m trying to pick up where I left off last summer...before the accident.” My eyebrows come low over my eyes.
I see her blonde curls bounce when she nods. “That’s good, Car. You need a break. I just don’t wanna come home with a naked guy in my house or anything—”
“Meg,” I shake my head laughing, “You know that the guys always take the girls to their place—”
Her mouth drops open, but I can see a hint of a smile.
“Joking, joking.” I put my hands up in surrender.
She giggles lightly and returns her eyes back to her folded hands.
“So where are you going anyway? You’re not much of a late night type.” I assert.
“Well I was asked to dinner.” She implies. This is one of the best things about Meg, she’s young enough, only twenty-five, that I can talk to her and have the conversation not be awkward.
“Oh. I see.” I acknowledge.
“It’s really nothing.” she defends, trying to get the other thoughts I was beginning to think out of my head.
“No I know, but I am still happy for you.” I smile ruefully.
I see her crack a smile, but her eyes are still lowered. Then I see them come together.
“What is that, on your ankle.” My heart skips a beat.
“Um—oh that it’s just a—it’s just a fake tattoo I got by the beach.” I lie.
“Well they did a he** of a job. It’s beautiful. I need to get myself one of those. Where—”
“Oh it was there last day I think, that why I got one, because they were cheaper.”
A hard expression replaced Meg’s face. “Oh. Well that’s too bad.”
I was saved when my cellphone started to ring on my dresser. I picked it up on the second ring.
“Hello?” I said into the phone.
“Hey I’m gonna be there any second to pick you up, be ready.” Tess’ familiar voice buzzed in the phone.
“Kay, I’ll be ready.” I pressed end and told Meg, “Tess is gonna be here any second to pick me up.”
“Alright. That’s fine. Have fun—and be responsible.” She shook a finger at me.
I rolled my eyes. “Yeah, yeah, yeah.

“So where’s this party again?” I ask as I enter the car.
“Well at his house, but he lives like right on the beach, so it will probably be there to.” Replies Tess as she backs out of my driveway.
I turn to say hi to Rylie, but I don’t see her in the backseat.
“Where’s Rye?”
“She said she wanted to drive there by herself. Have no clue why.” Tess shrugs.
“That’s weird. She usually hates driving by herself in the dark. After seeing those scary movies last summer, gosh, remember when she made us sleep over at her house for a week.” I shake my head, laughing at the memory
“Oh yeah! She’s such a wuss.”
“A wuss with a hot bf.” I remind.
“Yeah, well Max actually liked you. But you turned him down and set him up with Rylie.”
“Well I don’t like him. He is hot though. But I definitely do not like him.”
“Well then who do you like.” Tess provokes.
“No one right now, actually. See I don’t get the point of dating someone who is not gonna last. To me, it’s a waste of time, when really, you could be searching for The One.”
Tess stifles out a laugh. “Well tell me when you find, The One, okay?”
“It will be the first.”
“Holy s***. Is this it?” Tess slows the car and ducks her head so she can see better through the windshield.
“That would be Raphael’s house.” I affirm.
“He can throw one he** of a party.”
“I guess. Let’s go.” We unbuckle and walk side by side to the vibrating, lit up beach house, already covered in trash.
We don’t even bother to knock, since the door was already wide open.
“Hey, look who showed up.” Both Tess and I turn to see the one and only Raphael leaning against the door frame.
He was wearing a t-shirt and khaki shorts with his shark tooth necklace he always wears tucked under his shirt. His black curly hair was newly trimmed since the last time I’ve seen him.
“Is that…Carissa Blake? Long time, no see.” He smiles crookedly at me, his black eyes scolding.
“Yeah, I’m ready to be the real me.”
“Don’t be scared to give me a hug.” He winks. I giggle lightly and wrap my arms under his waiting ones. His hands trailed slowly lower and lower down my back, until I pull away.
“Quite a party you got here.” I observe.
“Yup. Been planning it for weeks. You girls go have some fun, I have to get around to everyone.”
“Seeya around.” Tess smiles, and once he turns the corner, she grasps my wrist.

“God the first person you see there already trying to hook up with you.” She chimes, flipping her dark brown curly hair over her shoulder.

“I’m telling you, I’ll find someone. Just not him.”

“Okay, okay.” She puts her hands up in surrender.

“Come one, let’s see if Rylie is here yet.” I grab ahold of her arm and drag her through the crowd of dancing bodies.

“Look! There she is!” Tess yanks her arm out of mine and starts charging through a crowd of teenagers. I try to catch up, but I lost sight of her.

I didn’t bother looking for her or Rylie, I needed time by myself for a while. Time away from this crazy world, and to the only place that truly knows me. The ocean.

I sneak out of the house and into Raphael’s backyard. I slip my sneakers off and sink my feet into the cool sand.

I slowly make my way over to the part where the land meets the water, and just barely put my eager toes in the cool water. And like that, I close my eyes, and listen to the calming sound of the waves crashing against shore, and the seagulls calling to one another above head. This is what I live for.

Suddenly something barges against my back and I go flying into the water. Expecting it to be a drunk teenage guy pulling some sort of prank, I bite back my tongue holding back swears that are fighting their way out.

“Told ya I’d get you back.” I freeze from beginning to stand back on both of me feet. Finally, I slowly turn my way around to Devin who is mockingly smiling back at me.

“What are you doing here?” I ask bewildered.

“I was invited, duh.”

Waiting for the perfect moment, I reach for his t-shirt and yank him in the water with me. He plummets face first in the water.

I can’t help but to laugh. He bursts out in laughter too, now that we were both drenched.

“Call it even?” he puts out a hand. I take it willingly and shake it.


He flashes his white teeth and nods.

“So what are you really doing here?” I clarify.

“You’re not the only one with friends, you know.”

I nod my head and look down at my feet. That’s when something catches my eye. It was the mark. It was glowing a blue under the water.

I jump onto my feet and begin to tread through the water, trying to hide it.

“Hey! Wait up!” I heard Devin call from behind me.

I keep my head low and act like I didn’t hear him. That’s when I feel hands grapple my waist pulling me back.

The hands spin me around and Devin’s eyes are on mine intently. But then they soften and one side of his lips tilt up in a smile.

“Gosh I didn’t think I was that ugly.” He mocks.

“This isn’t funny!” I snap, removing his hands on my waist.

Devin’s face becomes serious again. “Car, I don’t—”

“Don’t give me that! You know exactly!” I exasperate, lifting my foot up from under the water.

His eyes lower to it and then they grow wide. His face is glowing a faint blue from my mark just above my anckle.

“In Neptune’s name—”

“What did you say?”

“S***, Carissa, you gotta come with me.” He grabs for my wrist.

“What?! No! Just tell me what the he** is wrong with it!”

He turns to face me again. “I promise I’ll explain everything after. I just need to get you back to the—”

“Carissa!” I recognize Rylie’s voice. What seemed to be calling from the deck.

I shoot a nervous glare at Devin. He just swallows loud enough for me to hear and then whispers, “Car, we have to go now. No one can know about this, understand?”

I have no choice but to say yes. The way he is saying it, makes me want to believe him. I’ve never seen him this serious. Ever.

“Follow me.” He lowers his head and starts to waddle out of view of the house. I flash Rylie one more uncertain glance, before I follow after Devin.

“Where are we?” I wonder as Devin and I approach a large beach house, on the edge of the beach.

“This is the Sanctuary. This is where people like you and me belong.”

“What do you mean you and me? I’m human, and I always knew you weren’t normal.” He shoots me an irritated look.

“Hate to break it you, but you’re not so normal either.” He shurggs.

“Excuse me?” I stop in my tracks and put my hands on my hips, gaping at him.

“Gosh, why are girls so moody? It grosses me out.” Devin rolls his eyes and then opens the door for me. “Go on in.” he motions,

“Ugh.” I bump his shoulder on the way in.

I hear the door shut behind us. I whirl around to see if Devin was still here and he wasn’t some kidnapper. I sighed in relief when I saw him there.

“What? You don’t trust me?” he tries to look offended.

“No. I don’t.” I confirm. “Now where am I supposed to go?”

“First door to your left. I’m sure that’s where everyone is.”

I follow his directions and I slowly open the door. It is a crowded room, which looks like a dining area. There are people everywhere, crowding the tables.

As I step into the brightly colored room, everyone stops what they are doing and turns their attention to me, as if they could sense me.

They all gasp as the see my brightly glowing ankle.

“Don’t scare the new comer off.” Devin says taking a step forward so he is beside me. “This is Carissa Blake.”

I wave to everyone’s gaping eyes. “What are they looking at?” I whisper to Devin.

“They’re not used to seeing one of the marked. They’re not common as much, these days.”

“What?” I hiss back.

“I’ll tell you later.” Devin says simply and then speaks to the crowd of people. “Where’s Mira?”

Two girls pop out of their seats and begin to walk towards us.

One has bleach blonde hair, and the other has bright red.

When they are standing just before us I am able to make out what their faces really look like.

The bleach blonde one has scorching blue eyes that appear too large for her slim face. She is wearing a sky blue breezy dress that really brings out her eyes.

The other one, with the bright red hair also had large, almond shaped eyes that were sea green. She was wearing a white tank top and shorts.

“Carissa, this is—” Devin begins but is shortly cut off by the red head.

“We can speak for ourselves.” She returns her eyes to mine. “I am Nerissa.”

“And I am Nixie. We are Water Nymphs!” The blonde one, named Nixie claps happily.

“You—your what?” I ask quizzically not sure if I heard right.

“We are Water Nymphs. You know, faeries from the ocean? Does it ring a bell?” Answers the red head, Nerissa.

I look at Devin for clarification. “It’s true. They’re Water Sprites. They are loyal though, you can trust’em with anything.”

The girls nod in agreement. I shake my head which was throbbing like crazy.

“Ha-ha. Very funny. Is this some kind of joke, or something? Is Amir Blumenfeld gonna pop out somewhere and say “You just got pranked!””

Confusion washed over the girls’ faces. “Never mind.” I turn back to Devin. “I don’t know what is going on, but I don’t want to be a part of this. I’m just going to go.” I begin to walk away before a tug on my arms flings me back in the position I was in before.

“Listen, Carissa. I know this is a lot to take in, but you gotta trust me. You are something special. And now that you have a mark, you are no longer safe. You need to come and meet Mira. She’ll be able to explain everything better than I can. Please.” Devin is gripping my arm tightly and is looking at me with steady eyes.

“Oh, and about that. Yeah, well you see, Mira isn’t very happy that you left the Sanctuary without permission so I think that we should take the girl. She won’t be very happy to see you.” Nixie steps in.

“I don’t care. I have to stay with her. Besides, I’m gonna see her sooner or later anyway. Why not now?” Devin protests.

Nixie shrugs, “Okay. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Nixie and Nerissa leads Devin and I through a narrow hallway into one of the back rooms.

Once we seem to come across the right one, Nerissa knocks lightly on the carved wooden door.

Almost immediately a voice responds. Nixie holds the door open for us and I slowly step inside.

A tall woman with black flowing hair and blue eyes is smiling as we enter. And then she see’s Devin…

“Devin Sandly, I need to have a word with you once we are done here.” She prompts.

“Whatever.” Devin sighs. “But there are more important things than that, right now. Look what I found.” Did he just say what?

Mira’s eyes flicker back to me. Then they move down to my ankle. She nods her head slowly. “I see. You must be Carissa. Yes, I have heard of you.”

Before I could speak Devin cuts in, “Why didn’t you tell us before?”

“It was not necessary. I knew you would want to have been the hero and go searching for her. And yet, you still manage to do it.”

“Listen. I um, I don’t really know what is going on here. All the sudden I heard there were water nymphs—er sprites. Whatever. The only reason why I agreed to come here was so that you could maybe explain everything that is going on.”

“You are clearly Dalis’s daughter.” Mira approves.

“Wait—how do you know my mom?” It hurts to speak of her, even now.

“We have much to talk about, Carissa Blakely. Come sit. And Nixie, Nerissa, you may leave. As for you Devin, you will be waiting in the Coliseum. I will be there to talk to you once I am finished with Carissa.”

“No I’m—”

“Devin. Now.” Mira’s voice was firm. Devin and I swap looks, and I lightly nod encouragingly.

He let’s out a long sigh. “Fine. I’ll be waiting.” He then slumps out of the room, closing the door behind him.

Mira turns back to me with a small tight smile. “Now, would you like to hear the real story of your mother?”

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